Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough


Our Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough is the best source of information for a comprehensive guide and info on achieving 100% completion of the game. We will provide complete details on all characters, quests, locations, shrines, weapons, armor, techniques, charms, and items that you can collect in the game.

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Tsushima, Japan

The game begins by giving the setting, Tsushima, Japan. The year was 1274 when the Mongol empire was actively expanding to the East and Southeast Asia.

And the only thing that stands in the way of the Mongol Empire from reaching the main archipelago of Japan is the small island of Tsushima.

Lord Shimura and Lord Jin

The island is protected by an army of samurai under the leadership of Shimura, lord of the island, and uncle of the main hero, Jin Sakai. Together, they lead the defending army on the night of the Mongol invasion.

Jin begins with a monologue, aware of their impending doom.

Jin: The Mongol Empire is invading our home. They are brutal, relentless, unstoppable. We are eighty samurai... against an army. Fighting to slow the invasion.

Jin: Today, I die for my people.

Finally, he shares his doubts with this uncle.

Jin: There must be thousands of them.

Shimura: We will face death... and defend our home.

What It Means to be a Samurai

Shimura: Tradition... Courage... Honour. They are what make us. We are the warriors of Tsushima!

Shimura: We are samurai!

With the rallying speech of Shimura, we can deduce his strong moral compass and the pride he has for being a samurai and for those who hold such values.

Go Break Their Spirits

After his speech, he sends one of his commanders alone to do single-combat with the Mongol soldiers. This might be a surprise for us, but this is part of the samurai code of honor and culture.

Shimura: Lord Adachi. Go break their spirits.

Shimura told Adachi so casually and so confidently as though he expects him to still return after sending him to what seems to be a suicide mission where there is no chance of going back. This reflects his firm belief in the fighting prowess of his commander.

Without any hesitation and acting like it's business as usual, Adachi rode his horse towards the Mongol camp.

And the first thing he did when he reached the overwhelmingly large army is challenged them to send him their best warrior for a one-on-one fight.

This was the context when Shimura said, "Go break their spirits." It is through a fair and honorable fight between powerful warriors. And by demonstrating your skills in defeating their leader in a fair fight, you can break their spirit.

Adachi: Outsiders. Send your finest warrior to face me.

Lord Adachi Faces the Finest Warrior

And from the midst of Mongol soldiers came out a fine warrior, in fact, their finest warrior. None other than Khotun Khan, the leader of the invading Mongol army.

As customary for samurai, they introduce themselves to the person they will fight with. If you don't believe it, this guy has a message for you. It has something to do with his name.

Continuing, Adachi faced his worthy opponent and introduced himself.

Adachi: I am Harunobu Adachi. Descendant of the legendary Yoshinobu Adachi.

Courage and Honor

The finest warrior just looked at him, and to all the samurai's surprise, he threw a liquid that looked like oil to Adachi.

What happened is truly tragic. Not only did he not introduce himself, but he disrespected Adachi by not fighting him, at least not in a conventional way.

He set ablaze Adachi, and, with one fell swoop, decapitated him.

This didn't bode well for the samurai, who value courage and honor above all else. Not only is this act cowardly, but it is also dishonorable. But it was effective.

Both Shimura and Jin were shocked at what transpired. But what's equally surprising is what Khotun Khan said next.

Khotun Khan: Samurai! Do you surrender?

What could be the intent of Khotun Khan on asking for surrender after doing such action to Adachi? What he did just removed any lingering thoughts for surrender on the samurai, because this time, it is personal. For a while, the samurai can even forget that they are severely outnumbered in an empire-level invasion. All they have in mind is Adachi.

Shimura looked as though he was about to cry, but he rallied his army.

Shimura: Cowards without honor deserve no mercy. No mercy!

Shimura: Open fire! For Tsushima! Charge!

And with that, the battle began.

Participating in the battle as Jin, you will be moving towards the beach to experience your first combat. This sequence is mostly scripted though, but it is good for the world-building and context of the story.

Battle at the Beach

You will get the prompt to attack by pressing the Square button. This is a good time to experience how the combat feels in the game.

Samurai: For Lord Adachi!

Shimura: Forward!

Continue moving forward with your horse, following the rally of Shimura to search for the Mongol leader.

Shimura: Push through! Their leader retreated! Hunt him down!

There will come the point in this scripted event when a massive explosion hits you, and you will be dismounted from your horse.

Everything goes dark as Jin temporarily faints.

The Search for the Mongol Leader

When you wake up, you are struggling to reach for your katana as a Mongol soldier sneaks behind for an easy kill.

Just when he was about to kill you, Shimura shows up and saves you. He will rally the remaining samurai to search and kill the Mongol leader.

Shimura: Jin! I need you with me.

Jin: We've lost so many...

Shimura: We have to keep pushing, Lord Sakai. Even if it costs us our lives.

The next part will be a continuation of the scripted combat. Just keep pressing forward, following the lead of Shimura.

Shimura: Men! We must hunt down the Mongol leader! 

Shimura: Everyone, with me!

Shimura: More Mongol dogs! Cut them down!

There will come a time when all of the other samurai will die, and only the two of you will remain. This is no coincidence, as it is part of the script.

Jin: We're all that's left.

Shimura: There is only one path for us. Find the Mongol leader and end him here.

Jin: I'll fight beside you to the end.

Shimura: I know.

Just when all hope is lost, your target shows up, in what seems to be a trap.

Shimura: There! The Mongol leader.

Jin: I'm ready, Uncle.

Shimura: We end this together.

Of course, it's a trap as the leader has no intent to fight either of you. A large explosion will land nearby, and next will be darkness.

When you wake up, Shimura is already captive, and you don't have your sword. As you stand up and reach for your weapon, an arrow will bring you down. And with that, you faint for the third time.

Khotun Khan

Finally, Khotun Khan shows up and introduces himself. He even bows to Shimura.

Khotun Khan: I am Khotun. Cousin of Kublai. Grandson of Genghis.

He approaches Shimura and starts calling him brother.

Khotun Khan: Brother... you are a warrior. I can see that. You trained your whole life for this. And you have won battles... that lesser men have called unwinnable, yes?

Khotun Khan: But while you were sharpening your sword... do you know how I prepared for today? I learned.

Khotun Khan: I know your language. Your traditions. Your beliefs. Which villages to tame and... which to burn.

Khotun Khan: So I will ask you once again, samurai. Do you surrender?