Ghost of Tsushima: Loading Screen Tips

Ghost of Tsushima: Loading Screen Tips

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Loading Screen Tips contain relevant information on the story, mechanics, characters, items, and locations of the game that shows up while the player wait in the loading screen.

The illustrations are artistically shown and contain a statement that describes them.

The game is so fast in loading though that a common complaint among players is that they rarely see these loading screen tips. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Loading Screen Tips are not the only means by which the game informs the player of more obscure mechanics?

Visit our Tutorial Dialogues Guide to see how NPCs directly inform Jin about Fox Dens, Golden Birds, Shinto Shrines, Hot Springs, Pillars of Honor, Inari Shrines, Haikus, and more.

Ghost of Tsushima: Tutorial Dialogues

Character Tips

These are loading screen tips that give information to the major characters of the game.


Yuna is a bold and determined thief willing to do whatever it takes to survive. She is intensely protective of her brother, but few others have been able to earn her trust.


The beloved brother of Yuna, Taka is a talented blacksmith with an eye for crafting unconventional tools. He adores his protective older sister and idolizes the samurai Jin Sakai, who saved him from his Mongol captors.


Kenji is an always-scheming merchant and sake brewer whose humorous exterior hides a desperate need to prove his worth and purpose.


Norio is a warm-hearted warrior monk traumatized by the death of his fellow monks, including his brother. He seeks to prove himself worthy of their memories by defending the people, places, and traditions he loves.

Sensei Ishikawa

Sensei Ishikawa is a legendary samurai archer, haunted by a mysterious past, who comes out of retirement to teach one last student and hunt down his traitorous former apprentice.

Lady Masako

Lady Masako once disarmed a bandit with a kind word. But when her family was slaughtered, she became a relentless and ruthless warrior, obsessed with destroying those responsible.


Yuriko is Jin Sakai's beloved childhood caretaker and an expert herbalist. As she sinks ever more deeply into her past, Jin learns long-buried secrets about his childhood and parents.


Once a childhood friend to Jin, the sword-for-hire Ryuzo now acts as the leader of the Straw Hat ronin in the wake of the chaos caused by the Mongol invasion.

Khotun Khan

Khotun Khan is the mastermind of the Mongol Empire's invasion of Tsushima. Ruthless and cunning, Khotun offers peace to those who kneel... and a painful end to any who oppose his conquest of Japan.

Exploration Tips

These are loading screen tips that give information related to the discovery and exploration of the island. As the game has lots of collectibles, these will provide useful for players who want to acquire all collectibles.


Keep watch for foxes. These spiritual messengers will lead you to a nearby Inari Shrine.

Golden Birds

The golden birds of Tsushima will lead you to nearby activities and places of interest.


Deers are considered sacred by the people of Tsushima. Hunting them is frowned upon.

Hot Springs

Look for columns of steam on the horizon. They rise from Hot Springs that are shaded by red maple trees. Soak in the restorative spring waters to increase your maximum health.


Look for flocks of white birds circling on the horizon. They fly over places of beauty that are perfect to inspire Haiku. Compose Haiku to earn new headbands.

Bamboo Strike

Look for tall white banners flapping in the wind. They mark the location of Bamboo Strike challenges. Overcoming the challenge will increase your maximum Resolve.

Smoke Plumes

Smoke plumes rise from the ravaged landscape of Tsushima Island. Find the sources of this smoke to discover entrenched Mongol forces or people in need of help.

Torii Gates

Torii gates mark the entrance to sacred sites across Tsushima. Follow the torii gates to find the island's many Shinto Shrines.

Place of Interest

The ? appears on the screen when you are near an undiscovered place of interest.

Singing Crickets

Collect Singing Crickets to learn new songs for your flute. They can be found at cemeteries, where the crickets sing to comfort the dead.


Flowers grow across Tsushima. Trade them to Merchants, who make them into colorful Armor Dyes.


Visit Merchants to trade for items that personalize your appearance, including armor dyes, sword kits, and head gear.


In exchange for Predator Hides and Supplies, Trappers sell ammo and can upgrade your carrying capacity for ranged and quickfire weapons.


Armorers can upgrade your armor, increasing your defenses, and granting enhanced abilities.


Swordsmiths can improve your sword and tanto, increasing the strength of your melee attacks and the speed of your assassinations.


Visit Bowyers to upgrade your bow's damage, draw speed, and stability.

Story Tips

These are loading screen tips that are story related and may come as a spoiler to the player. However, the tips only show up once the player has gone through the proper sequence of the game, in other words, the tips are contextual to the progress of the player.

