Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough

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Our Ghost of Tsushima: 100% Walkthrough is the best source of information for a comprehensive guide and info on achieving 100% completion of the game. We will provide complete details on all characters, quests, locations, shrines, weapons, armor, techniques, charms, and items that you can collect in the game.

Tsushima, Japan

The game begins by giving the setting, Tsushima, Japan. The year was 1274 when the Mongol empire was actively expanding to the East and Southeast Asia.

And the only thing that stands in the way of the Mongol Empire from reaching the main archipelago of Japan is the small island of Tsushima.

Lord Shimura and Lord Jin

The island is protected by an army of samurai under the leadership of Shimura, lord of the island, and uncle of the main hero, Jin Sakai. Together, they lead the defending army on the night of the Mongol invasion.

Jin begins with a monologue, aware of their impending doom.

Jin: The Mongol Empire is invading our home. They are brutal, relentless, unstoppable. We are eighty samurai... against an army. Fighting to slow the invasion.

Jin: Today, I die for my people.

Finally, he shares his doubts with this uncle.

Jin: There must be thousands of them.

Shimura: We will face death... and defend our home.

What It Means to be a Samurai

Shimura: Tradition... Courage... Honour. They are what make us. We are the warriors of Tsushima!

Shimura: We are samurai!

With the rallying speech of Shimura, we can deduce his strong moral compass and the pride he has for being a samurai and for those who hold such values.

Go Break Their Spirits

After his speech, he sends one of his commanders alone to do single-combat with the Mongol soldiers. This might be a surprise for us, but this is part of the samurai code of honor and culture.

Shimura: Lord Adachi. Go break their spirits.

Shimura told Adachi so casually and so confidently as though he expects him to still return after sending him to what seems to be a suicide mission where there is no chance of going back. This reflects his firm belief in the fighting prowess of his commander.

Without any hesitation and acting like it's business as usual, Adachi rode his horse towards the Mongol camp.

And the first thing he did when he reached the overwhelmingly large army is challenged them to send him their best warrior for a one-on-one fight.

This was the context when Shimura said, "Go break their spirits." It is through a fair and honorable fight between powerful warriors. And by demonstrating your skills in defeating their leader in a fair fight, you can break their spirit.

Adachi: Outsiders. Send your finest warrior to face me.

Lord Adachi Faces the Finest Warrior

And from the midst of Mongol soldiers came out a fine warrior, in fact, their finest warrior. None other than Khotun Khan, the leader of the invading Mongol army.

As customary for samurai, they introduce themselves to the person they will fight with. If you don't believe it, this guy has a message for you. It has something to do with his name.

Continuing, Adachi faced his worthy opponent and introduced himself.

Adachi: I am Harunobu Adachi. Descendant of the legendary Yoshinobu Adachi.

Courage and Honor

The finest warrior just looked at him, and to all the samurai's surprise, he threw a liquid that looked like oil to Adachi.

What happened is truly tragic. Not only did he not introduce himself, but he disrespected Adachi by not fighting him, at least not in a conventional way.

He set ablaze Adachi, and, with one fell swoop, decapitated him.

This didn't bode well for the samurai, who value courage and honor above all else. Not only is this act cowardly, but it is also dishonorable. But it was effective.

Both Shimura and Jin were shocked at what transpired. But what's equally surprising is what Khotun Khan said next.

Khotun Khan: Samurai! Do you surrender?

What could be the intent of Khotun Khan on asking for surrender after doing such action to Adachi? What he did just removed any lingering thoughts for surrender on the samurai, because this time, it is personal. For a while, the samurai can even forget that they are severely outnumbered in an empire-level invasion. All they have in mind is Adachi.

Shimura looked as though he was about to cry, but he rallied his army.

Shimura: Cowards without honor deserve no mercy. No mercy!

Shimura: Open fire! For Tsushima! Charge!

And with that, the battle began.

