Ghost of Tsushima: The Coward of Yarikawa

Ghost of Tsushima: The Coward of Yarikawa

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Coward of Yarikawa is a major quest in Act 2 and the continuation of The Walls of Yarikawa. In this quest, Jin, Yuna, and Taka search for the missing Yarikawa archers with the intent of recruiting them as allies to fight the Mongol siege on the gates of the Yarikawa Stronghold and help in the retake of Castle Shimura.

Yarikawa Stronghold is under Mongol Siege, and their best archers have gone missing. If Yuna and I can return them safely home, they can aid the town's defense - and we will prove our good intentions.

I will meet Yuna in Old Yarikawa to begin the search.


  • Major Legend Increase

Meet Yuna in Old Yarikawa

Though the Yarikawa Stronghold is under siege, you will be able to fast travel to the Yarikawa Survivor Camp. From there, you can ride a horse to reach Yuna.

For an immersive game, you would expect fast travel to be disabled at the start of this quest, but it is not. You don't have to go through the hidden path again to get out of the stronghold. Just fast travel.

While approaching Yuna's location, you will hear her talking to a familiar voice.

Taka: I'm sorry, Yuna.

Yuna: No you're not.

Taka: Remember the old fisherman with six toes? Didn't he live in one of these houses?

Yuna: Don't change the subject.

Jin: Yuna, what's he doing here?

Yuna: I told him not to come.

Taka: I wanted to help, Lord Sakai. If I stayed in Yarikawa, I'd be useless...

Yuna: Better useless than dead.

Jin: We're searching for missing soldiers. You're not trained for this.

Taka: I can learn. And I won't get in the way.

Jin: Fine. But be careful. And listen to your sister.

Taka: Yes, my lord.

Jin: Any sign of the archers?

Yuna: Locals have seen them in this area. But we haven't.

Jin: Let's look around.

Examine the dead Mongols

Just a few steps away from where you found Yuna and Taka, you will find dead bodies of Mongols.

Jin: Someone killed them.

Yuna: Wasn't us.

Jin: Arrow wounds.

Taka: Where are the arrows?

Yuna: Pulled out. To reuse them.

Jin: Sign of a skilled archer.

Search for tracks

Next to the Mongol bodies, you will find tracks.

Jin: Tracks. Three, four men.

Taka: Can you tell where they went?

Jin: Let's find out.

While following the tracks, you will hear a conversation between Taka and Yuna that gives much background on their earlier life in Yarikawa.

Taka: We used to come here to catch crickets.

Yuna: At least once a week.

Taka: Then we'd weave tiny bamboo cages for them.

Yuna: Do you remember why we came here to catch crickets?

Taka: No...

Yuna: To get you away from our mother. When she was angry and looking for someone to blame, the crickets kept you busy.

Follow the unknown tracks

Follow the tracks and they will lead you to a house.

Jin: The tracks lead to this house.

Taka: Didn't a samurai live here? He won a match against that traveling sumo wrestler.

Be careful about approaching the house as there is a bear that will burst out of the door and will attack Taka.

This is not the first time the game shocks you with a surprise attack. If you remember in the quest The Tale of Lady Masako, a similar scenario happened where an assassin suddenly burst from the door.

Taka: (Shrieking in terror)

Yuna: Taka!

Taka: I'm sorry.

Yuna: You have to be more careful.

Jin: We should check the house.

Search the house for archers

Enter the house and search for some evidence.

Jin: The bear ate most of their food.

Taka: Maybe that's why I'm still alive. He wasn't hungry.

Jin: Arrowheads, bow strings, hide to make adhesive.

Jin: Goza mats. They've been sleeping here.

Taka: At least the bear didn't get them.

Jin: The archers must have been here.

Speak with Yuna

After finding the second evidence, Yuna will call you outside.

Yuna: Jin! Taka! I found something. The firewood is still warm.

Jin: The archers were staying in the house. They must be close.

Walk a few steps and you will the explosive barrels.

Jin: They stole the Mongol's explosive barrels.

Yuna: Hmm. I like these archers.

Go back near the campfire and you will find a new set of tracks.

Jin: Tracks here.

