Ghost of Tsushima: Shrines Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Shrines Guide

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Ghost of Tsushima's Shrines provide various advantageous rewards while you explore Tsushima island. There are two kinds of shrines in the game: Shinto Shrines and Inari Shrines

Shinto Shrines

Shinto shrines are the major shrines of the game. There are only 16 Shinto Shrines compared to 49 Inari Shrines.

However, they are the most challenging shrines and provide the best exploration experience in your effort to discover and reach them.

Shinto Shrines appear as small structures like below and are often located at the peak of mountains.

All of the Shinto shrines begin with a Torii gate at the bottom of the mountain. You would have to follow these gates to reach the shrine.

However, it's not that simple though. The reason they are challenging and provide the best exploration experience is that they always include a puzzle on how you can reach the shrine.

You will face areas where you can no longer proceed and have to find alternate routes to reach the shrine.

The shrines are not malicious though. They will not intentionally lead you to a path of death or a looping path. You will never get into a dead-end if you are observant and follow properly the alternate path.

Being conscious of your target destination will always help and is a key to reaching it.

And if you indeed reach the shrine, it will you with a Charm. One of the best charms in the game can only be acquired through honoring a specific Shinto Shrine.

Charm of Inari

This is the Charm of Inari. It increases supplies, predator hides, bamboo, and yew wood gained from collecting. That means you will not have a hard time upgrading your weapons and armor.

Complete Shinto Shrines Location

It is true that the Shinto Shrines are challenging, hence we provide you with the complete Shinto Shrines Guide so you can find their locations and the solutions to their exploration puzzles.

Inari Shrines

Inari shrines are shrines dedicated to Inari, kami of agriculture and plenty. Foxes are Inari's messengers and are often drawn to these sacred places.

The shrines are distributed all over the Island of Tsushima and can be found by exploring every location that you can visit.

Compared to the Shinto Shrines, they are much easier to discover and unlock and larger in quantity as well. 

They always start with a Fox Den. You will find a fox in this location and it will guide you to the area where the shrine is actually located. Upon discovery, this Fox Den becomes a permanent means of fast travel.

Follow the fox and it will bring you to some hidden place where the shrine is present.

And don't forget to thank the fox by petting him. 

The Inari Shrines reward you for honoring them. The first reward is the unlocking of charm slots. Every shrine you honor contributes to these. Once you have accumulated enough points, a charm slot will be added to you.

And if you honor a large number of Inari Shrines, you will get reward with the best charms in the game.

Charm of Inari's Might

If you honor 20 shrines, you will be rewarded with the Charm of Inari's Might. This is one of the best charms in the game.

The Charm of Inari's Might increases health and Melee damage by a Massive amount. It will begin with a Minor bonus only, but through honoring more shrines it will have a Massive bonus.

Charm of Silence

If you honor 24 shrines, you will be reward with the Charm of Silence. This is also one of the best Omamori charms in the game.

The Charm of Silence is an Omamori charm that reduces enemy detection speed by 15% and increases Resolve gains by a Massive amount.

Similar to the Charm of Inari's Might, you would have to upgrade it by honoring more shrines.

Complete Inari Shrines Location

Finding all of the 49 Inari Shrines will be challenging and you might miss some. This is why we created the most comprehensive guide for discovering all of the 49 Inari Shrines.