Participating in the battle as Jin, you will be moving towards the beach to experience your first combat. This sequence is mostly scripted though, but it is good for the world-building and context of the story.

Battle at the Beach

You will get the prompt to attack by pressing the Square button. This is a good time to experience how the combat feels in the game.

Samurai: For Lord Adachi!

Shimura: Forward!

Continue moving forward with your horse, following the rally of Shimura to search for the Mongol leader.

Shimura: Push through! Their leader retreated! Hunt him down!

There will come the point in this scripted event when a massive explosion hits you, and you will be dismounted from your horse.

Everything goes dark as Jin temporarily faints.

The Search for the Mongol Leader

When you wake up, you are struggling to reach for your katana as a Mongol soldier sneaks behind for an easy kill.

Just when he was about to kill you, Shimura shows up and saves you. He will rally the remaining samurai to search and kill the Mongol leader.

Shimura: Jin! I need you with me.

Jin: We've lost so many...

Shimura: We have to keep pushing, Lord Sakai. Even if it costs us our lives.

The next part will be a continuation of the scripted combat. Just keep pressing forward, following the lead of Shimura.

Shimura: Men! We must hunt down the Mongol leader! 

Shimura: Everyone, with me!

Shimura: More Mongol dogs! Cut them down!

There will come a time when all of the other samurai will die, and only the two of you will remain. This is no coincidence, as it is part of the script.

Jin: We're all that's left.

Shimura: There is only one path for us. Find the Mongol leader and end him here.

Jin: I'll fight beside you to the end.

Shimura: I know.

Just when all hope is lost, your target shows up, in what seems to be a trap.

Shimura: There! The Mongol leader.

Jin: I'm ready, Uncle.

Shimura: We end this together.

Of course, it's a trap as the leader has no intent to fight either of you. A large explosion will land nearby, and next will be darkness.

When you wake up, Shimura is already captive, and you don't have your sword. As you stand up and reach for your weapon, an arrow will bring you down. And with that, you faint for the third time.

Khotun Khan

Finally, Khotun Khan shows up and introduces himself. He even bows to Shimura.

Khotun Khan: I am Khotun. Cousin of Kublai. Grandson of Genghis.

He approaches Shimura and starts calling him brother.

Khotun Khan: Brother... you are a warrior. I can see that. You trained your whole life for this. And you have won battles... that lesser men have called unwinnable, yes?

Khotun Khan: But while you were sharpening your sword... do you know how I prepared for today? I learned.

Khotun Khan: I know your language. Your traditions. Your beliefs. Which villages to tame and... which to burn.

Khotun Khan: So I will ask you once again, samurai. Do you surrender?

Jin Survives

Jin wakes up alone in a secluded open area near the village. From a distance, he can hear the cries of people getting killed and can see houses burning.

Jin: How did I get here?

He checks his surroundings and observes that someone has nursed him back to health.

Jin: Someone worked hard to keep me alive.

He also found food but he could not find his armor or his katana.

Jin: No weapons. Just supplies. Need to keep moving...

The Missing Sword

Jin decides to leave the secluded area. And the Squeeze Through mechanic shows up. Like most actions in the game, it is initiated by pressing R2.

Jin: Someone saved me... hid me back here. Maybe they have my sword...

The village is full of Mongols and death is certain. Move forward as stealthily as you can. 

Jin will auto-crouch as you approach the Mongols.

While crouching in the mud, you will notice some footsteps. After pressing R2, your attention will be focused on the house in front. It invites you to enter.

Open the door and enter the house. While exploring, Jin notices that someone has been sharpening a weapon. 

Jin: Someone was sharpening their blade. A warrior.

Walk a few steps and you will find your broken armor.

Jin: My armor...

Jin: Broken...but better than nothing.

Jin finds his armor, but his sword is still missing. The mission hint says Search for your katana and it's not in the house. No choice but to leave the house to continue your search.