Approach the archers

Follow the tracks and they will lead you to the archers.

Taka: There they are!

Yuna: Heading up the hill toward that ridge.

Jin: They're staying low for a reason. Keep your heads down and don't call out.

Daikoku: A samurai. Alive! Get over here!

Jin: You must be the archers from Yarikawa.

Daikoku: What's left of them. The Mongols caught us raiding a camp for supplies. We barely got away.

Yuna: What about the others?

Daikoku: Captured. We tracked them here.

Jin: We can help you free them.

Daikoku: Hmm. You look like you can handle yourselves. I'm Daikoku.

Jin: Jin Sakai.

Daikoku: Sakai, eh? As long as you're not a Shimura...

Survey the Mongol camp

It's time to use the observation circles again to survey the enemies.

Jin: Let's have a look at that camp... Prison caravan. Looks like the Mongols are preparing to move.

Daikoku: Headed for a garrison on the other side of Old Yarikawa. We need to strike now before they leave.

Jin: There's your archers. All in good health.

Daikoku: The sooner we free them, the better.

Jin: Bad idea to rush in. We know where they're headed. We can set an ambush along the route.

Yuna: The terrain isn't good for an ambush.

Taka: What about Old Yarikawa?

Yuna: Rooftops on both sides of the road...

Jin: We can even use your stolen explosives.

Daikoku: You found that, eh? I like the way you think.

Jin: Good. Let's move before the Mongols do.

Speak with Taka

After the survey cutscene, you will already be in the planned location.

Yuna: The Mongols are headed this way. Taka, get inside one of the houses.

Taka: No. I'm staying out here. I can fight, too.

Yuna: (Sighs) Jin. Tell him.

Jin: Taka can decide for himself. Then you can watch out for him.

Jin: Are you scared?

Taka: No. Not really... A little. Yuna's never afraid. You're probably like that, too.

Jin: I know it doesn't seem like it, but we're all afraid sometimes. Even Yuna.

Taka: Even you?

Jin: Yes... When the Mongols took my uncle, I was afraid I'd lose the only family I have left. That's how your sister feels about you.

Taka: Without her, I'd be dead.

Jin: So would I.

Trigger the ambush at the right time

After the conversation between Jin and Taka, the Mongols will start moving out.

Jin: There they are. I'll shoot the barrels when the Mongols get close.

Taka: Lord Sakai, I'm not ready.

Jin: You can do this, Taka. Just take your fear - and use it.

Taka: Yes, my lord.

Taka: Now, my lord?

Jin: Not yet.

Taka: They're close enough now, right?

Once the Mongols are near the explosives shown above, use your fire arrow to cause a large blast.

Yuna: You want a fight, let's fight!

Defeat the Mongols

Finally, it's time to fight them with your katana. Go ahead and defeat the Mongols.

You will notice during the chaos that Taka is actually participating in the fight. Normally, he just cowers in fear, waiting to be saved.

Speak with Daikoku

After defeating all the enemies, talk to Daikoku.

Daikoku: Lord Sakai!

Jin: Good work, Daikoku. Take your men back to Yarikawa Stronghold.

Daikoku: Right away. I know you're a Sakai... but you didn't mention you're the Ghost. Will we have your help breaking the siege?

Jin: If Ujimasa accepts it. I'll make sure he does. The stories are true. I've never seen anyone fight like you.

Yuna: Taka, go with Daikoku. I need a moment with Jin.

Taka: I'll see you back home. We did it!

Yuna's Concern

After Daikoku and Taka leave, Yuna will share with you what she truly feels about the recent battle.

Yuna: Taka could have been killed, Jin. I saw him fall.

Jin: He's fine. He did everything perfectly.

Yuna: I shouldn't have let him fight.

Jin: Yuna... I know you want to protect him. But you're holding him back.

Yuna: Taka's not a fighter.

Jin: He could become one.

Yuna: You don't know my brother like I do.

Jin: You can't always be the one to defend him.

Yuna: I'll decide what's best for Taka. You look after your own family. I need to go back. We still need to end this siege.

Jin: I'll see you there.

And with that, you have completed The Coward of Yarikawa major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Ghost of Yarikawa.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Ghost of Yarikawa