Ghost of Tsushima: From the Darkness

Ghost of Tsushima: From the Darkness

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Ghost of Tsushima's From the Darkness is the final major quest of Act 2 and the continuation of The Fate of Tsushima. In this quest, Jin fully transforms into the Ghost and defies Lord Shimura by liberating Castle Shimura alone and in his own way.

The quest is special as it finally broke the cordial tie between Jin and Lord Shimura. Jin officially becomes an outlaw from the eyes of the samurai.

This quest also rewards you with one of the best armor sets you can find in the game, the Ghost Armor.

The first day of battle ended in a bloody stalemate. Lord Shimura insists on pressing forward at dawn, but I know there’s another way.


Speak with your Allies

After your argument with Lord Shimura, you will find Kenji just outside the building, tending to the wounded.

Kenji: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Kenji. What are you doing here?

Kenji: Trying to help the wounded. But the best I can offer is a stiff drink. How do you comfort someone who's just lost his arm?

Jin: Hmm. I don't know.

Kenji: Taka always knew what to say. Hmm. I miss the damn kid.

Jin: We all do. Get some rest.

Kenji: Hmm. I'll try.

Norio: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Norio. I worried you fell at the bridge.

Norio: It was close. The blast knocked me to the ground and carried these brave warriors to the afterlife.

Jin: We'll give them a proper burial. Once we've taken the castle.

Norio: You think there's still a chance?

Jin: There is always a chance. Don't lose hope, Norio.

Norio: Never, my lord.

Masako: Jin.

Jin: Lady Masako. You survived.

Masako: Many weren't so fortunate... I wasn't there when my sons died, but I'm doing what I can to ease these boys into the next life.

Jin: Lord Shimura wants to press our attack at sunrise.

Masako: If there's another strategy, one that saves someone's children...

Jin: There may be.

Masako: Do what you must. You'll have my support.

Jin: Sensei, Lord Shimura plans to repair the bridge. We strike at dawn.

Ishikawa: The Khan won't expect such a bold move. Hesitation can cost us even more lives.

Jin: There may be another way.

Ishikawa: One that violates your uncle's honor code?

Jin: One that saves people's lives.

Ishikawa: Tread carefully, Sakai.

Jin: You disagree?

Ishikawa: I didn't say that.

Speak with Yuna

After talking to the rest of the allies and learning their perspective on Lord Shimura's plan, talk to Yuna. She stands next to an opening on the wall.

Yuna: They're patching the bridge on your uncle's orders.

Jin: Lord Shimura is determined to see his plan through. No matter how many lives it costs.

Yuna: These people came here to fight. For you.

Jin: How much wolfsbane can you find in the next hour?

Yuna: A few handfuls...

Jin: Talk to the others. Tell them to gather all you can carry.

Yuna: You're going to poison the Mongols.

Jin: I'll find a way into the castle, then slip it into their drinks. Watch the Khan choke on his own blood.

Yuna: Your uncle's going to find out.

Jin: I know.

Yuna: Taka was making something for you. I wasn't sure you'd want it, but... now... if something happens...

Jin: It won't.

Yuna: He'd want you to have it.

These final gifts of Taka are the Ghost Armor, Ghost Headband, and Ghost Mask. Jin will be shown wearing them in the next cutscene.

Yuna: This is all the wolfsbane we found. Will it be enough?

Jin: I'll make sure it is.

Ghost Armor

The Ghost Armor is one of the best armor sets in the game. It is special as it is the only armor with a bonus for Ghost Stance. When fully upgraded, it has the following bonuses:

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 40%
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance by 2
  • Kills have a 30% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy

Ghost Mask

Inspired by the Sakai mask, created for the Ghost by a good friend.

Ghost Headband

The headband of Tsushima's legendary Ghost.

In memory of Taka, wear the three gifts while completing the rest of the quest.

Infiltrate the first keep of Castle Shimura

The time will transition to nighttime the moment you start this quest objective. Remember to use stealth to avoid failure.

Jin: If I reach the tower, I can scout the Khan's forces. Find a way to poison his army.

You will use the same bridge that got destroyed earlier to reach the keep of the castle. Use your grapple hook to move from one point to another.

After crossing the bridge, climb the cliffs until you reach the first keep.

