Ghost of Tsushima: A Reckoning in Blood

Ghost of Tsushima: A Reckoning in Blood

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Ghost of Tsushima's A Reckoning in Blood is a major quest in Act 2 and the culmination of all preparatory major quests for reclaiming Castle Shimura

However, before the final battle for the castle, Jin needs to do one more mission that involves Ryuzo.

Preparations are complete for our battle to reclaim Castle Shimura and defeat Khotun Khan. I should speak with my uncle at his staging camp and see if he's ready to launch the attack.


  • Major Legend Increase

Speak with Lord Shimura

You can use the Guiding Wind to reach Lord Shimura's camp. Upon reaching the camp, you will hear him giving guidance on the soldiers that are training.

Shimura: Treat your weapon like an extension of your arm.

Shimura: Lord Sakai! You've done well. Thanks to your efforts... We have an army to reclaim my castle.

Jin: I told you Yuna would've come through.

Shimura: I'm already arranging her payment. The shogun's reinforcements will be here soon. Before they arrive... We must resolve a new problem. My scouts intercepted orders from the Khan. Addressed to Ryuzo. His mercenaries are poised to strike our flank.

Jin: Do you know where Ryuzo is now?

Shimura: Not far. Fort Koyasan. You do not have to face him yourself.

Jin: He was my friend. I will deal with him.

Shimura: Do what you must. Our forces will be ready for battle when you return.

Speak with Yuna

After talking with Lord Shimura, look for Yuna.

Jin: Yuna may want to join me for this...

While approaching Yuna and Taka, you will hear them discussing their upcoming travel to mainland Japan.

Yuna: You can't take everything.

Taka: What are you leaving behind?

Yuna: More than you'll ever know. We'll get you new tools on the mainland.

Jin: You're leaving.

Yuna: Your uncle kept his word. Our boat sails at dawn tomorrow.

Jin: I need your help one last time. I found Ryuzo hiding in Fort Koyasan.

Yuna: I can't. Please understand... I spent my life working for this. Going to bed hungry, risking my neck so we'd have enough money to start a new life on the mainland... I can't give up now.

Jin: I'm not asking you to. Help me defeat Ryuzo, and I'll send you off myself.

Yuna: This is your battle, Jin. Not mine. All I want... all we need is to start a new life.

Jin: I won't stop you then... Thank you, Yuna. For everything. I hope you find peace.

Yuna: You too.

Taka: My lord...

Jin: Listen to your sister, Taka. She'll take care of you.

Taka: Goodbye, Lord Sakai.

Jin: I can do this alone. Under the cover of night...

Travel to Fort Koyasan

You can use the Guiding Wind to reach Fort Koyasan.

Jin: I'm coming for you, Ryuzo.

The moment you reach Fort Koyasan, time will transition into nighttime.

Jin: Fort Koyasan. A nest of traitors...

Jin: Better scout the fort...

Survey Fort Koyasan

You will need to be in an exact location to do the survey. Use the Guiding Wind to find this spot.

Jin: Mongols. As if Straw Hats aren't bad enough...

While doing the survey of Fort Koyasan, you will hear a familiar voice call you.

Taka: Lord Sakai! Wait!

Jin: Shh! You'll give us away.

Taka: I won't let you do this alone. If Yuna won't come with you, then I have to.

Jin: You're not trained for this.

Taka: In Yarikawa, you said we can save our home if we stand together. I stand with the Ghost.

Jin: I can't pit you against Mongols. If anything happened...

Taka: At least let me create a distraction. Draw some of them away. Even the odds for you.

Jin: Alright. But when they chase you, ride back to the camp as fast as you can.

Taka: I won't let you down.

Jin: Go. I'll make my move now.

Enter Fort Koyasan

Taka will ride his horse and make a ruckus in front of the camp's gates.

Taka: Dogs! Mongols are nothing but ugly dogs! I'll tell Lord Shimura you're here! The samurai will come for you! They'll take your heads, you cowards!

Thanks to his help, you will now be able to enter the opened and unguarded gates.

Jin: Well done, Taka... now get back to the camp safely...

Jin: No sign of Ryuzo. He must be behind the gate...

Search for Ryuzo in the inner courtyard

After defeating all the enemies, open the second gate, and inside you will find Ryuzo waiting for you.

Jin: Ryuzo.

Ryuzo: It's good to see you.

Jin: You know why I've come.

Ryuzo: Yes. I made sure you'd know where to find me. The Khant wants to meet you.

