Ghost of Tsushima: The Fate of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima: The Fate of Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Fate of Tsushima is a major quest in Act 2 and the continuation of A Reckoning in Blood. In this quest, the allies finally execute their plan to liberate Castle Shimura from Khotun Khan and the Mongols.

The quest is special as it also finally reveals the growing conflict between Jin and Lord Shimura regarding their chosen paths on defeating the Mongols.

The Straw Hats are routed, but at a terrible cost. Ryuzo escaped and worst... Taka lost his life. I won't let this go unpunished.

Lord Shimura is rallying for battle at his staging camp. Before we fight, I need to check on Yuna.


  • Major Legend Increase

Travel to Lord Shimura' camp

When you return to Lord Shimura's camp, you will learn that the samurai reinforcements from mainland Japan have arrived.

Jin: The samurai are here...

Samurai: Who goes there?

Jin: I'm Lord Sakai. You must be our reinforcements.

Lord Oga: That is correct... I am Lord Sadamune Oga. Bannerman to the shogun.

Jin: Welcome to Tsushima.

Lord Oga: Thank you, Lord Sakai. The shogun dispatched us the moment we received your message. Your uncle just issued the order. We're to ride to battle, defeat the Khan, and reclaim Castle Shimura from the Mongol invaders.

Jin: Excellent. Rally your men. I need to check on someone first...

Lord Oga: I'll wait for you by the northern gate, then we'll ride to meet your uncle together.

Speak with your other allies

Explore the camp and you will find your allies, ready to provide support.

Kenji: Tighten the dowels! Every last one!

Jin: I see you're hard at work.

Kenji: Someone's got to make sure the battering ram's ready for battle. this thing falls apart... there's no way we're breaking into your uncle's castle.

Jin: If only we'd had one to breach Azamo Bay.

Kenji: You didn't like hiding in my cart...?

Jin: I didn't like reeking of sake.

Kenji: (Chuckles)

Kenji: Yuna told me. About Taka... He's a braver bastard than I ever was.

Jin: If Taka were here, I'm sure he'd disagree.

Kenji: Well... I'll try not to let him down.

Jin: Norio. Busy training our new recruits?

Norio: Not quite, my lord. I just finished leading them in meditation. Samurai, the people of Yarikawa... every spirit needs a moment of quiet before battle. To accept the impermanent of life... and the possibility of death.

Jin: Wise words. Will you meditate with me?

Norio: It would be my honor...

Jin: Thank you, Norio.

Norio: May the Buddha watch over you, Lord Sakai.

Ishikawa: Welcome back, Lord Sakai.

Jin: Sensei. I see you've met our reinforcements.

Ishikawa: Hmm. The shogun's bannermen are elite warriors... but even they would benefit from archery practice.

Jin: And the peasants?

Ishikawa: Impressive. In raw talent, if not in skill.

Jin: High praise coming from you.

Ishikawa: Yarikawa used to be the backbone of our island. We could send the Mongols running for their boats... with a month of heavy training.

Jin: You have one hour.

Ishikawa: Then you should stop distracting me.

Masako: Jin... I didn't know you returned.

Jin: I hope you're not being too hard on them, Lady Masako.

Masako: They can take it. The Yarikawa peasants are hardier than they look. Stubborn, too.

Jin: More stubborn than you?

Masako: Not a chance. A week ago, they would have spit on the name Sakai and Adachi. But after what you did in Yarikawa... they're here because of you.

Jin: Then I won't disappoint them.

Masako: Nor will I.

Speak with Yuna

You will find Yuna inside one of the houses, using the Guiding Wind.

Jin: It's time, Yuna. The samurai are here. Everyone's preparing for battle... Did you get some rest?

Yuna: I couldn't. I'm sorry.

Jin: Taka should be here.

Yuna: He believed in you. No, so do the people of Yarikawa. Because you stood up for them when no one else would. They're risking their lives for the Ghost.

Jin: I would give my life for the people of Tsushima... And for you.

Yuna: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Jin: Take care, Yuna. I need to meet Lord Oga.

Yuna: I'll see you on the battlefield.

Speak with Lord Oga

After talking to all of the allies, it's time to speak with Lord Oga.

