Ghost of Tsushima: Enemies Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Enemies Guide

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Our Ghost of Tsushima: Enemies Guide contains the most comprehensive details on all kinds of enemies you will face in the game. We have a separate entry for Bosses and Minibosses, but they will also be found in this guide.

You might also like to see our Combat Guide to become familiar with the action-oriented mechanics of the game.

Mongol Soldiers

The majority of enemies you will face in the game will be Mongol soldiers.

Mongol Camps

You will be raiding Mongol camps either as a Samurai or the Ghost.

Enemy Types

  • Spear Wielder
  • Sword and Shield Wielder

Spear Wielder

Spear wielders are common enemies in the game. You will easily identify them as they carry a long weapon which they will try to piece into you.

Early Game Combat

In the early parts of the game, you don't have yet the stance that will help you counter their kind. Hence, it will be best to become familiar with their red attack.

The attack shown above is a red attack, that is, an unblockable attack. You will take damage if you don't avoid it.

Fortunately, the spear wielder's red attack is one of the easiest attacks to dodge

Dodge to the left, and you will be able to counter with a few hits. Later on, you will get Techniques for making your dodge and counter-attacks even more powerful.

Sweep Attack

There is a variation to the thrust attack of a spear wielder. This is the sweep attack, which is more difficult to counter.

If you get hit by a sweep attack, you will surely fly. If you are on a cliff, this will send you to your death.

At the early stage of the game, your best counter to a sweep attack is to jump. You will not get hit, and you can do a counter to the enemy.

At the middle stage of the game, you will gain a technique that will make fighting spear wielders a breeze. 

Sword and Shield Wielder

The sword and shield wielder is harder to fight than the spear wielder. This is the reason why most of the leaders and minibosses are sword and shield bearers.

Early Game Combat

At the early stage of the game, you don't have the stance yet to counter the sword and shield wielder. 

Hence you need to learn how to break their pose and stagger them.

When you hit the shield-bearer, a meter gets filled up, which reflects the amount left before he becomes staggered and receives more damage.

Once you have staggered this enemy, it takes only a few hits, and it will go down.


Early Game Combat

Whenever you raid a Mongol territory, you will meet an enemy type called the Leader. He is the miniboss of the area.

You can easily identify the Leader as it wears bulkier armor and appears larger than his minions. Also, he can take more hits before going down.

You will always get a reward in the form of a Stance point after killing the Leader.