Game Design: Attention to Detail

Game Design: Attention to Detail

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8 Attention to Detail

The quality of the game takes precedence over the speed of its creation or scope.

There are many aspects of the game that can only be refined and polished by actually playing it.

8.1 Get Early Feedback

The game’s creation is iterative. As early as the game design, get early feedback to discover areas that need to be reviewed, enhanced, or polished.

8.1.1 Provide a Demo

Provide a demo as early as possible.

Perfect the resting and moving animation of the hero. Though a minuscule achievement, get feedback and iterate on the movement until it is beyond satisfactory. Then iterate on the enemies, one at a time.

8.1.2 Robust Foundation

As movement is the foundation of good combat, these mechanics are the pillars of the game. Ensure there is a robust foundation by gaining feedback and polishing extensively at this level.

8.2 Static Designed Levels

The game does not use randomization, and the levels are designed statically to create Memorable Face-offs and Magical Moments.

The levels gain predictability and fairness once the player becomes familiar with them (4 Fairness Through Familiarity).

8.2.1 Memorable Face-off

By designing the levels, you can create memorable face-offs with the enemies.

8.2.2 Magical Moments

The game creates Magical Moments at selected stages of the game.

8.3 All Unique Enemies

There are no generic enemies in the game. All enemies are unique, including minions and the weakest ones.

8.3.1 All Named Enemies

All enemies in the game have names, emphasizing that each is unique.

8.4 Zone-based Interface

The UI of the game is designed to contribute to the flow state of the player.

The UI does not take the player out of the zone.

8.5 Zone-based Controls

The game’s controls are intuitive and accessible, designed to bring and keep the player in the zone.

People from 8 to 80 years of age should not find any difficulties in performing the controls of the game.

8.5.1 Fluid Movement

The controls should result in fluid movement in the game. Running by Default

The hero should transition from walking to running using a single stick and no other buttons.

The hero should be running by default when moving.

8.6 Presented at Its Best

The game should be presented at its best.

8.6.1 One Best Instance

The game should exist only in its best form.

8.6.2 Console Exclusive

The best instance of the game is as a Console Exclusive.

This automatically removes potentially inferior instances and focuses all efforts on the One Best Instance.