Lord Oga: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Lord Oga. Where's my uncle?

Lord Oga: Waiting for you atop the hill. Clan Oga would be honored to escort you to his post.

Jin: I'm glad for the company. We'd better not keep the Khan waiting.

Lord Oga: Splendid.

Travel with Lord Oga to meet your uncle

While traveling with Lord Oga, he will share his view on Jin being the "Ghost."

Lord Oga: You're to be commended, Lord Sakai. To rescue your uncle, then recruit the Yarikawa outcasts...

Jin: They may not be trained warriors, but I trust them with my life.

Lord Oga: Then I will do the same. Is it true that the people have a name for you? "Ghost"?

Jin: They needed something to believe in after the samurai were defeated.

Lord Oga: Now the samurai are back. It's time we put these folktales to bed - and reestablish the shogun's law.

Jin: It's time we save this island, and the people who call it home. Politics can wait until the Khan is dead.

Lord Oga: Of course, Lord Sakai.

Speak with Lord Shimura at the watchtower

You will find Lord Shimura at the top of the tower.

Lord Oga: Lord Shimura! Your nephew has arrived!

Lord Shimura: Jin! Up here!

Shimura: You've done well, Jin. We now have everyone we need to reclaim my castle.

Jin: I dealt with the Straw Hats... But Ryuzo escaped with the Khan. They wanted me to betray you.

Shimura: You spoke to the Khan?

Jin: I was captured.

Shimura: If I'd known, I would have marched my entire army to save you.

Jin: Yuna helped me escape. But her brother... He died with honor.

Shimura: The Khan will pay for his sacrifice... And for all you've endured. Jin... The shogun formally supports my decision to adopt you. When our island is saved... You will be heir to clan Shimura. Not as a Ghost. But as a Samurai.

Jin: I won't disappoint you, uncle.

Shimura: Today, we ride into battle as Sakai and Shimura. Tomorrow, we celebrate victory... As father and son.

While the forces of Lord Shimura are preparing, Khotun Khan and Ryuzo are also scheming in Castle Shimura.

Khotun Khan: Samurai pride themselves on their honor code. But it also makes them rigid. Predictable. Easy to break. The Ghost has no limits. This makes him... dangerous.

The March to Castle Shimura

Finally, the day comes when the allies march to liberate Castle Shimura. This scene is reminiscent of the opening scene at the start of the game.

Shimura: This is our moment, Jin. The fate of our island hangs on this battle.

Jin: We will take the Khan's head. Together.

Shimura: And personally deliver it to the shogun.

Shimura: Warriors of Tsushima! Today we defeat Khotun Khan! Retake Castle Shimura! And drive the Mongols from our home!

Jin: Follow Lord Shimura!

Shimura: To victory!

Jin: Kill them all!

Norio: Don't back down! Fight!

Masako: This is for my sons!

Ishikawa: One arrow, one death!

Jin: Everyone to the gate! Push through!

Once the enemies in the field are all cleared, it's time to use the battering ram.

Shimura: Bring forward the battering ram!

The battering ram will destroy the gate easily. Now push forward.

Shimura: Forward! Show the Mongols we will not be denied!

Ishikawa: Archers! Move to higher ground!

Jin: Clear the way ahead!

Norio: Strike them down, Lord Sakai!

Jin: Keep swinging, Norio!

Masako: For Clan Adachi!

Shimura: Warriors! Break through that gate!

Similar to the earlier gate, the second one will easily fall to the battering ram. Prepare for another batch of Mongol soldiers.

Masako: Charge them! Or they'll pin us down!

Shimura: Kill them all!

Scout ahead of your army

You will soon notice a large number of archers firing arrows on your allies. Use the ladder and eliminate them.

Shimura: Jin! Kill those archers above the gate!

Shimura: Lord Sakai! Scout the path ahead! We don't want any surprises!

What follows is a cutscene where Jin uses his blowgun, poisons the enemies, and decapitated the Mongol leader in front of his underlings.

Leader: Run home, Japanese dogs! This gate will not open for you!

Shimura: Lord Sakai!

Jin: Run, cowards!

Unfortunately, Lord Shimura witnesses this also and he does not approve of such an approach.

Shimura: Jin! What are you doing?

