Ghost of Tsushima: Armorer

Ghost of Tsushima: Armorer


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Ghost of Tsushima's Armorer is an NPC that can upgrade your armor, increasing your defenses, and granting enhanced abilities in exchange for materials like Supplies, Linen, Leather, and Silk.

Armorer: My armor will dull the Mongol's weapons.

Armorer: I can repair all kinds of armor. Make it the envy of Hachiman himself.

Jin: Even broken armor fresh off the battlefield?

Armorer: Well, that does look quite damaged... Bring me something in better condition, and I would be honored to show you my skill.

Upgrading Armor

When upgrading an armor, not only do you enhance the attributes of the armor, but you also upgrade the appearance of the armor.

Here is the base appearance of the Samurai Clan Armor.

After doing the first upgrade, its appearance will change as shown below.

The final appearance of the armor will be reached on the third upgrade.

The final upgrade will be on the attributes as the appearance upgrade has been maxed in the previous upgrade.

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