Game Design: Mythological Design

Game Design: Mythological Design

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11 Mythological Design

Mythological Design means utilizing the aspects of World Mythology and the Monomyth in removing and adding features and mechanics in the game.

If there are two competing mechanics, the one that aligns most with the concepts of World Mythology will be kept.

11.1 Purpose Management

The game creates the needs and motivations of the hero. Ensure that the goals of the hero are aligned with Mythological Design.

Example: The hero needs gold to upgrade his armor, so he performs mundane tasks to earn money and get the upgrade. This goal transfers to the player, who must begrudgingly do tedium to continue the game. It would have been better if the hero had to slay a dragon to get the armor upgrade.

11.1.1 No Economies

There is no buying or selling of any form in the Mechdamon games. There are no currencies and merchants as well.

11.2 Resource Gating

The hero requires various items that can help him progress and overcome challenges. Ensure that the available options for the hero are aligned with Mythological Design.

Example: The hero needs a gemstone. He can buy it from a merchant or enter a cave and steal it from a sleeping monster.

11.3 Mechanic as Lore

To heighten the player's immersion, use the game's mechanics as lore.

Example: Death is common in all games, and Revival is the mechanic that allows the player to continue. In Dark Souls, they made the Revival mechanic the basis of the lore and included it in the game's mythology.

11.3.1 All are Items

All the mechanics of the game are encapsulated in items.

The menu is nothing but a container of items.

11.3.2 No Skill Trees

Hence, there are no skill trees. But you will have items for skills.

11.4 Deterministic Rewards

The rewards in the game are deterministic.

11.5 Brilliance and Significance

The brilliance of an item or attack is commensurate to its power and significance.

Hence, you will never see an epic attack perform meager damage.

11.6 Nothing is Free

As much as possible, introduce a required effort for every desirable item.

The effort should be commensurate with the reward.