While exploring, you will notice a clear opening with no Mongols outside. This is not the exit though and it will not trigger any cutscene.

Go back to the door where you entered earlier. That is the exit.

Jin Meets Yuna

Just when you are about to get out, a woman brings you back inside.

Woman: Back inside, now! 

Woman: How are your wounds? Can you run?

Jin: I... I think so. Where's my sword?

Woman: Not here. 

Before introductions could be made, an intruder comes in, looking for rice. Jin hides, ready to save the woman. He still doesn't have any weapon though.

Woman: I'll take care of this. Please... hide.

Woman: Don't hurt me. Nooo!

Mongol: Chi odoo miniih! Rice!

Woman: I have some rice. Please take it.

To Jin's surprise, the mysterious woman has some serious assassination skills and easily slays the Mongol soldier. 

Jin: Who are you? 

Woman: I'm Yuna.

Yuna: You want your sword? Follow me.

Jin: How long was I out?

Yuna: Long enough for the Mongols to conquer half the island.

The impassable window earlier is now available for crossing. Press X for jumping through openings.

Jin: Yuna...

Yuna: Shh! Not now.


From here onwards, you will play some stealth to follow Yuna in retrieving the katana. The game will teach some basics like the mechanic for crouching. 

If you remember, earlier, Jin auto-crouched. This time, you have to do it yourself.

You will notice that approaching enemies will show a flash of light that indicates awareness. An alert indicator will show up, showing the level of awareness the enemy has of your presence. 

This indicator will either get filled up or disappear, based on your stealth actions.

What happens when an enemy spots you? The alert indicator will get filled up with white color.

This means the enemy has full awareness of you already. Then the indicator will quickly transition into yellow.

Once this yellow bar gets filled up, it will become orange and this time, you have raised the alarm.

And this will lead to a failed quest or mission that relies on stealth. You have been seen.

The game will reset you into the last previous safe position after the failed attempt. No losses except for your time.

Continue performing stealth with Yuna. You will pass by people getting killed by the Mongols.

Yuna: There's nothing we can do for her.

Jin: But I can save the others.

Later on, you will see the mechanic for Crawl Under, which is initiated by pressing R2.

Shimura Lives

After crawling from the opening, Jin will ask Yuna about his uncle.

Jin: Lord Shimura was with me on the battlefield...

Yuna: The jito? Forget him.

Jin: Yuna wait. Lord Shimura is my uncle.

Yuna: You're Jin Sakai? The Jito's nephew?

Jin: I have to know... Did he survive?

Yuna: I think so. The Mongols took him prisoner.

Jin: Where did they take him?

Yuna: East. Along the coast.

Jin: Toward Castle Kaneda...

Jin: They must be holding him inside. Celebrating their victory. I could take them by surprise.

Yuna: You'll be killed.

Jin: Or I'll rescue Lord Shimura. Then help him drive the Mongols into the sea. He can contact the shogun, call for reinforcements.

Yuna: I didn't nurse you back to health to watch you throw your life away.

Jin: Why did you save me?

Yuna: I couldn't leave you to die. I need your help.

Jin: Lord Shimura can help our whole island... And he's the only family I have left.

Mongol: Chimeegui!

Jin: Let's move.

While following Yuna, Jin will witness the Mongol killings of innocent villagers. He could not do anything though as he does not have his katana with him.

Jin: Butchers.

Yuna: Come on. We can't help him now.

He will also observe raiders, Mongol soldiers dedicated to attacking villages.

Jin: Raiders. Armed for battle.

Yuna: They've been riding across the island. Taking slaves, killing the weak.

Continue following Yuna, and later on the mechanic for climbing will show up.

Jin: You climb roofs, scavenge battlefields... You're a thief.

Yuna: When I need something, I take it.

Jin: Like my katana?

Yuna: I traded it for food and medicine.

Jin: You what?

