Top 100 Questions on Ghost of Tsushima

Top 100 Questions on Ghost of Tsushima

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We collected the Top 100 most asked Questions on Ghost of Tsushima and listed them below. We'll provide a detailed answer to each question with guides, screenshots, and videos when the embargo ends on July 14, 7:00 AM Pacific Time.

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Is it as good as we hope?

Can you play the flute in the middle of a duel?

Are you having fun?

Can all the UI be removed from the screen?

How truly open is this world?

What happens once the game ends?

How many weapons and armor are in the game?

Are the quests (main or side) time-sensitive?

What makes the game feel alive?

Is there a skill tree?

How many charm slots can you unlock in total?

How good is the soundtrack?

How many bosses are there?

Can you turn blood off?

Does your Ghost meter go up if you play as a Samurai?

How difficult and satisfying are the Samurai duels?

Is there a dojo where you can do free training?

Are there super-secret areas that are hard to find?

Does the ai respawn after beating them?

How good is the combat, is it really fun and enjoyable in terms of feel, control and fluidity?

Does the exploration feel somewhat like Breath of the Wild?

Are the main story and side quests well written?

How fun is the general moment to moment open-world gameplay?

Is there a real-time day and night?

How many masks are there in the game?

What is there to do that Sucker Punch has not mentioned?

How much NPC interaction outside of quests is in the game?

Does the lack of a UI ever hurt the gameplay experience?

Does the open-world feel empty at times?

What is the death screen like?

How effective is the Guiding Wind?

How are the boss fights?

Is a no-kill run possible?

What are some of the different armor piece effects?

How diverse are the activities in the open world?

Do you feel like a Samurai while playing?

Is the exploration armor useful in any area?

Is there a classic ninja outfit complete with hood and mask?

Are there any collectibles that lead to hidden armor?

How many weapons are available for use other than katana and bows?

Is there a swimming mechanic?

Does the game fully immerse you?

Does it have level scaled enemies? Does it have level scaled weapons?

Can you change the main character's hairstyle and beard?

What happens when you "slaughter" an enemy in stealth?

Is it Game of the Year worthy?

Can you climb everything like in Assassin's creed or Infamous?

How many stances can Jin perform with the sword in his back?

Are there random encounters throughout the world?

What are the subtitle languages?

Are the graphics as good as in the E3 2018 Gameplay trailer?

Are there returning minor characters later in the game?

Can you do cavalry vs cavalry combat?

Are the side-quests in the game meaningful and unique?

How many regions/biomes are in the game?

Can you upgrade the appearance of the Katana?

How is the performance on base ps4?

How frequent are the checkpoints?

How large is the map?

Are there hidden boss encounters?

Is there a New Game+ mode?

Are the rewards for exploration satisfying?

How long is the game if you are going for platinum?

How much time does it take to cross the entire map?

Is there an iaido type stance or is that move just in some of the stances?

Is there a lot to do after finishing the main story?

How long does the game take place over?

How varied is the map?

Is this good enough to have a part 2?

Does it affect the story if we do too much exploring and ignore the main event?

Are there any gore and are there any gruesome dismemberment?

Does playing as the Ghost or a Samurai actually change anything in the story or is it just gameplay choices?

From the "old leak," which among the points are real, and which are fake?

Where is the snow area on the map? Is it near the starting area? How much is it used?

Can we have two swords at once?

Can you beat the game just using your bow?

How does the horse movement feel?

Can we use other weapons like a spear?

Can you turn off the "white slices" when you hit an enemy with your katana?

Can you customize the blade of the katana by adding engravings of shapes and patterns and can you change the color of the engravings?

Can you clash swords with an enemy?

Can you climb trees?

How does the combat feel? Is it as satisfying as Sekiro?

Can you kill any NPC or only Mongols?

What does the trophy list look like?

How drastic are the levels of aggressiveness when you change difficulties?

What color of horses can you pick?

Do you instantly have a bow and arrow or will you eventually get them?

Is there a general HUB area where have to return to for upgrades?

Can you respec the usage of your Technique Points?

Are there any missable quests or items?

Can you change the time from night to day and vice-versa?

What happens when you die in the game?

Are the controls good?

What is the coolest thing about this game?

Do you feel like the combat has a heavy reliance on skill and not spam?

Who is the final boss?

How many endings are there in the game?

What are the cheats in the game?

What are the easter eggs in the game?