Ghost of Tsushima: The Walls of Yarikawa

Ghost of Tsushima: The Walls of Yarikawa

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Walls of Yarikawa is a major quest in Act 2 where Jin, Yuna, and Taka travel to Yarikawa Stronghold to convince Ujimasa Yarikawa to join forces with Lord Shimura in fighting the Mongols and reclaim Castle Shimura.

Yuna insists she can help recruit the people of Yarikawa to my uncle's cause, even though they've hated Lord Shimura ever since he put down the Yarikawa Rebellion years ago. I may not share Yuna's confidence - but she's resourceful and rarely wrong. I hope this works.


  • Major Legend Increase

This quest is one of the major quests that will help Lord Shimura in his plan to reclaim Castle Shimura.

As Yarikawa rebelled and lost against the Shimura clan in the past, it will not be easy to get their alliance.

Prelude to the Quest: The Ambush

This prelude is not exactly a part of the quest, but it sets the context of all the Yarikawa quests that will follow. It enriches the lore and worldbuilding on the past, things that shaped Yarikawa in the present.

Around 170 meters from the Yarikawa Survivor Camp, you will find a samurai waiting for you.

Samurai: I recognize you. You're Lord Sakai.

Jin: That's right.

Samurai: Please, follow me. There's something you must see. This place was once a beautiful homestead. The man who lived here was a kind and good father.

Samurai: Or he was. Until your uncle's men killed him and destoryed his home. His family was first to find his charred remains. We'll send your head to your uncle!

Samurai: Surround him!

Samurai: Kill him!

Go ahead and defeat them.

Jin: Senseless deaths. They held too tightly to the past.

This ambush reminds you of the Yarikawa assassin that tried to kill Lord Shimura during the bear hunt in the quest The Warrior's Code.

Meet Yuna near Yarikawa Stronghold

Just a few meters away, you will find the location of Yuna in the Yarikawa Survivor Camp.

While approaching the camp, you will hear Yuna and Taka discussing.

Taka: We can't walk through the middle of a siege.

Yuna: We'll find a way.

Taka: They'll kill us on sight.

Yuna: We got you out of Azamo Bay.

Taka: And I almost died.

Yuna: (Sighing)

Approach Yuna and Taka.

Yuna: Jin! You made it.

Jin: Why are these people outside the town walls?

Taka: The Mongols have surrounded Yarikawa. No one can get in.

Jin: Recruiting Lord Shimura's old rivals was never going to be easy. But now...

Yuna: Now they need allies, too. Think about it.

Jin: We help them drive off the Mongols... and they help us. I'd need their word before I fight for them... and we can't even get into their city.

Yuna: Yes, we can. There's a hidden entrance.

Taka: From when we were children. Even if it's still there, we can't reach it.

Jin: It's worth a try.

Yuna: I know a place we can scout for a way around the Mongol siege.

Follow Yuna and Taka to Yarikawa

Ride with Yuna and Taka. Along the way, you will learn more about their early life in Yarikawa.

Taka: It's strange being back after so many years... Everywhere I look brings back memories.

Yuna: Then try not to look so hard.

Jin: Where you here when the Yarikawa Rebellion broke out?

Yuna: No. We left years earlier. When we were children.

Jin: Did your parents move you?

Yuna: Something like that.

Taka: That doesn't sound good.

You will suddenly meet a group of Mongol raiders heading towards the same direction as you are.

Yuna: They're heading for town.

Jin: Let them pass.

Yuna: They're clear. This way.

Taka: I don't want to see this.

Yuna: We've seen worse.

Taka: But this was home.

Jin: I had the same fears about returning to Omi Village. But you have to face your past.

Taka: Our home...

Yuna: Surrounded by the enemy.

Taka: Yarikawa doesn't stand a chance.

Jin: Yuna... Where's the hidden entrance?

Yuna: See that river near the town walls? Get us that far. And I'll do the rest.

Taka: We can't sneak past an army. And even if we find an entrance, what if the Mongols see us? We'll sentence the town to death.

Jin: Taka. I stake my life on your metalwork. Now it's your turn to trust me.

Taka: Yes, my lord.

Figure out how to reach the stronghold

It's time to use some observation circles to find a way to reach the stronghold.

Taka: I don't see how we can make it to the river.

Jin: We'll find a way...

Jin: Could take the fight to the Mongols. Draw them off.

Taka: Please. No.

Yuna: Taka's right. Too risky.

Jin: The walls won't keep this many Mongols out. Azamo Bay fell. Yarikawa will, too.

Yuna: I know these people. They'll choose death before slavery.

Finally, Yuna will let you know the hidden path.

Yuna: The hidden entrance used to be over there. Behind that white tree.

Jin: Let's hope the Mongols haven't found it. We just have to find a way through the camp.

Yuna: Once we reach the water. It should be easy to find the entrance without being spotted.

Taka: That's our plan? Sneak through the biggest Mongol camp I've ever seen. Then hope the secret entrance we used as children is still there?

Jin: Stay close, Taka.

Taka: Count on it.

Jin: Let's go.

Lead Yuna and Taka to the river

You need to use stealth to succeed in this objective. You can kill enemies though through assassination.

If enemies learn of your presence, your quest will automatically fail.

So, knowing that, lead Yuna and Taka to safety.

Yuna: Can't believe I'm risking my life coming back to this dump...

Jin: This was your idea.

Yuna: I need to prove my worth to your uncle. Earn us passage off this island.

Taka: I loved it here.