Mongol Invasion

Tsushima Island is the first step in the Mongol Invasion of mainland Japan.

Castle Shimura

Castle Shimura holds great strategic importance as the gateway between the northern and southern reaches of Tsushima. Whoever controls this castle controls the island.

Rescue Lord Shimura

Jin looks for allies as he devises a strategy to breach the Khan's defenses and rescue his captured uncle, Lord Shimura.

Retake Castle Shimura

Following his uncle's rescue, Jin takes the fight further north to secure Castle Shimura, a strategic location now under Mongol control. He who controls this castle controls the island.

Sashimono Banners

Sashimono Banners are a reminder of the fallen samurai warriors who gave their lives in defense of Tsushima. A monk in Komatsu is offering rewards for their return.

Jin and Allies

With the Khan defeated, Jin seeks to reclaim Tsushima from the remnants of the Mongol forces.

The Exiled Samurai

Exiled by Lord Shimura and his samurai forces, Jin and his allies make a desparate final push to defeat the ruthless Khotun Khan.

Location Tips

These are loading screen tips that are story give more information to locations, buildings, or landmarks that might help the player in his journey. 

Pillar of Honor

Pillars of Honor are monuments to the samurai who first brought order and peace to Tsushima. Sword Kits left at these pillars allow you to customize the appearance of your katana and tanto.

Item Tips

These are loading screen tips that give information on armor, weapons, or items in the game. You would have seen this information in the game itself.

Sakai Katana

The katana of clan Sakai is a family heirloom passed down through generations of Sakai warriors. After his father's death, Jin became the latest to wield this exceptional blade.


Throw Kunai (L + R1) to damage enemies and potentially Stagger them.

Sticky Bombs

Pitch-covered Sticky Bombs will attach to an enemy and cause explosive damage to anyone near the blast.

Wind Chime

Throw a Wind Chime to lure an enemy toward its enticing sound.

Black Powder Bombs

Black Powder Bombs deal explosive damage over a wide area and Stagger enemies caught in the blast.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs let you disappear into a cloud of smoke, allowing for a quick getaway or a swift assassination


Equip Charms to available charm slots through the Gear Menu.

Combat Tips

These are loading screen tips that give information on combat and action mechanics, so the player can avoid frustrations from dying and enjoy more the game with a better playthrough.


Seek out elevated positions and move across rooftops to avoid the enemy.


Some enemies can block your attacks. Hit them with the Triangle button to break their guard and Stagger them.


When approaching enemy territory, you can challenge foes to a Standoff. Once your enemy approaches, hold the Triangle button. As soon as they attack, release the button to defeat them in one deadly strike.

Mongol Leaders

Kill or observe Mongol leaders to learn new combat stances.


Skilled archers use Concentration while aiming a bow to briefly slow time as they line up the perfect shot.

Ranged Enemies

Some enemies use ranged weapons to attack from a distance. Listen for their warning shouts, then dodge or roll away to avoid their projectiles.


The Mongols have taken hostages. If the enemy spots you, they will start executing their prisoners.

Mongolian Guard Dogs

Mongolian guard dogs have a heightened sense of smell and can detect you sooner than their masters.

Mongol Eagles

Mongol eagles are easily targeted with kunai and can be evaded using smoke bombs.

Unblockable Attacks

Enemy attacks with red x-shaped glints are unblockable and must be dodged to avoid taking damage.

Blue Glint Attacks

Enemy attacks marked by a blue glinting line can be dodged or Parried to avoid taking damage.

Sweep Attack

Jump to avoid a Spearman's sweep attack.

Extinguish Flames

While of fire, hold the left analog stick in any direction and double-tap the Circle to roll and extinguish the flames.


When facing a challenging foe, switch to a combat stance that counters their specific weapon. Use the Triangle button attacks for maximum effect.

Legend of the Ghost

The Legend of the Ghost represents your overall progress as Tsushima's hero. Build your Legend by completing Tales and challenge content. Doing this will earn you new Tales, rewards, and abilities.

Focused Hearing

Use Focused Hearing to listen for nearby enemies and determine their positions on the battlefield.

Target Enemies

Point the Left Analog Stick to target enemies with your sword attacks.

Technique Points

Spend Technique Points in the Options Menu to learn powerful new abilities.

Heavenly Strike

The Heavenly Strike is a powerful unblockable attack that deals considerable extra damage to Staggered foes.

Ghost Stance

To enter the Ghost Stance, either Slaughter Mongol leaders from stealth or kill enough enemies without taking damage.