Ghost of Tsushima: Act 2 - Retake Castle Shimura

Ghost of Tsushima: Act 2 - Retake Castle Shimura

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Ghost of Tsushima's Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura continues the first act of the game. With the samurai gone, Shimura and Jin combine efforts to build up a new army that will help them retake the Castle Shimura. They will get help from the Shogun of mainland Japan and some old friends from the past.  We will meet the new characters Norio, Yuriko, and Lady Sanjo.

It consists of nine Main Tales, three Mythic Tales, and thirty-two Side Tales.

Khotun Khan Conquers Toyotama

Khotun Khan didn't bluff when he said earlier to Lord Shimura that he will take Castle Shimura, during their discussion on the concept of legacy.

As shared by Lord Shimura, Khotun Khan marched to the north and conquered Toyotama.

During the cutscene, Castle Shimura is shown being under siege, with the Mongol soldiers in front of the castle's gates.

Khotun Khan is shown holding a torch ready to set fire to his hostages.

Khotun Khan: You have an impressive home. Won't you welcome me inside?

Khotun Khan: Your people... are tired. Hungry. Cold. Open the gate and save them.

This time, however, he will not be the one to set them on fire.

Ryuzo: You promised food for my men.

Khotun Khan: Earn it.

Ryuzo sets the first hostage on fire with remorse and convinces those inside to open the gates.

Peasant: Let them in!

Peasant: No, no, no! Open the gate! Open the gate! (Screams)

Jin: Open... open the... open the gate! Open the gate!

Finally, the gate opens, and Khotun Khan and his army march inside triumphantly.

Mongols Raid Farmsteads

After starting Act 2, new locations in Izuhara Region of Act 1 will get invaded. Mongol raiders will occupy farmsteads and you have to go back to the first region to liberate them.

Khotun Khan is striking back by sending Mongol forces to raid the farmsteads of Izuhara. Liberate the farmsteads to free your people.

An Exciting New Armor Set

Act 2 includes one of the best armor sets in the whole game, the Sakai Clan Armor set. It is the most offense-oriented armor for a samurai.

In addition, it has the most significant lore context, as its previous owner is Jin's father.

You can acquire this immediately after completing the first major quest. It is among the rewards of the quest Ghosts from the Past. So you can play the majority of Act 2 just wearing this armor.

You need to fully upgrade the armor to receive the maximum value of the bonus attributes. 

  • Major increase to Melee damage
  • Massive increase to health
  • Increase the Standoff Streak by 2. Winning a Standoff has a 25% chance to Terrify nearby enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima: A New Horizon

A New Horizon

With Lord Shimura freed, we can take the fight to the Mongols and reclaim Castle Shimura, the strategic heart of Tsushima Island that has recently fallen to Khotun Khan. My uncle and I will ride ahead to scout the battlefield. Together, we will plot our moves to reclaim Castle Shimura - and our home.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: A Message in Fire

A Message in Fire

We need samurai reinforcements if we're going to save our home. The shogun can provide them, but only if we contact him to request more forces.

Lord Shimura knows a pirate named Goro skilled enough to break through the Mongol blockade and deliver our request. I should be able to find him in the smuggler's den of Umugi Cove.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: The Walls of Yarikawa

The Walls of Yarikawa

Yuna insists she can help recruit the people of Yarikawa to my uncle's cause, even though they've hated Lord Shimura ever since he put down the Yarikawa Rebellion years ago. I may not share Yuna's confidence - but she's resourceful and rarely wrong. I hope this works.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: The Coward of Yarikawa

The Coward of Yarikawa

Yarikawa Stronghold is under Mongol Siege, and their best archers have gone missing. If Yuna and I can return them safely home, they can aid the town's defense - and we will prove our good intentions.

I will meet Yuna in Old Yarikawa to begin the search.


  • Major Legend Increase

The Ghost of Yarikawa

Yarikawa Stronghold is under Mongol siege. Yuna, Taka, and I managed to find their missing archers and helped them return home.

Now it's time we break the Mongol siege.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: Ghosts From the Past

Ghosts From the Past

I haven't been home since the invasion. It's time I return to Omi Village and recover my father's armor, if it hasn't been stolen by Mongols or bandits already.

I hope my people managed to evacuate for safety. Especially Yuriko, my family's caretaker.


Ghost of Tsushima: A Reckoning in Blood

A Reckoning in Blood

Preparations are complete for our battle to reclaim Castle Shimura and defeat Khotun Khan. I should speak with my uncle at his staging camp and see if he's ready to launch the attack.


  • Major Legend Increase

The Fate of Tsushima

The Straw Hats are routed, but at a terrible cost. Ryuzo escaped and worst... Taka lost his life. I won't let this go unpunished.

Lord Shimura is rallying for battle at his staging camp. Before we fight, I need to check on Yuna.


  • Major Legend Increase

Ghost of Tsushima: From the Darkness

From the Darkness

The first day of battle ended in a bloody stalemate. Lord Shimura insists on pressing forward at dawn, but I know there’s another way.