Yuna: Don't worry. We'll find the buyer...get your sword back

On your way to the new owner of the katana, you will pass an abandoned house. The mechanic for collecting materials will show up.

Yuna: We've got a long ride ahead. Take whatever supplies you can carry.

Jin: This is someone's house.

Yuna: And they're not coming back.

The name of the person who bought the katana is Toru. Upon reaching his house, Jin and Yuna find out that he is already dead, killed by the Mongols.

Yuna: Toru? Shit... Bastards found him.

Jin: Stand watch. I'll search the house. They will answer for this.

Yuna: Maybe they hid your katana inside?

Enter Toru's house and you will find the katana near the window.

Memories of Young Jin

Upon holding the katana, Jin will remember the days when he trained with his uncle Shimura.

And this will teleport you to the past, where the combat tutorial will take place.

This scene also contributes to the character-building of both Shimura and Jin, while making the player familiar with the combat mechanics of the game.

Jin: I am Jin Sakai. Nephew to the great Lord Shimura. And I am no coward!

Shimura: Your enemy is no match for you. But, you still lack control.

Jin: I was practicing.

Shimura: With your father's weapon?

In the memory, Jin was shown as agitated caused by a fight that just gave him a permanent scar in his face.

Shimura: The sword of clan Sakai... has saved lives... and ended wars.

Shimura: Who did this to you?

Jin: No one.

Shimura: I will teach you to defend yourself.

Jin: I know how to fight.

Shimura: To master your blade... you must first control your emotions.

Jin: I can do that, Uncle.

Shimura: Show me.

Combat Basics

This tutorial scene will cover only the basics of combat, like stab attack, heavy attack, and light attack, blocking, dodging, and parrying. It will not cover advanced topics related to Stance or Techniques.

attack types

There are three basic attack types.

  • Quick Attack - press Square
  • Heavy Attack - press Triangle
  • Stab Attack - hold Triangle

Quick Attack

Quick attacks are executed from the current stance of Jin. There is minimal wind up and they are executed instantaneously. There is no staggering impact on the target though.

quick attack

Heavy Attack

We can divide the flow of a heavy attack into three stages. First, there is an extra animation where Jin pulls back to give extra force to the attack. While doing this, the enemy can hit you, so time it well.

heavy attack

The moment a heavy attack lands on an enemy, a meter will start gaining a build-up, accumulating based on the attacks you hit him.

You can imagine this as something similar to Sekiro's Posture mechanic as shown below.

With enough number of attacks, the posture will become broken

Similarly, in Ghost, once the meter is filled up, a large impact animation is shown and the meter is broken.

Stab Attack

A stab attack is executed by holding the Triangle. It is not executed instantaneously as the goal of this attack is to charge it and release once the opportunity comes.

stab attack

Once you have covered the basic attack types, Shimura will commend you.

Shimura: Well done. If you'd fought like that, your attacker would not have bruised you so easily.

Jin: It wasn't a fair fight.

Shimura: Imagine he's returned to finish what he started... and he'll use every dirty trick he knows. How will you defend yourself?

Lure Him In

If you select Lure Him In, you will get a scolding from Shimura.

Jin: I'll kick dirt in his eyes... then break his nose. See how big he feels with a mouthful of blood.

Shimura: A small victory, achieved without honor. When a samurai faces a devious foe...he must rise above them, and never sink to their level. No matter how tempting.

Jin: Yes, Uncle.

Strike First

If you select Lure Him In, he will praise you.

Jin: He's big, but I'm quicker. I'll stay out of his reach. Wait for him to get tired... then drop him with one strike.

Shimura: Good. A samurai must always fight with patience... and discipline. Even when his opponent resorts to trickery.

Jin: I'll remember Uncle.

Basic Defense

Next Shimura will teach you about Defense.

  • Blocking - guard yourself against the attack, press L1
  • Parrying - counter the attack, press L1 when the attack is about to land
  • Dodging - avoid the attack, move when the attack is about to land
  • Healing - gain back some of your health, down button of D-pad, healing consumes one resolve

How Easy is Parrying in Ghost of Tsushima?

