Ghost of Tsushima: Duels

Ghost of Tsushima: Duels

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Duels collection consists of 5 collectibles in total. These duels will help you unlock the Mythical Techniques.

Duel Locations

Here is the complete list of Duel Locations.

Story Duels

There is a total of six story duels that you will face by following the main plot.

  1. Khotun Khan Duel
  2. Ryuzo Duel
  3. General Temue Duel
  4. Ryuzo Rematch Duel
  5. Khotun Khan Rematch Duel
  6. Lord Shimura Duel

Open World Duels

There is a total of five collectible duels in the open world.

  1. Yasumasa Duel
  2. Hirotsune Duel
  3. Tomotsugu Duel
  4. Kiyochika Duel
  5. Kanetomo Duel

Liberate Outpost Duels

There is a total of four duels you will face when liberating outposts.

  1. Warlord Harunori Duel
  2. Warlord Dogar Duel
  3. General Bartu Duel
  4. General Dogshin Duel

Mythic Tale Duels

There is a total of six duels related to the Mythic Tales.

  1. Kaede Duel
  2. Yasuhira Koga Duel
  3. Tengu Demon Duel
  4. The Spirit of Yarikawa Duel
  5. Kojiro Duel
  6. Bettomaru Duel

Side Tale Duels

There is a total of four duels related to the Side Tales.

  1. Jinroku Duel
  2. The Conspirator Duel
  3. Altan Duel
  4. Sanetoki Duel

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