Game Design: Beautiful by Default

Game Design: Beautiful by Default

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9 Beautiful by Default

The game shows its best appearance always.

The game does not intentionally make itself ugly.

9.1 Maximize Beauty

Show the best appearance that can be achieved for the players.

Acceptable is not enough.

9.2 Design for Player Health

The player will be looking at the world and the characters for hours.

Design for the intent of long playtime.

  1. Single Zoom
  2. No Camera Movement
  3. No Screen Shaking
  4. No Controller Vibration

9.3 No Night Mode

The games do not have a Night Mode.

When showing a naturally dark area like a cave, not only are the contents of the scene clearly visible, it is beautiful as well, with light sources illuminating the scene (9.8 Prioritize Visibility and 9.8.1 Design for Visibility)

9.4 Single Zoom

There is only one zoom level in the game, and it should be consistent throughout.

It should not change to another perspective or to another zoom level.

9.5 No Camera Movement

The game does not allow the movement of the camera.

9.6 No Screen Shaking

The game does not use screen shaking.

9.7 No Controller Vibration

The game has no controller vibration.

9.8 Prioritize Visibility

When designing the environment, prioritize the visibility of the hero.

9.8.1 Design for Visibility

Design the environment such that the hero is always visible wherever he goes.