While in this tutorial, Shimura will give interesting comments depending on your performance on parry.

If you stick to your block and do not parry:

Shimura: I've seen enough of your blocking stance. You can't hide behind your sword forever.

If you block before he attacks:

Shimura: Don't block too early. Disguise your intent. Block as late as you can.

If you fail to parry or block:

Shimura: Good thing these are wooden swords.

Handling Spears

You execute a dodge by pressing Left Analog Stick + Circle

This is very similar to Sekiro's Step Dodge.

They have a similar three-stage execution. First, there is a wind-up from the enemy.

Then you execute the dodge.

And then punish the enemy with a counter-attack.

Here is the exact sequence of the above stages in Ghost of Tsushima.

First, the attack winds up. See the red x-shaped glint. This means it is unblockable.

Then we have the dodge.

And finally, the punishment, in the form of a Quick attack.


Together with healing, you become familiar with the concept of Resolve. It plays a dual role as a resource for healing and executing special attacks. 

Whenever you heal, one of the yellow circular bars gets consumed. Special attacks consume a specific amount of resolve bars.

You gain resolve by killing enemies, parrying attacks, or using other advanced skills.

Note that when you die in the game, your life bar gets reset to full, but your resolve meter stays as it is.

Sparring Match

Now that you have been trained in both the basics of offense and defense, Shimura will challenge you for a sparring match.

The match will end with either of you winning, what matters though is his message after the fight.

Shimura: Before we eat... I have one last question. For generations, our familiar have lived by a code. Tell me the virtues that guide us.

Jin: Loyalty to our lord. Control over our emotions. And...

Shimura: You know this.

Jin: Honor. To fight bravely and uphold the legacy of clan Sakai.

Shimura: Those are your father's words. What does honor mean to you?

Jin: I guess... protecting people. The ones who can't fight for themselves.

Shimura: You have a good heart.

Shimura: But first... we must show everyone that we serve our lord with courage. Integrity. And self-control.

Jin: You say that like it's easy.

Shimura: It's never easy, Jin. I struggle with it every day. But we must set an example for our people. By remaining true to our code.

Shimura: And to ourselves. That is the meaning of honor.

After Jin's reminiscence, a Mongol spear-wielding soldier will appear suddenly and challenge you for one-on-one combat.

This is the best to apply what you just learned practicing in the memory.

Go ahead and slay the Mongol soldier. It's best to use a dodge-and-counter strategy, with two hits the enemy will go down.

Finding the Horses

Yuna will appear once you defeat the soldier.

Yuna: Good. You find your sword.

Jin: Where can I find a horse?

Yuna: The stables aren't far. This way...

Yuna will bring you to the stables, but on the way, you will face a group of Mongol soldiers.

Yuna: We can get close. Slit their throats, and kill them without a sound.

Jin: Without honor. I will not break my code.

And with that, Jin stops hiding and reveals himself.

Jin: Face me, invader!

No Target Lock-On

If you are a fan of the Souls games, you should be familiar that they have a lock-on mechanic since the very first entry, Demon's Souls. They continued this up to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Lock On is always one of the first mechanics the Souls games teach you, as it is a core foundation of their engaging combat.

Ghost of Tsushima has no Lock-On mechanic. Instead, it uses something similar through the use of an automatic focusing on enemies.

On the way to the stables, you will meet the first group of Mongol soldiers where you can practice the auto-targeting when facing multiple enemies.

It will not be as solid as the Lock-On mechanic of the Souls games, but it's good enough. The tutorial will ask you to attack the pulsing enemy.

Yuna: We can't save everyone.

Jin: I'm done running. And I can finally help.

And with that, the foundation for the combat of Ghost is complete. Before reaching the stables, you will face the second group of Mongol soldiers.

