Ghost of Tsushima: Characters Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Characters Guide

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Our Ghost of Tsushima: Characters Guide contains the most comprehensive list of characters you can find in the game. We have separate guides for the story of the game and the bosses and minibosses.

The game's major character is Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai who undergoes a transformational journey in his quest to free his home and its people from the hands of the invading Mongol empire. In this journey, you will meet major and minor characters who will either support or oppose him.

NPC Characters

In every village, temple, and survivor camp you visit, you will meet NPCs that will provide various services to you to upgrade your armor, weapons, and items.


The Armorer upgrades the appearance and attributes of your armor in exchange for materials like SuppliesLinenLeather, and Silk.


The Bowyer upgrade your bow's damage, draw speed, and stability in exchange for materials like SuppliesBambooYew Wood, and Wax Wood.


The Trapper sells ammo and upgrades the carrying capacity for ranged and quickfire weapons in exchange for Predator hides and Supplies.


The Swordsmith improves your sword and tanto, increasing the strength of your melee attacks and the speed of your assassinations. You use materials as currency, like SuppliesIronSteel, and Gold.

Black Dye Merchant

The Black Dye Merchant sells Bow Kits and Armor Dyes. The armor dyes he sells are all dark-themed and exclusive to his shop.

White Dye Merchant

The White Dye Merchant sells Bow KitsArmor Dyes, and Hats. The armor dyes he sells are all light-themed and exclusive to his shop.

Village Merchant

The Village Merchant allows you to trade for items that personalize your appearance, including armor dyes, sword kits, and headgear.

Major Characters

Jin Sakai

Jin Sakai grew up under the guidance of his uncle Shimura, the lord of the Tsushima Island, and his master in the art of the sword.

One of the earliest and most important lessons Shimura imparts to Jin is the Honor of the Samurai.

When we fight, we face our enemy head-on. And when we take their lives, we look them in the eye, with courage and respect. This is what makes us Samurai.

Years pass, and Jin becomes a full-grown man, a warrior capable of protecting his homeland.

Lord Harunobu Adachi

Lord Harunobu Adachi is one of the trusted powerful Samurai of Lord Shimura. At the start of the Mongol empire invasion, he alone went down to face and challenge them for one-on-one duels.

He introduced himself as the descendant of the legendary Yoshinobu Adachi.

It didn't end well for him though, as the Mongol empire fights differently (they burned him alive).


Masako is a powerful samurai who is going to help Jin in fighting the forces of the Mongol army. 

Masako Fights Jin

They will join forces but will face conflicts as well, culminating in a duel between them.


Shimura is the lord of Tsushima Island and uncle and mentor of Jin. He trained Jin as a young boy on the art of the sword and in the code of the Samurai.

As Jin undergoes his transformation as the Ghost, Shimura reminds him of the old teachings he shared with him on what it means to be a Samurai.

Khotun  Khan

Khotun Khan is the intelligent, resourceful, and ruthless leader of the Mongol army who was bent on conquering Japan. He's a brutal, unrelenting enemy that Jin will quickly learn not to underestimate.


Yuna is a smart and resourceful woman who saves Jin during the night of invasion and helps him in his transformation from a samurai into the Ghost. She was always with Jin, supporting him in all of his endeavors. 

She took care of Jin while he was wounded and helped him get back the sword from Toru.


Taka is the brother of Yuna and a blacksmith. He is one of the first characters to be revealed in the trailers and is often used for the demo of Japanse voice support in the game.

Sensei Ishikawa

Sensei Ishikawa is known as a legendary archer and is one of the companions of Jin in his quest for defeating the Mongol invaders.