Jin: Clearing the way.

Shimura: Not like that. Never like that. Face them as a warrior with honor. Not a monster.

Jin: It's all they understand.

Shimura: Terror is not the weapon of a samurai.

Before Lord Shimura can scold you more, as if on cue, the Mongols will unleash their weapon of terror, the hwacha.

Jin: That tower... They'll block our advance!

Shimura: This is your chance, Lord Sakai. Destroy their weapon. With honor. I will hold the line and draw their fire.

Yuna: I'm coming with you!

Jin: Stay close!

Shimura: Hold your positions! Lord Saka! Take the hwacha!

Defeat the hwacha operators

Run towards the hwacha tower, eliminating anyone who tries to stop you.

Jin: To the top!

After clearing the operators, now you can use it against them. Yuna shares the same view.

Jin: The weapon is our! Push forward!

Yuna: Aim at the Mongols! Clear a path!

Below, you can hear the peasants cheering for you.

Peasant: For the Ghost!

Peasant: The Ghost!

Yuna: More Mongols to the path up to the bridge!

Jin: I see them!

Finally, Yuna will let you know once it's over.

Yuna: There's nothing more we can do here.

Jin: Let's rejoin the others.

Rejoin your allies

While on the way to your allies, Yuna will start an interesting conversation regarding what happened earlier at the gate.

Yuna: You were right to terrorize the Mongols at the gate. Your uncle was wrong.

Jin: I can't make him understand. We'll die if we don't change.

Yuna: You're the only reason we've made it this far - and everyone knows it.

Jin: We still have a long way to go...

There will be more Mongols when you approach the bridge. Eliminate them.

Norio: Lord Sakai! You broke them!

Masako: The Khan is losing ground!

Ishikawa: More Mongols up there!

Masako: No mercy for the Mongols!

Shimura: Send them back to hell!

Jin: We're clear! Move forward!

Shimura: Push through! We must reach the bridge! Everyone to the bridge!

Samurai: For Tsushima!

Shimura: Drive them back to the sea!

Jin: Kill them all!

Climb the bridge’s gatehouse

After clearing the Mongols in the area, the next will be the gate next to the bridge.

Shimura: We're almost to the Khan! All that remains is to take the bridge, and then the keep beyond it! Warriors! Break through that gate!

Shimura: Lord Sakai! We will fire on them from above!

Jin: Yuna! We need your bow!

Yuna: Right behind you!

Shimura: Look! The bridge... They're falling back!

Jin: The Khan wouldn't give up like this. Something's wrong...

Fire at the charging horses

As expected, the Mongols have a surprise for the samurai. 

Shimura: Jin! Open fire!

Yuna: They're pulling explosives!

Shimura: Shoot the horses! Shoot them!

It will be too late though, as the carriage will explode, destroying the bridge and killing all the samurai and peasants that charged earlier.

Shimura: Those poor souls.

Yuna: He sent them to die. For nothing.

Shimura: We must honor their sacrifice. Gather our best soldiers. We will repair the bridge and attack at dawn.

Jin: No. We've lost too many. If you had listened to me-!

Shimura: Enough!

Jin: There is another way.

Shimura: We will discuss it. Alone.

And with that, you have completed The Fate of Tsushima major quest.

Honor Died on the Beach

The argument that started earlier continues after the quest ends. In the next cutscene, Jin will confront and try to convince Lord Shimura of another approach to defeat the Mongols.

Shimura: The Mongols are on the defensive. We will strike before they regroup and end this war tomorrow.

Jin: You sent our men to die.

Shimura: They are soldiers.

Jin: And their blood is in our hands. I can find a way past the bridge... Poison the enemy.

Shimura: An act of terror.

Jin: I am trying to save our people.

Shimura: By teaching them to fear us? If you continue down this path... you will be no better than the Mongols. I trained you to fight with honor.

Jin: Honor died on the beach. The Khan deserves to suffer.

Shimura: You are ruled by your emotion.

Jin: I sacrificed everything I knew to save our people. I gave them hope. You did nothing!

(Shimura slaps Jin)

Shimura: Jin... No.

Jin: We're finished.

And with that, you have completed The Fate of Tsushima major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with From the Darkness.

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