Yuna: More guards.

Jin: Don't let anyone escape.

Kiheiji: Thank you, my lord. They said all the samurai were dead.

Jin: Do you have somewhere to hide?

Kiheiji: I heard Golden Temple might be safe.

Jin: Go. Stay off the roads, and guard your son with your life.

Yuna: You risked your life for them.

Jin: They couldn't defend themselves, and I...can't let more of our people die.

Yuna: They're not the only ones who need you... My brother... The Mongols took him.

Jin: That's why you saved me.

Yuna: Take is my only family.

Jin: And Lord Shimura is mine.

Yuna: Please. I just want my brother back.

Jin: I'll help you find him... after I save my uncle. I promise.

Yuna: I'm coming with you.

Yuna will lead you to the stable nearby, but it will have the final batch of Mongol soldiers.

If at this stage, you still face difficulties in Ghost's combat or you feel that it is somewhat inferior to those of the Souls games, read our Combat Tips. This will help improve your experience and enjoy the game more.

Defeat them and you will get the chance to select your horse. 

If you didn't buy the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will get the three options below.

But if you have the Deluxe edition, you will get a bonus fourth option. It is the right-most horse.

Be careful in the selection, as this will become permanent.

You will get the option as well to name your horse. Only few choices though.

This will become permanent as well.

The Rescue of Lord Shimura

Jin and Yuna will leave Komoda Town and travel to Castle Kaneda to rescue Shimura.

Yuna: They're holding your uncle inside. The walls are too high to climb. We could cause a distraction. Sneak in.

Jin: No. We walk in the front gate. Khotun Khan set fire to our best swordsman. Humiliated my uncle. Butchered the warriors of Tsushima. I'm going to repay his kindness.

Yuna: By repeating the same mistakes that got your friends killed.

Jin: That's what the Mongols will think. But this time, I'll strike first. Wait here until I finish them.


The next area will introduce the concept of Standoff. It is one of the innovative ideas Sucker Punch introduced to relish the experience of watching old samurai movies.

When approaching enemy territory, you can challenge foes to a Standoff. The trigger for the Standoff will appear and you must push the button before the trigger disappears.

Upon pressing the Up button, you will know that you are in a Standoff as the screen will mimic a movie, with border on the top and bottom of the screen.

Once your enemy approaches, hold the Triangle button. 

As soon as they attack, release the button to defeat them in one deadly strike.

Focus when these events happen, as you would rarely succeed if you are distracted. 

If you are successful, the enemy will die in one hit. And then the Standoff will be over and you are back to face the rest of the enemies in normal melee combat.

Combat Tip: After doing a Standoff, learn how to dash right away, as it will enable you to position yourself and target the isolated or weak members of the group, like the archers, which you will meet soon.

You dash by pressing the left analog stick.

Dash is one of the best combat options of Jin, but the game does not really show it to you or give you a tutorial for it. Sometimes, it is the only way to survive when facing multiple enemies with several ranged attackers present.

From here onwards, it will be all about combat. As shared earlier, if you are still struggling at this point of the game, read our Combat Tips. It will not only reduce your deaths, but it will make your gameplay much more enjoyable.

Push through the castle to save your uncle. Defeat them all.

While moving towards the castle, there come a location like the scene above, take note of it. The missiles landing on the ground are not just cosmetic, they are deadly and can kill Jin.

They can also kill the Mongol soldiers. Move forward using the right path, instead of the left path where the missile lands.

Because of the relentless firepower of the Mongols, Yuna will feel disheartened.

Yuna: We can't keep going!

Jin: I have to. Fall back.

Yuna: Alone?

Jin: Keep the path clear. When I find Lord Shimura, we'll need a quick escape.

Yuna: I'll get the horses ready.

Jin: Do it. If I'm not back soon...ride for the forest.

From here onwards, you will be alone fighting your way to the castle.

