Ghost of Tsushima: Weapons Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Weapons Guide

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Our Ghost of Tsushima: Weapons Guide contains the most comprehensive details on all kinds of weapons available to you for combat. We have separate guides for armor, combat, and techniques.

We also provide details on how to acquire the weapons, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

You can view all your weapons and ammo from the Gear menu.

Sakai Katana

The most important weapon in the game is Jin's Sakai Katana

Sakai Katana is a family heirloom and will be with Jin from the beginning to the end of the game. As a lethal samurai, this is his primary weapon in fighting against the Mongol invaders. This katana is something that will grow with Jin throughout his journey.

Sakai Katana Upgrading - Stats and Appearance

Jin’s katana is extremely important to him. It’s also his primary weapon of choice from beginning to the end of the game. There are ways to improve this weapon, both in stats and appearance.  

If you want to see the various ways you can customize the appearance of Jin's katana, see our Sword Kit Guide, it contains all of the appearance variations of the katana..

And more options.

Bows, Kunai, and Smoke Bombs 

As Jin transforms into becoming this feared warrior known as the Ghost, so too will some of his abilities and tactics.

He will learn how to use a bow for picking off enemies at a distance or use throwable kunai and smoke-bombs at close proximity.

Bow Kits

Similar to Sword Kits, you can upgrade the appearance of the bow using Bow Kits.

  1. Crane's Strike
  2. Storming Falcon
  3. Noble Crane
  4. Forest Viper
  5. Endless Sky
  6. Raijin's Spark
  7. Nine-tailed Fox
  8. Piercing Shadows

You can buy these cosmetic upgrades from the Merchants.

Crane Strike

Noble Crane


A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies to Stagger them.

Preparing a Kunai attack shows a blue tint of color.

Acquiring the Kunai

The Kunai is an unlockable skill for Jin. During your natural progress in the game, it will be unlocked.

Half Bow

Moderate damage and draw speed. Once a gift from Lord Nagao to Sensei Ishikawa, now wielded by the sensei's new student.

The Half Bow in action.

Acquiring the Half Bow

Similar to the Kunai, you will acquire the Half Bow by naturally progressing in the game. By doing The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa, you will unlock Archery and acquire the Half Bow.


The Longbow is a slower bow but releases a much powerful impact and damage on the target. 

Acquiring the Longbow

You acquire the Longbow by completing the quest The Curse of Uchitsune.

Smoke Bomb

Unleashes a dense cloud of smoke at your feet, causing enemies to lose sight of you.

Acquire the Smoke Bomb by unlocking it in your Ghost Weapons Techniques.

Sticky Bomb

A pitch-covered bomb that sticks to an enemy before exploding.

Acquire the Sticky Bomb by unlocking it in your Ghost Weapons Techniques.


Shoots a variety of poisoned darts.

You can acquire the Blowgun by completing the quest Ghosts from the Past.