Ghost of Tsushima: Act 1 - Rescue Lord Shimura

Ghost of Tsushima: Act 1 - Rescue Lord Shimura

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Ghost of Tsushima's Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura is the story of Jin as he gradually accepts that he must transform to defeat the Mongols while searching allies who can help him in his goal, culminating in the triumphant rescue of his uncle Shimura. We will meet the main characters Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako, Ryuzo, and Taka.

It consists of nine Main Tales, three Mythic Tales, and twenty-one Side Tales.

Exploring Tsushima

After the game brings you to a beautiful field of grass, it will show you the hint about Exploring Tsushima. This is the best time to look into the menu available in the game to see the map and the journal.

This is one of the reasons as well why it separated you from Yuna, so it can prepare you for the freedom of exploration where you can go anywhere you want and do whatever you like in the game.

First, you have to become familiar with the map. You are currently in Izuhara region, the southern part of Tsushima. 

You need to zoom in the map to see exactly the info of your location.

As you have not yet done any explorations, your map at the beginning still has not much information. It will show question marks for areas of interest - these could be Mongol territories or Survivor Camps. When you approach these locations, the question mark disappears and shows the real information for that location.


You will also see thumbnails with photos in the maps. These are some of the most important tales in the game. They typically involve a major character and main tales for the game. A tale, in general, is a quest the drives the story of the game.

If you hover the focus of the map on one of the thumbnails, it will show you the details of the tale.

You can also see the rewards for the focused tale on the map. These typically include the amount of legend increase you can get, plus bonus skills or weapons, depending on the type of tale you are viewing. The most significant tales give the best rewards.

On the right side of the map, you can see your progression as the Ghost. As your Legend grows, you will learn powerful new Techniques. This meter grows by completing tales, liberating Mongol territories, and fighting enemies in the open world.

Guiding Wind

One of the popular innovations of Sucker Punch for Ghost of Tushisma, the Guiding Wind is a mechanic that enables you to track locations in the most thematic and immersive way possible. It is the game's means of giving you direction to your target destination, by using the wind as a guide.

You can track anything you can see in the map. It could be a location or tale. It is always best to track a tale because the game will remember you are following a quest and will adjust automatically as your progress. In other words, if the quest involves four locations to complete, it will automatically track all of them for you in proper sequence depending on your progress.

In addition to automatically tracking the locations to complete the quest, the game also tracks your objectives so you can progress the quest. 

To trigger the Guiding Wind, just swipe upwards in your touchpad, and the wind will appear and show you the direction. You can do this anytime in your journey, while on foot or riding your horse.

Now that you are familiar with the Map and Tales, let's look into the Gear available at this stage in your gameplay. You have just started so expect that your Gear menu will show few items only


The Gear menu contains three groups of items: Sakai Steel, Outfit, and Accessories.

Sakai Steel

Sakai Steel allows you to access your primary weapon, the Sakai Katana. In this game, you only have one melee weapon. You will not be able to use spears, axes, hammers, or other weapons.

Sakait Steel also lets you access your charms that give various special bonus to you. 

Sakai Katana

Your one and only melee weapon in the game. For generations, the head of the Sakai clan has wielded this matchless blade.

You can upgrade the weapon in both appearance and damage power. We will cover both topics when we cover Sword Kits and Weapon Upgrading.


Charms are collectible items that give you special bonuses. These bonuses stack and can help you make a build for your character. You can focus on creating a character that is more of traditional samurai or a stealthy ninja or a ranged attacker with bows.

By default, the game gives you two charm slots. You will unlock more slots later on by discovering and honoring Inari Shrines.

Hachiman's Favor

If you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will receive a charm call Hachiman's Favor. This charm gives you a bonus where killing enemies restores a Minor amount of health.

This is the earliest charm you can place in your slot.


Now we move to your armor in the game. There are three kinds of armor for your Outfit: Helmet for your head, Mask for your face, and Armor for your body.

Equipped Helmet

If you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, you will get by default two helmets: the default helmet, White Headband, and the bonus helmet, Hero of Tsushima's Helmet.