Yuna: You were too young to know how it really was. Yarikawa's an ugly place for a girl without a handful of rice to her name.

Jin: Is that why you left?

Taka: No. I got us in trouble.

Yuna: It wasn't your fault.

The safe path is to ascend the cliff and then descend at it right most part. This way, you can avoid the Mongols below.

Lead Yuna and Taka to the hidden entrance

Finally, you will reach the edge of the river. Keep going and you will soon find the entrance behind a small waterfall.

Taka: I can't keep going.

Yuna: Just follow Jin to the river.

Taka: We used to catch dragonflies here. Didn't we?

Yuna: And make them fight.

Taka: We'd pretend once was a Yarikawa samurai. And the other was a... ...a...

Yuna: A Shimura samurai. And Shimura always lost.

Jin: Interesting choice.

Yuna: Under the waterfall.

Taka: It's still here!

Yuna: And being put to good use.

Jin: Probably why they've held out this long.

Yuna: When we get up there... Let me do the talking.

Jin: It's your home town.

Enter Yarikawa

You will find a ladder at the end of the secret path. Ascend the ladder and you will be able to get inside Yarikawa.

Samurai: Who are you? How did you get in?

Yuna: My brother and I were born here.

Samurai: Did the Mongols see you?

Jin: No. But we're here to help you break their siege.

Samurai: First tell me the name of the dead samurai you stole your gear from.

Taka: He's not a thief! He's the Ghost.

Samurai: The Ghost... I'll take you to Ujimasa. But mind your step. We're all armed here. Run and tell the steward!

Samurai: Right away!

Follow the guard to the steward

Follow the guard and Yuna will give you more background on Yarikawa's ruling family.

Jin: Ujimasa... That was the name of Lord Yarikawa's youngest son. But my uncle disbanded their clan when he defeated them.

Yuna: The family still runs things here. Unofficially. Your uncle put down a rebellion... And created a generation of people who hate clan Shimura.

Samurai: The Mongols are crossing the bridge!

Samurai: You three! Follow me. And stay close.

Taka: What's going on?

Jin: A disturbance at the main gate.

Yuna: That can't be good.

Peasant: it's their leader! Are they going to attack?

Samurai: Let's find out what they want.

Reach Yarikawa Stronghold’s main gate

Approach the ladders to the tower of the main gates and a cutscene will follow where General Temuge will give a speech.

General Temuge: People of Yarikawa! I am Temuge. Leader of this war band. I learned your speech so I may offer you a future... Open your gates before my camp flies the black flag, and you will know great mercy. Refuse, and you will know terrible misery. Choose your future, Yarikawa!

Follow the guard to the steward

Follow the guard to meet the steward.

Jin: They're leaving. Let's go. If Yarikawa surrenders, Lord Shimura won't get his army.

Yuna: Don't worry. They're too stubborn to surrender.

Taka: If they don't, it will be a bloodbath.

Jin: They need my uncle as much as he needs them. United, we can beat back the invaders.

Taka: People here have bad memories of Lord Shimura.

Jin: If they're going to survive... Yarikawa needs to let go of the past.

Yuna: Easier said than done.

Samurai: Ujimasa knows you're here.

Taka: You two go ahead. I want to check on the swordsmith...

Finally, it's time to meet that man himself.

Ujimasa: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Ujimasa Yarikawa.

Ujimasa: I never thought Lord Shimura's nephew would be responsible for the Ghost. You'd best be careful. Or he'll punish you. As he punished my once-great family.

Jin: For inciting rebellion against your jito -

Yuna: That was years ago. We've all got bigger problems now...

Ujimasa: Who's this? Your servant?

Yuna: I was born here.

Ujimasa: Yet you're aiding clan Shimura.

Yuna: No. I'm fighting for Lord Sakai. For the Ghost.

Jin: We can help break the siege outside your walls. In return... Lord Shimura requests your help.

Ujimasa: (Scoffs) The Mongols want to conquer the mainland. They will lose interest in us. And Yarikawa will survive... Like we always do.

Find Taka at the swordsmith’s shop

After talking to Ujimasa, look for Taka.

Jin: That could have gone better.

Yuna: Let's find Taka. Ujimasa is a fool.

Jin: He can be convinced.

Yuna: The whole island's burning, and Yarikawa's next. If that doesn't convince him, nothing will.

You will find Taka at the swordsmith's shop.

Yuna: Taka used to visit this swordsmith every day. If there was any leftover metal, he'd let my brother pretend to make swords.

Jin: The swordsmith remembered you?

Taka: Shinsuke passed away. That's his son. How did it go?

Yuna: Ujimasa thinks they can outlast the siege.

Taka: The smith told me all the best archers left to fight the Mongols - against Ujimasa's orders. They've been missing for days.

Jin: If we find these archers, they may help us break the Mongol siege. And win the town's support.

Yuna: Meet me in Old Yarikawa when you can. We'll look for them there.

Jin: And show Yarikawa how to fight back.

And with that, you have completed The Walls of Yarikawa major quest.

Bonus Dialogue

If you stay and listen to the conversation between Yuna and Taka, you will get the dialogues below.

Taka: Shinsuke's son still has the rock.

Yuna: The one you used to hammer out your swords.

Taka: It's so small. In my memory it's huge.

Yuna: You spent hours with him. I'd have to drag you away.

And if you sit next to them, Yuna will tell you.

Yuna: Ujimasa will come around.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Coward of Yarikawa.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Coward of Yarikawa