Game Design: Discovery Over Instruction

Game Design: Discovery Over Instruction

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12 Discovery Over Instruction

The game relies on player curiosity instead of scripts to move the hero.

12.1 One Mission

The game gives the player a single, clear mission at the start of the first session.

The hero will go on a journey for this mission.

12.2 Self-Quests over Scripted Quests

After the One Mission, there are no other requests from the game on what the player should do.

All activities afterward will be self-directed.

12.2.1 No Quest Givers

The game has no quest givers.

12.3 Exploration and Discovery

Exploration and discovery are the means through which the hero's world expands in the game.

12.3.1 Always Reward Exploration

The game always rewards exploration.

12.4 Memorable Landscapes

The hero discovers Memorable Landscapes that can help him understand and traverse the game world.

The Mechdamon games have a high density of Memorable Landscapes.

12.4.1 No Maps

The game has no maps.

The Mechdamon worlds are designed to be remembered.

12.5 Hidden Beauty

Once in a while, the player will discover, through exploration, areas of Exquisite Beauty.

12.6 Highlighted Chests

The game will always highlight items of importance.

This is in alignment with 11.5 (Brilliance and Significance).