Ghost of Tsushima: Location Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Location Guide

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Our Ghost of Tsushima: Locations Guide contains the most comprehensive list of locations you can find in the game. We have a separate guide for Shrines in case you would like to do some shrine hunting.

For every location, we provide the rewards:

  • The Legend Increase reward
  • The Collectible reward

Reaching a Location

When you reach a location, the quest related to that location will show up, plus bonus.

Location Rewards

Locations provide rewards and rare collectibles. Once you visit a location, you will be able to return to it with Fast Travel.

Known Locations from the Map

  • Shigenori's Peak
  • Golden Forest
  • Kashine Forest
  • Yagata Forest
  • Kashine Hills
  • Yagata Farmstead
  • Lake Zuhara
  • River Falls Bridge
  • Brown River Gorge

Major Regions of Tsushima

There are three major regions of Tsushima Island:

  1. Izuhara
  2. Toyotama
  3. Kamiagata

Izuhara Region

Toyotama Region

Kamiagata Region

Jin and His Horse

Exploring the Island of Tsushima is done best with the company of your horse.

Pillar of Honor

Golden Summit Shrine

Otsuna Grasslands

Yellow Pagoda

Fox Den

Yagata Farmstead

Kashine Hills

Torii Gates