Jin: I'm not here to talk. You betrayed us all.

Ryuzo: We can save our home together. It doesn't have to be like this.

Jin: Yes, Ryuzo. It does.

A minion of Ryuzo will suddenly appear and knock you unconscious. You will wake up with the voice of Taka calling you.

Taka: Lord Sakai... Lord Sakai! Please, wake up!

Jin: Taka...? How...?

Taka: You were gone so long. I knew you were in trouble. I came to help, but the Mongols caught me...

Jin: Damn! We have to get free...

Taka: They're going to kill us.

Jin: Only if we let them. Try to get loose. Just need to loosen this...

A person will come that will make Taka look scared. He's none other than Khotun Khan, carrying the same cup that contained the oil he used to burn Lord Adachi alive.

Jin: Taka. Be brave.

Khotun Khan: You must be thirsty. Airag. Milk from my favorite horse. Her final gift to me. She broke her leg yesterday... so I fed her to my men. We do what we must, Lord Sakai. That is why you and I are both survivors.

Jin: I am samurai.

Khotun Khan: No. You are more than that. You are the Ghost. Convince your people to join me and I will give them peace.

Jin: We will never serve you.

Khotun Khan: Your uncle... said the same thing... when I asked him to end this war.

Jin: He refused to be your slave.

Khotun Khan: I too have pride in family. And I know what it is like to live in their shadow. Why should we settle for scraps when we deserve to be legends?

Taka: He is a legend.

Khotun Khan: See! Your people will follow you. Join me and save them.

Jin: You want to divide and conquer. You did it to Ryuzo. Not us.

Khotun Khan: Your legend... does not even care about you. You kill him.. you can go.

In his last act of bravery, Taka tries to kill Khotun Khan instead. But Khotun Khan easily disarms him. 

Taka: Tell Yuna...

Khotun Khan: Your friend died. For you. Now I must find another... and you must choose again.

Break free from your bonds

After killing Taka, Khotun Khan leaves the area. Use this chance to break free from the ropes.

Jin: I need my sword.

You can find your weapon and armor just a few meters where Taka was held earlier.

Jin: Kill them all...

Defeat all the Straw Hats

Now it's time to have your revenge for the death of Taka.

Straw Hat: Sakai is free! Attack! Kill him!

Jin: Bastard traitors!

Straw Hat: Surround him!

Jin: No mercy! You deserve death! This is for Taka!

Escape from the inner courtyard

After defeating the Straw Hats, leave the courtyard. On the way out of the gate, you will meet Yuna, looking for her brother.

Yuna: Jin!

Jin: Yuna...?

Yuna: I just saw the Khan ride out with Ryuzo... Where's Taka? I know he's here! He left a message saying he'd followed you... Where is he?

Jin: (Shakes head)

Yuna: No... No... No! No!

Follow Yuna

Yuna will run ahead of you, looking for her brother.

Jin: Yuna, wait!

Yuna: Taka! He wasn't supposed to be here! Why didn't he listen?

Yuna: Noooo!

Jin: He tried to make you proud.

Yuna: He wanted to be like the Ghost. You shouldn't have made him come!

Jin: I tried to stop him. But he wanted to help.

Yuna: That's Taka...

Jin: We should go.

Yuna: I'm not leaving him.

Defeat all enemies

Your conversation with Yuna will be interrupted though with the arrival of Straw Hats and Mongols. Go ahead and take revenge for Taka.

Jin: Die!

Yuna: Bastards! You killed him!

Jin: That's the last of them. The Straw Hats are finished. Ryuzo's alone.

Yuna: He's still alive... with the Khan.

Jin: There's nothing more we can do here.

Yuna: I need to bury my brother.

Jin: I'll help you.

The game will then show an illustration that's reminiscent of the loading screen tips. However, this one does not have any texts.

In the next cutscene, Jin and Yuna have buried Taka.

Jin: I never meant for this to happen. I'm sorry.

Yuna: I swore I'd give him a good life. Keep him safe. This isn't your fault. It's mine.

Jin: No. It was the Khan. Ryuzo. Every Mongol on this island... Help me kill them all. Help me avenge Taka.

Yuna: There's no reason to leave, anymore. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do... Except stay... and fight.

Jin: You should go to my uncle's camp and get some rest. I'll meet you there.

Yuna: Was Taka brave? At the end?

Jin: He was always brave.

And with that, you have completed A Reckoning in Blood major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Fate of Tsushima.