Dodging Arrows

Keep pressing forward, and you will soon see the tutorial for doing arrows.

Before firing arrows, Mongol archers will call out and signal their allies to duck. In the future, you will also observe Bandits doing this. Take note of the Mongol shout "doshoo" as that is the signal the archer will shoot and it's time to dodge.

Remember to dash to quickly reduce the distance between you and any ranged attacker.

Next will be the fights at the bridge where you will have your final Standoff. Eliminate them all, and you will get the chance to experience the first boss fight.

Jin Faces Khotun Khan

After eliminating the minions in the bridge, you will get the cutscene where Jin calls out for Khotun Khan. And unexpectedly, he indeed shows up.

Jin: Khotun Khan! I am Jin Sakai. Nephew of Lord Shimura. I have come to avenge his honor.

Shimura: Jin!

Khotun Khan: Your uncle has told me much about you, Jin Sakai. I will show him his nephew broken, and humiliated, begging to join the Mongol Empire.

Shimura: Jin!

Khotun Khan: This is your time, Lord Sakai.

This is your chance to fight Khotun Khan in a boss fight. Khotun Khan will stop the fight though. 

Khotun Khan: Enough. Surrender. Show your uncle how easily he can bring peace to your home.

Khotun Khan: *whispers* Save yourself.

This whisper infuriates Jin and he slices the face of Khotun Khan.

In turn, the Khan becomes so angry and looks at Jin as though he is not even worth killing with his blade. So, he drops him from the bridge, and Jin falls to the water below.

And as Jin falls into the darkness of the water, a memory comes back to him.

Jin: I failed... again.

The Past of Jin Sakai

Jin: Father...

Father: Jin... Help me!

In the memory, the father of Jin is injured and asking for Jin's help, as an enemy approaches from behind. Jin knows what is at stake, he knows his father will die if he does not help him. 

He also knows that he will die as well,  as he lacks the courage and the strength to defend himself and his father. So he hides and cries as his father gets killed outside, just a few meters from him.

A few days later, the funeral of the father occurs, and Jin is beset with the burden of guilt. He blames himself for his father's death and could not face the people who have come to honor his father's funeral.

Yuriko: Lord Sakai... Young Master. It's time.

Jin: I'm coming, Yuriko...

Yuriko: The whole island has come to mourn your father.

Jin: Can't you send them away?

Yuriko: You must face them, Jin. You are now the master of clan Sakai.

Jin: Yes.

Yuriko: You're not alone, Jin. Your father is the wind at your back. Your mother, the birds in the trees...

Jin: And Uncle?

Yuriko: He will tell you, at your father's pyre.

Jin: Thank you, Yuriko.

Jin: I couldn't save him. I was a coward.

Shimura: Jin. You are samurai.

Jin: He died... because of me.

Shimura: Your father fell in battle saving his only son. His reward is a warrior's death. Now you...will carry on his legacy.

Shimura: Your father's spirit resides within this blade. He is always with you. Tomorrow... you will come to my fortress. As my ward. Today... say goodbye to your father.

The memory disappears and Jin is shown sitting despairingly on the beach. He looks at his katana endearingly.

Jin: Father... How do I save him?

And then a strong gush of wind surrounds him and points him to a direction.

And with the Guiding Wind, the adventure begins.

The Plan to Save Shimura

Continue following the wind until you reach the entrance of a forest. Move forward and you will hear Yuna shouting at her horse.

Jin will share what happened to Yuna.

Yuna: Jin! What happened?

Jin: I found Lord Shimura. I could have saved him...but the Khan was there... I failed my uncle.

Yuna: At least you're in one piece.

Jin: I swore to protect this island with my life. But now the Mongols have stolen our home. Killed our samurai...

Yuna: You forgot what it's like to fight someone stronger than you... To feel weak. Sometimes, when you're staring death in the face...You have to do whatever it takes to survive.

