Ghost of Tsushima: The Heavenly Strike

Ghost of Tsushima: The Heavenly Strike

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Heavenly Strike is a Mythic Tale about Shigenori's Heavenly Strike, a legendary attack that deals massive damage and can't be blocked by enemies.

There's a musician in Komatsu telling the tale of Shigenori's Heavenly Strike. I thought that katana technique was a myth... but maybe I should hear him out.


Start of The Heavenly Strike

You get The Heavenly Strike quest when you talk to an NPC in Traveller's Rest Inn. You have to liberate first this Mongol Territory before she appears.

Once you have defeated the enemies, do a fast travel and she will be there.

Talk to this woman in front of the Inn and the quest will be acquired in your journal.

Peasant: Are you hunting for Shigenori's Heavenly Strike as well, my lord?

Jin: That technique is only one of myth.

Peasant: The musician Yamato insists the myth is real.

Jin: I'm not surprised. People often speak of his stories with excitement.

Peasant: I heard the tale near Komatsu Forge. If it's as powerful as the story claims... let's hope you never face the technique in battle.

Find the musician in Komatsu

Once you have acquired the quest, you will be able to track it. This quest moves from one location to another, so you will be using the Guiding Wind a lot.

Travel with your horse to the musician. You will find him on the road, and if your like, a Golden Bird might even guide you there.

Yamato the Musician

Yamato: Susanoo protect me.

Jin: Dead bodies.

Jin: Who killed these people?

Yamato: A fearsome warrior. He demanded I tell him the tale of Shigenori's Heavenly Strike. When he didn't hear the answers he sought... he flew into a rage and butchered them.

Jin: What did he want to know?

Yamato: I'm not sure, my lord.

Jin: Tell me the story. I need to know what he's after.

The Tale of Shigenori's Heavenly Strike

When Tsushima was first settled, a strange and terrible thunderstorm swept across our island. Wherever lightning struck, beasts of lightning appeared. These violent creatures tore through villages, causing death and destruction. Moving too quickly to be stopped.

The people knew only one man who could possibly stand against the lightning beasts. Shigenori. The fastest swordsman in all of Tsushima. Shigenori never lost a duel. With years of practice, he had created the Heavenly Strike. An attack that struck quicker than the eye could follow.

Shigenori lured the creatures to a desolate beach in Komatsu where the sand would slow their movement. Their clash turned the sand to ash and bleached the leaves of trees white.

Shigenori's Heavenly Strike cut through them faster than they could move. As the final beast fell, the storm cleared and Tsushima was safe again.

Shigenori began a life of seclusion. Few students found him, and only the bravest and most skilled proved worthy of learning the Heavenly Strike. When a storm approaches, a sword is placed at Shigenori's rest by a student who knows of its location to ward off attacks from beasts of nature.

Search for the bridge

Once Jin hears the tale, he becomes convinced that he must search it himself.

Jin: The murderer wishes to learn Shigenori's Heavenly Strike. It sounds dangerous in the wrong hands. Which way did he go?

Yamato: A woman fled toward a neary bridge. He chased her.

Jin: He'll answer for what he did here.

The bridge is very near to the musician. Use the Guiding Wind and in a few steps, you will be in front of the bridge.

Jin: That' the bridge the musician mentioned.

Jin: Someone weeping. Where?

Search for the weeping woman

Once you reach the bridge, you will hear someone crying. Exactly below the bridge is a woman.

Peasant: My lord! So many... Slaughtered...

Jin: Did you see the man who killed them?

Peasant: I know who he is. Yasuhira Koga.

Jin: I've heard the name. He fought for the Yarikawa clan. Would you recognize him?

Peasant: I'll never forget that leering face.

Jin: Follow me. Perhaps I can pick up his trail on the other side of the bridge.

Investigate Yasuhira’s path

Go back up the bridge and you will find the horse tracks. You can use the Guiding Wind to find this.

Jin: Horse tracks. Yasuhira was in a hurry.

Follow Yasuhuira’s horse’s tracks

Follow the tracks of the horse. It will be on a straight road only.

Jin: What more do you know of Yasuhira Koga?

Peasant: Only that he was a retainer for the Yarikawa clan years ago.

Jin: After their rebellion was crushed, the clan was dissolved, and retainers dismissed.

Peasant: Rumor says he left Tsushima, but when the Mongols attacked, he returned. From where, I'm not sure.

Jin: It doesn't matter. He cannot be allowed to live after what he's done. Up ahead. They're constructing a roadblock.

Reach the encounter area

You will soon reach a Mongol camp. It seems that Yasuhira is working with the Mongols.

Defeat the Mongols

Once inside, defeat all the enemies.

Speak with the villager

After slaying all the Mongol enemies, talk to this villager.

Peasant: I don't see Yasuhira Koga anywhere...

Jin: We're pursuing a man named Yasuhira Koga.

Peasant: He just left. He's been staying in the watchtower.

Jin: Working with the Mongols?

Peasant: Yes. But last night they argued. Only made out one word. "Shigenori."

Jin: I'll research the watchtower. Find somewhere safe before more Mongols come.

Search the watchtower

After talking to the villager, search the watchtower for evidence.

Jin: What has Yasuhira been doing?

You will find a scroll containing the Shigenori's Tale in Mongol language.