White Headband

This is the default helmet at the start of the game. The will of a warrior is timeless and untouched by death.

Hero of Tsushima Helmet

The bonus helmet of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Worn only by Tsushima's greatest defenders.

Equipped Mask

The game does not have a default mask at the start. However, if you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, you get the bonus mask.

Hero of Tsushima

The bonus mask of the Digital Deluxe Edition. A mask granted to Tsushima's mightiest defenders.

Equipped Armor

The game begins with one armor, but you get two if you have the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Broken Armor

The starting armor of the game. It comes with no bonus. Samurai armor that has been damaged beyond repair.

Hero of Tsushima Armor

The bonus armor of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Worn only by the greatest defenders of Tsushima.


Accessories are the last group of gear. It contains the Saddle and the Melodies for your flute.

Storm Wind

Storm Wind is the default saddle of the game. Those who see this saddle know that a terrible storm approaches.

Hero of Tsushima Saddle

The bonus saddle of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Used only by the greatest defenders of Tsushima.

Equipped Song

You can play songs in the game with your flute. You can play the flute by swiping left on the touchpad.

The Sun's Warm Embrace

The default melody of the game. A song that can change the weather. 


Journal contains the quests of the game. At the beginning, only Jin's Journey is visible. This group contains the major quests that drive the game progression and move the story.

You have two available Main Tales at the start. The first quest available is The Warrior's Code. It is recommended that you begin with this because of it's two important rewards:

  1. Assassination
  2. Focused Hearing

Without this quest, you won't get the two core gameplay mechanics of the game.

The next major quest recommended for you to do is The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa, because it will give you the following rewards:

  1. Archery
  2. Half Bow

Before going on your way to do the first quest with Yuna, you will notice a smokestack near the location where the game left you after the cutscene. You have the option to visit this Mongol territory and do combat at the very start of your adventure. But we recommend you revisit this later, as the rewards of the first two major quests are important to have at the earliest possible in your gameplay.

And with that, go ahead and follow the major quests.

The Warrior's Code

Yuna is searching for her brother, a blacksmith named Taka who has been captured by the Mongols. She's checking on a lead near Kechi Fishing Village. I should join her before she runs into trouble.


The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa

Sensei Ishikawa never joined our battle against the Mongols at Komoda Beach. If he's still alive, I could use his skills with a bow to help rescue Lord Shimura. But first, I have to find the sensei.


The Tale of Lady Masako

Lady Masako and the women of clan Adachi are warriors of great renown. If they survived the invasion, they could help me free Lord Shimura.

I need to find Lady Masako and deliver news of her husband's death.


Ghost of Tsushima: Blood on the Grass

Blood on the Grass

The mercenary Straw Hat ronin may be rough around the edges, but I could use their blades to help rescue Lord Shimura. I should look them up and see if they're open to some work. Apparently they've been seen hunting Mongols in Kishi Grasslands.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Ryuzo

The Tale of Ryuzo

My old friend Ryuzo has fallen in with the mercenary Straw Hat ronin. He seems to be their leader, and he's agreed to help me save Lord Shimura on one condition: I help recover food for his starving band of Straw Hats.

Ryuzo will meet me at a cemetery near Fort Ohira, where Mongols are hoarding stolen food.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: The Broken Blacksmith

The Broken Blacksmith

Yuna and I have tracked her brother to a prison camp in the walled town of Azamo Bay. If we're going to save Taka, we need to find help... and Yuna says she has a friend for the job.

I'll meet her at his friend's house. Just outside Azamo Bay.


  • Major Legend Increase

Hammer and Forge

Yuna's brother is finally safe, but we had to split up after our escape. I should make sure they reached the town of Komatsu Forge. If Taka's had time to recover, he may be able to make me a tool to climb the walls of my uncle's prison at Castle Kaneda.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: The Iron Hook

The Iron Hook

I almost have everything I need to save my uncle from Castle Kaneda. Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako, and Ryuzo's Straw Hats are poised for the rescue mission. All I need is a tool to scale the castle walls, and Taka is hard at work on the task.

