Ghost of Tsushima: Techniques Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Techniques Guide

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Ghost of Tsushima's techniques enable Jin to acquire new skills and transform from a Samurai into the Ghost. They are the equivalent of Skill Points in role-playing games.

You can access the skill tree in the Techniques Interface.

Similar to other role-playing titles, Ghost of Tsushima has a game mechanic for growth and progression. The best thing is that you have the complete freedom to decide how you want to use these technique points.

Samurai Techniques

Samurai Techniques include Deflection, Evasion, Exploration, and Mythic Techniques.

Deflection Techniques

There are seven available Deflection techniques you can learn.

Perfect Parry

Parry at the last possible second to perform a deadly counterattack.

Perfect Healing Parry

Perfect Parries recover a small amount of health.

Deflect Arrows

Parry incoming projectiles while blocking.

Unyielding Sword Parry

Parry an unblockable attack from Mongol swords.

Resolved Parry

Gain Moderate Resolve by using a Parry or Perfect Parry.

Unyielding Spear Parry

Parry an unblockable spear attack.

Terrifying Parry

Perfect Parry counterattacks have a 20% chance to Terrify nearby enemies.

Evasion Techniques

There are seven available Evasion techniques you can learn.


Roll across the ground to avoid attacks.

Dodging Slash

An evasive strike useful against slow-moving enemies.

Sprint Strike

Sprint toward your enemy and slash them with a quick strike.

Shoulder Charge

Charge into enemies while sprinting to knock them backward.

Delayed Strike

A delayed quick attack that inflicts extra Melee damage and Stagger damage.

Mounted Strike

Perform a jumping strike from your horse to tackle your enemy and inflict Stagger damage.

Perfect Dodge

Dodge at the last possible moment to perform a deadly counterattack.

Exploration Techniques

Harness the power of the Guiding Wind.

Wind of Inari

Follow the Guiding Wind to Fox Dens. Foxes will lead you to Inari Shrines where you can earn additional Charm slots and upgradeable Charms.

Wind of Vanity

Follow the Guiding Wind to discover items that allow you to personalize your appearance.

Mythic Techniques

Master legendary combat arts. You need to defeat specific enemies who are masters of the technique you want to learn. These masters can be found on the associated quests for the techniques.

Heavenly Strike

A quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against Staggered enemies.

Dance of Wrath

Unleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage.

Way of the Flame

Use Incendiary Oil to ignite your katana and burn your foes.

Explosive Arrow

Heavy arrow fitted with volatile powder that explodes on impact.


There are four stances in total.

Stone Stance

Effective against swordsmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Water Stance

Effective against Shieldmen. Heave attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Wind Stance

Effective against Spearmen. Heavy attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Moon Stance

Effective against Brutes. Heavy attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Ghost Techniques

Ghost Techniques include Ghost Weapons and Evolving Tactics.

Ghost Weapons

There are fourteen available Ghost Weapons you can learn.


A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies, Staggering them.

Black Powder Bomb

Thrown explosive that damages and Staggers enemies caught in the blast.

Concussive Blast

Knocks down enemies struck by the shockwave of a Black Powder Bomb.

Explosive Shrapnel

Adds shrapnel to the Black Powder Bomb, increasing its damage and blast radius.

Evolving Tactics

There are twenty available Evolving Tactics you can learn.


Briefly slow time while aiming to improve accuracy.

Far Hearing

Detect more distant enemies by listening with a deeper focus.


Harness the Way of the Bow.

Safe Landing

Roll just before landing to avoid damage from all but the highest of falls.

Chain Assassination

Assassinate two nearby targets in quick succession.

Chain Assassination Master

Assassinate up to three nearby enemies in quick succession.