Eliminate the Mongols in the first keep.

Upon reaching the first keep, you can use stealth kills to dispose of the Mongols.

Jin: Better take out the guards quietly. Then I can scout from the top floor.

Keep on climbing up towards the top of the tower. Assassinate all the Mongols that can catch you.

Jin: Tower's clear. Now look for a way to poison all of them.

Survey the Mongol defenses

Use the observation circle to get an insight into the Mongol defenses.

Jin: The garden path. Light defenses, plent of cover...

Jin: Fortified defenses, explosives... My uncle's leading us into a massacre.

Jin: A Straw Hat... Ryuzo. Of course he's here...

Jin: They're preparing a feast. I can poison the Khan's fermented milk. Let his army drink the airag... then kill any survivors.

Jin: Now to reach the airag without raising the alarm. Better take the garden path.

Sneak through the garden

If you have never used slacklines before, this is the best time to try them. 

You will need to use the slackline to cross the other side without being seen by the Mongols.

Drop at the other side where the slackline ends and then enter the opening.

Poison the Mongol’s fermented milk

Now that you have reached the other other side, it's time to poison the drinks of the Mongols. Use the Guiding Wind to know the exact locations where you can trigger this action.

Jin: Now to reach their feast - and poison their drinks.

As shown above, there are two spots where you can apply the poison.

Jin: That's where they store the milk. Now to add the poison.

Jin: Now to wait...

A cutscene will follow where all of the Mongol soldiers present in the camp drop one by one after the poison takes effect.

Enter the main keep to confront the Khan

With the soldiers eliminated, you can now enter the main keep to confront Khotun Khan.

You will not find Khotun Khan inside though.

Ryuzo: Jin!

Jin: Where's the Khan?

Ryuzo: He rode north. Made me stay behind to collect the Ghost's head.

Jin: The come claim it.

Ryuzo: No. I could have killed you earlier. Instead, I convinced the Khan to give you a chance.

Jin: He murdered Taka.

Ryuzo: And you slaughtered my men. I've lost everything... Except you. We can defeat the Mongols together.

Jin: After everything you've done! 

Ryuzo: Tell the people I was your spy. Sent to gain the Khan's trust. They'll believe the Ghost-

Jin: Stop. You were my oldest friend... Ryuzo. Surrender... and answer for your crimes. For both our sakes.

Ryuzo: I can't.

Duel with Ryuzo

From this dialogue, you can deduce that not only is Ryuzo a coward, he is also a liar.

Jin: You should have surrendered.

Ryuzo: I won't die by your uncle's hand.

Jin: You won't stop me, Ryuzo...

Ryuzo: The poison... You broke your uncle's code.

Jin: You left me no choice. I'll never forgive you.

Ryuzo: Jin. Please...

Jin: Good bye... Ryuzo.

Enemies Defeated

After defeating Ryuzo, you will find Yuna waiting outside the keep.

Jin: Ryuzo.

Yuna: Good.

Just in time though, Lord Shimura and his army enter the camp, surprised by the poisoned Mongols.

Jin: The castle is yours. The Khan marches north. We can head him off-

Shimura: You defied me.

Jin: I did what I had to.

Shimura: Is this how you want to be remembered?

Yuna: He defended us.

Shimura: By spreading fear and chaos.

Jin: We are at war.

Shimura: And you are acting like the enemy. This is not our way.

Jin: Your way can't save our people.

Shimura: The shogun will demand a head, but it does not have to be yours. I know she drove you to this.

Jin: Uncle...

Shimura: Renounce the Ghost. You must blame her for this outrage. Tell them... you are Jin Shimura. Loyal servant to the shogun.

Shimura: My heir... My son.

Jin: I am not your son.

Jin: I am the Ghost.

Shimura: And you will be judged for it.

(Lord Shimura leaves Jin)

Jin: Find the Khan.

Yuna: Jin-!

Jin: For Taka. Go!

A cutscene will follow, implying that Yuna gets to safety, while Jin is arrested by his uncle.

And with that, you have completed From the Darkness major quest.

The Next Quest

From the Darkness completes Act 2 of the game. 

If you would like to begin the next act, let's proceed with Act 3: Kill the Khan.

Ghost of Tsushima: Act 3 - Kill the Khan