I should check on Yuna in the town of Komatsu Forge.


Ghost of Tsushima: Shadow of the Samurai

Shadow of the Samurai

I finally have the tools and allies I need to rescue my uncle from Castle Kaneda. Before we strike out, I should speak with Yuna at the town of Komatsu Forge and see if she's planning to join my fight.

I'm coming for you, Lord Shimura.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: The Heavenly Strike

The Heavenly Strike

There's a musician in Komatsu telling the tale of Shigenori's Heavenly Strike. I thought that katana technique was a myth... but maybe I should hear him out.


The Sensei and the Student

Sensei Ishikawa and I learned that his former student, Tomoe, has sided with the Mongols. He asked me to meet him at his dojo so we can continue the hunt to track her down.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Past Never Passes

The Past Never Passes

Sensei Ishikawa's traitorous former student, Tomoe, is training Mongol archers in Hiyoshi. We stopped some from brutalizing a small settlement, but Tomoe is still out there.

I will meet Ishikawa at his dojo to plan our next move.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Way of the Bow

The Way of the Bow

Sensei Ishikawa's traitorous former student, Tomoe, seems to be training Mongol archers for an attack on Hiyoshi Springs. The sensei is filled with remorse for teaching her, but his guilt will save no one. Our only recourse is action. I should meet him at his dojo so we can plan a defense.


The Headman

Clan Adachi was betrayed by a conspiracy. Lady Masako lives only to destroy those responsible for her family's slaughter. Anyone who dares prey on a samurai family must be brought to justice, so I have agreed to join her hunt.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Husband

The Husband

Lady Masako and I are on the hunt for Headman Sadao, one of the conspirators behind her family's murder. Masako has captured Sadao's wife, hopeful she'll reveal where the traitor is hiding. I fear for the woman if she doesn't talk soon.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Traitor

The Traitor

Lady Masako and I are on the hunt for Headman Sadao, one of the conspirators behind her family's murder. To track him down, Lady Masako asked me to speak with a monk who may know where we can find him.


Ghost of Tsushima: A Mother’s Peace

A Mother’s Peace

Masako was seen riding at the battlefield of Komoda beach, a place of unfinished business for her and myself. But Mongols still hold the area. I'll see if I can find her.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Other Side of Honor

The Other Side of Honor

Someone mentioned seeing a samurai alive in Kashine. If another samurai made it out of Komoda Beach, I need to find out who it is.


Ghost of Tsushima: Whispers in the Woods

Whispers in the Woods

The Kashine forest is too quiet. Something isn't right there.


Ghost of Tsushima: A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

A man was shouting for help. I'll find out what's wrong.


Ghost of Tsushima: Incident at Hiyoshi Pass

Incident at Hiyoshi Pass

The Mongols have taken the bridge leading into Hiyoshi Springs. It's stopping the people of Tsushima from traveling the ravine safely. I need to clear the bridge of Mongol control.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Value of Sake

The Value of Sake

The Mongols are attacking the Kii Sake Brewery in Azamo. A favorite of mine and all of Tsushima. I won't let them drain it dry.


Ghost of Tsushima: For Tsushima

For Tsushima

There are some in Azamo who want to fight back against the Mongols. But they are not samurai and will only endanger their lives. I should seek them out.


Ghost of Tsushima: The Cost of Iron

The Cost of Iron

The woods near Kuta Farmstead have seen more Mongol patrols than usual - and there are whispers of merchants traveling the area safely. I need to find out what's happening in those woods.


Mongol Territories

While moving through your quests, you will often come to places that are marked as Mongol Territory. These could be Mongol camps or even normal locations that have been occupied by the invading army.

You can liberate these territories by eliminating all the Mongols inside and completing quest objectives, which culminates in a miniboss battle with the Mongol Leader. You will gain Stance Progress points for defeating the leader.

Mongol Territory: Traveller's Rest Inn


Mongol Territory: Old Trading Post