Game Design: Memorable Music

Game Design: Memorable Music

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10 Memorable Music

Next to Combat, Music is the second most important facet of the game.

Players might forget everything in a game, but not the music, because it talks directly to the heart.

The goal of Mechdamon is to have memorable music that can enhance the engagement of the players and that they can enjoy outside the game.

10.1 Listenable on Its Own

The music should be pleasant and enjoyable to listen to on its own and outside the game.

10.2 8 and 80 Music Test

Both an 8-year-old child and an 80-year-old person should be able to find the music pleasant and enjoyable.

10.3 Thematic Music

Music should reflect the theme of each major character, location, and enemy.

10.3.1 Mechdamon Theme

The game as a whole should have a very recognizable theme, the Mechdamon Theme.

In 1.2.2 (Pull to Continue), we shared that the second-best music should play during the first gaming session of the player. This music should ideally be the Mechdamon Theme.

10.4 Delightful Opening

The Mechdamon Theme should be among the most delightful music in the game as it opens the adventure for the player.