Jin: The Khan expects to fight a war against the samurai. He will anticipate our every move...unless we find new ways to surprise him. That's how we'll save Lord Shimura and retake our home.

Yuna: You'll need some help.

Jin: Riders! That Khan's attack dogs.

Yuna: There's too many of them! Hide! In the grass!

Your planning will be interrupted though as Mongol Raiders appear. The game will teach you how to use the tall grass to hide and do stealth. 

Yuna: They must be searching for you. Bastards scared off the horses.

Jin: They're samurai mounts, trained to return to their masters.

Calling Your Horse

The game will teach you next how to call your horse. You do it by pressing the left D-pad.

Yuna: The Mongols must be hunting you.

Jin: We should split up. I'll draw their attention while you escape.

Yuna: I'm not leaving your side until we've saved my brother.

Jin: First I need to find more allies. Trained Sensei Ishikawa...and Lady Masako Adachi. They can help-

Yuna: My brother can help, too. Once we save him, you'll have the island's best blacksmith in your debt. He'll make whatever tool you need to save your uncle.

Jin: Something to scale the castle walls?

Yuna: You dream it...Taka can make it.

Jin: Where are they holding him?

Yuna: He was captured near Kechi.

Jin: Ride there and ask around. I'll join you soon.

Yuna: Taka won't last long in a Mongol cage.

Jin: Yuna... We will save your brother.

Yuna: And your uncle.

With that beautiful exchange of plans, the game will bring you to a cutscene where you will be set free and alone in this world of Tsushima. From this point of onwards, you control where you go, what you do, and how you execute the plan of saving Shimura.

You can just go and ride and explore the world or follow the story, and even then, there are branches of the story that you can follow.

Storytelling Structure of Ghost of Tsushima

Now that the prologue is properly laid out, we can look into the storytelling structure of the game. Ghost consists of three Main Acts, which serve as a grouping of the quests and your gameplay.

Acts of Ghost of Tsushima

The three main acts of the game are as follows:

  • Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura
  • Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura
  • Act 3: Kill the Khan

Each of them occurs mostly in a specific region of Tsushima Island.

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura occurs in the Izuhara region. This is where your adventure begins.

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura occurs in the Toyotama region. This is where the middle of your adventure happens.

Act 3: Kill the Khan occurs in the Kamiagata Region. This is the final part of your adventure.

Main Tales, Side Tales, and Mythic Tales

Each Act of Ghost consists of Main Tales, Side Tales, and Mythic Tales. These tales are the quests of the game and offer various kinds of rewards.

  • Main Tales (Jin's Journey) - these are the quests that move forward the story and progression of the game. They are sequential, and your game will not progress if you don't complete them.
  • Side Tales (Tales of Tsushima) - these are the optional quests that give more depth to the stories of the Main Tales. However, some of them are stand-alone and are just your typical fetch quests.
  • Mythic Tales - these are also optional quests but are more exciting and give better rewards. These are among the best quests in the game.

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura

Act 1 is the story of Jin as he gradually accepts that he must transform to defeat the Mongols while searching allies who can help him in his goal, culminating in the triumphant rescue of his uncle Shimura. We will meet the main characters Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako, Ryuzo, and Taka.

It consists of nine Main Tales, three Mythic Tales, and twenty-one Side Tales.

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura

With the samurai gone, Shimura and Jin combine efforts to build up a new army that will help them retake the Castle Shimura. They will get help from the Shogun of mainland Japan and some old friends from the past.  We will meet the new characters Norio, Yuriko, and Lady Sanjo.

It consists of nine Main Tales, three Mythic Tales, and thirty-two Side Tales.

Act 3: Kill the Khan

With Jin becoming an outlaw, he must find a way to defeat Khotun Khan before he sails to mainland Japan, carrying with him a large quantity of deadly poison that he plans to use to bring the Shogunate down. 

It consists of six Main Tales, one Mythic Tale, and eight Side Tales.