Jin: The Mongols have their own version of Shigenori's tale. Maybe he wanted to compare it to the musician's version.

Next to the Mongol scroll, you will find white leaves.

Jin: White leaves. Like those bleached by lightning in the tale...

Exactly at your back, you will find a scroll painting. 

Jin: A dueling ring. He's looking for it.

Speak with the woman

Just outside the tower, you will meet again the woman who guided so far.

Jin: Yasuhira is looking for someone who can teach him Shigenori's Heavenly Strike.

Peasant: The white leaves... there are trees like that not far from here.

Jin: That's where he went. You've helped enough. Get to safety with the others.

Peasant: Thank you, my lord. I hope you punish that monster.

Look for the white-leafed tree

It's time to look for the white-leafed tree.

Jin: Need to find white-leafed trees.

It might take you a while to find this tree because it's actually linked to the completion of a Shinto Shrine, the Plum Blossom Shrine.

Shigenori's Peak and Plum Blossom Shrine

As you can see below, they are next to each other. The right side is the tree and the left side is the shrine.

That area where the tree grows is called Shigenori's Peak, and you can access it only via jumping from the shrine's cliff.

The question now is - how do you reach the shrine?

View our Plum Blossom Shrine Guide to see how you can easily reach the shrine.

Once you have reached Shigenori's peak, Jin will have some observations.

Jin: Yasuhira must have gathered leaves from here.

Jin: There it is. White leaves. Like those bleached by lightning in the tale...

Travel to the white tree grove

Just to your right side will be a way to easily and quickly go down from the peak. Go to where the white trees are. You can use your horse and the Guiding Wind to easily reach the place.

While you are amidst these trees, you will hear a person shouting.

Rescue the hostage

Peasant: Stop! I told him everything I know!

You will find him as a hostage of the Mongols. Defeat them all so you can free him.

After defeating the Mongols, talk to the man.

Jin: Was a man named Yasuhira with these Mongols?

Peasant: He wanted to learn the Heavenly Strike from my grandfather... and took him away.

Jin: Your grandfather's in danger. Where did they go?

Peasant: His old training ground. A dueling ring on the Komatsu coast. Please... Save him.

Travel to Shigenori’s Rest

Finally, you can now use the Guiding Wind to go to Shigenori's Rest. Bring your horse for faster travel.

Jin: Yasuhira cannot learn the Heavenly Strike.

This will not lead you to the exact spot of Shigenori's Rest though, only to its vicinity. You are still required to explore and search for it visually, without any help from the Guiding Wind.

Search for Shigenori’s Rest

You are required to explore and search for the exact spot in the encircled region below.

All you have to do is go to the center of that circle and you will find this location shown in this scene. This isolated area is Shigenori's Rest.

You are going to use that tree on the right side as the bridge to Shigenori's Rest. Even Jin gives this as a hint.

Jin: Someone cut that tree down in order to cross.

Defeat the Mongols

Use the tree as a bridge and enter Shigenori's Rest. Inside, you will discover that it is swarming with Mongols.

Defeat them all.

Jin: Yasuhira brought Mongols with him.

Investigate Shigenori’s Rest

After defeating all the Mongols, enter an entrance to a secluded area. This is Shigenori's Rest.

Jin: That must be Shigenori's dueling ring.

In the middle of the area is the dead grandfather of the earlier hostage you saved.

Jin: I'm too late. What has Yasuhira been doing? Poor man. Killed by Yasuhira.

Investigate the dueling ring

Check the center of the dueling ring for more information.

There are two things you will find of interest - a katana and footprints.

Jin: Blade has seen many duels.

Jin: Footprints. Still fresh.

Defeat Yasuhira

Just after checking the footprints, Yasuhira will appear for a duel.

Jin: Yasuhira Koga. The butcher of the rebellion. Time hasn't changed you.

Samurai: You were a child when Yarikawa burned, boy. For fifteen years, I dreamed of cutting Lord Shimura to the bone.

Jin: You won't live long enough to face him.

Samurai: The old man taught me the legendary attack before I killed him. Let me show you.

You will notice one thing in all the Mythical fights of Jin. He will always be studying the enemy, learning their legendary technique while in the midst of battle.

Samurai: What are you waiting for, boy?

Jin: Not waiting. Studying. Learning.

Yasuhira Koga is not bluffing when he said he learned the Heavenly Strike. In fact, he will use multiple times in this battle.

More chances for Jin to learn it as he sees it being used against him.

And finally, Jin will let you know once he has learned it.

Jin: I've got it.

The action trigger will show up for you to unleash the Heavenly Strike. You will notice that the game also filled up your Resolve Bars, so use it.

End the fight by using the Heavenly Strike.

Funnily though, Yasuhira Koga will not die from your attack after you use the Heavenly Strike. He will literally get struck by lightning and get consumed by its fire.

Jin: The Heavenly Strike couldn't save you.

Bury the man killed by Yasuhira

After defeating Yasuhira Koga, bury the grandfather of the hostage you met earlier.

Jin: You deserve greater respect than this.

Jin: I promise I'll use Shigenori's technique to protect Tsushima against all who would harm it.

And with that, you have completed The Heavenly Strike mythic tale.

Heavenly Falcon Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Sword Kit. This item is the Heavenly Falcon

  • Strike without warning like the hunter of the skies

The Next Quest

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