Game Design: Games Synergy

Game Design: Games Synergy

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14 Games Synergy

All the Mechdamon games reinforce and synergize with each other.

They achieve this through:

  1. Game Link – the games can connect with each other
  2. Recurrence of enemies and items – they consistently appear in future games
  3. Growing Collection – the collection spans all the games
  4. Future Content Unlocking – unlock future game content through past game items
  5. Game Exclusive Content – play the older games to obtain the exclusive content

14.1 Desirable Collection

Collection is one of the three Game Loops of Mechdamon, together with Progression and Challenge.

Design the collection such that every member of the collection is desirable for all players.

14.1.1 All Unique Collectibles

There is no weak part in the collection. Each of them is unique and special.

14.1.2 No Generic Instances

There is no generic filler in the collection. They are all desirable.

14.2 Game Link

The games can connect and communicate with each other. They can trade and exchange items.

14.3 Recurring Enemies and Items

The enemies and items from previous games will consistently appear in future games.

14.4 Future Content Unlocking

Content in future games can be unlocked through items from previous games.

14.5 Game Exclusive Content

Preserve the integrity of each released game by creating content that is exclusive to that game. Players of future games will need to play the older games to obtain such items and bring them to the new games.

14.6 Continuous Support

Continuously support the older games, as they are significant to future games.

The Mechdamon games create value as a whole.