Ghost of Tsushima: Golden Summit Shrine

Ghost of Tsushima: Golden Summit Shrine

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Ghost of Tsushima's Golden Summit Shrine is a Shinto Shrine located in Central Ariake which gives the Charm of Amaterasu as a reward after honoring it.

It is one of the early Shinto Shrines you can unlock in the game as it does not require a grappling hook to complete.

Charm Reward of Golden Summit Shrine

Golden Summit Shrine rewards you with the Charm of Amaterasu after honoring it.

Charm of Amaterasu

Killing enemies restores a Moderate amount of health.

This is one of the best Charms in the whole game, as it is unique in the bonus it gives. It will help keep you alive especially in large camps where you face a lot of enemies.

Exact Map Location of Golden Summit Shrine

You can find Golden Summit Shrine in Central Ariake, as shown in the map below.

Here is the exact location of Golden Summit Shrine with the map zoomed out.

Golden Summit Shrine Walkthrough

Every Shinto Shrine you can find in Tsushima island is a mini-puzzle that you must solve, as there is no easy or straight route that you can take to go directly to them.

Note that the puzzles of the Shinto Shrines are not malicious - they aim you no harm, unlike those in Dark Souls, which often lead you to a dead-end or intentionally bring you to deaths, either through a surprise mechanic or an environmental hazard.

All of the Shrine puzzles in Ghost of Tsushima are linear and straightforward. They are not maze-like or looping. You follow them, and you will complete the puzzle.

Also, if you die while platforming, either through falling or sliding, you will come back in the game at the exact point before you die. You do not have to start over again from the beginning.

In other words, they are not frustrating and are a delight to complete.

Remember - there is no dead-end, the continuation of a path is always there, you just have to find it.

Guide for Reaching the Golden Summit Shrine

You begin the approach to the shrine from the first Torii Gate.

The first approach for solving the Shinto Shrine puzzles is to follow the normal path, which will lead soon to a blocked area. 

This blocked area could be caused by a ruined bridge or a burning log, basically, anything that stops you from easily reaching the shrine. This is what makes the shrines a puzzle - you have to find out how to reach them.

After finding the blocked area, look into the left side. You will see the alternate path. This is true for all Shinto shrines. There is always an alternate path after seeing a blocked area. It is up to you to find this alternate path. 

Our guides will show you, though, so you don't have to have a hard time solving it.

Follow the path shown above, and once you clear the platforming and back in a cleared area, look for this hole you can crawl into.

Crawl inside it, and then you are back to another area, and the path forward is shown below.

This shrine uses a lot of mini bridges. Don't hesitate to jump on them. It just works.

However, when you reach the exact scene below, don't jump. The vegetation will not save you and you will fall to your death.

Just follow the platforming sections. It is linear and leads directly to the destination.

And after completing more platforming, you will find see the path below and can reach the Golden Summit Shrine.