Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Lady Masako

Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Lady Masako

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Tale of Lady Masako is the third major quest of the game where Jin searches for Lady Masako to get her help in rescuing Lord Shimura and deliver the news on the death of her husband, Lord Harunobu Adachi.

It is the second Tale with the objective of recruiting members who can help him free Castle Kaneda, where Lord Shimura is held captive. The other quests with this theme are The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa and The Tale of Ryuzo.

Lady Masako and the women of clan Adachi are warriors of great renown. If they survived the invasion, they could help me free Lord Shimura.

I need to find Lady Masako and deliver news of her husband's death.


Prologue to the Tale

Before we go to the Tale of Lady Masako, it's best to rewind a little and remember the start of our story, on the first night of the Mongol invasion.

There is one brave warrior, considered the most skilled and best swordsman on the island, who courageously faced the Mongol fleet and asked for a one-on-one duel with their finest warrior.

That man is Lord Harunobu Adachi, the husband of the main character of this tale, Lady Masako.

Unfortunately, Khotun Khan cheated on Lord Adachi and set him on fire, instead of giving him an honorable fight worthy of their titles.

If you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, you receive as a gift the armor set called Hero of Tsushima, this is the exact armor worn by Lord Adachi, both the helmet and the body armor.

And with that background, let's begin the quest.

Travel to the Adachi estate

This major quest moves from one location to another. Ensure that you track the quest so all the locations will be auto-tracked as the story progresses.

Your first destination is the Adachi Estate. Use your horse and the Guiding Wind to reach the estate.

Once you have reached it, the first thing you will notice is that it's empty.

Jin: Clan Adachi's estate. Lady Masako should be here...

Jin: Lady Masako! Warriors of Clan Adachi! Is anyone here?

Search the guest house

You can use the guiding wind to locate the investigation objectives of the quest. Jin will recognize that a fight has happened in the estate.

Jin: Remains of a battle... Someone forced their way in. This is awful...

Jin: A naginata. Used by the women of clan Adachi... They fought to defend their family.

Jin: They were trying to escape. Passed the children through the window.

The next room can be checked but it has no evidence.

Jin: Ransacked. But no signs of violence...

Search the main house

Move to the next house and check it as well. Carefully approach it as some enemies will do a jump scare on you.

Defeat the assassins

After walking a few steps, someone will jump out of the wooden door. Punish them for their impudence.

Bandit: Kill him!

Jin: Where is Lady Masako? Tell me where she is!

Jin: Who were these men?

Search the assassins

Jin: Not Mongols... and not bandits. I need to find out what happened here...

Jin: If anyone survived, they may have fled on horseback. Better check the stables...

Search the stables

You can use the guiding wind to reach the stables. They are on the right side of the estate.

You will soon find out that the stables have been emptied.

Jin: Empty stables. Someone took the horses... Blood's dry...

Follow the footprints

Just move a few meters forward and you will find the next evidence.

Jin: Horse tracks. Someone fled the estate... They left a trail...

Jin: Footprints. The rider was being chased.

Investigate the fallen horse

Keep on following the footsteps.

Jin: Archers were hunting the rider. The rider was skilled. Knew how to confuse their aim.

Jin: A fallen horse... This horse belonged to clan Adachi. Dead for days...

Follow Masako

The moment you check the horse, an arrow will land next to you.

Jin: Lady Masako. It's me.

Masako: Jin Sakai... They said no samurai escaped Komoda. 

Masako: My husband?

Jin: Lord Adachi died a warrior's death... Defending our home.

Masako: Our home... Why have you come?

Jin: The Mongol Khan has captured Lord Shimura. If your clan joins me, we can save my uncle... And avenge your men.

Masako: Clan Adachi... is dead. Massacred by our own people.

Jin: Traitors. Why would they kill those who swore to protect them?

Masako: I intend to find out.

Jin: I'm coming with you.

Masako: No. Do not set aside your concerns for mine.

Jin: The family of samurai are my concern. I know what it means to be the last of one's clan.

Masako: I cannot be responsible for your death.

Jin: You won't be.

Masako: Ride with me.

Prepare your horse and ride with Masako. Remember that when you ride fast, your company rides fast as well. Use gallop to reach your destination faster.

Jin: I fought men at your estate.

Masako: They were waiting to finish what they started. The night my husband and sons rode to face the Mongols... the assassins came to our home. My sister took the children and fled. I stayed with my sons' wives to fight our attackers. We were outnumbered. And then I was the only one left.

Jin: That's how it ended for me at Komoda.

Honor the dead

Masako will bring you to a cemetery where she buried her murdered family.

Masako: For me, it wasn't over. I buried them here. With the rest of our family.

Masako: I tried to save them. But the assassins caught them on the road. Cut them down. My sister. My grandchildren. Even little Natsu. She was just born. All I could do was bury her with her mother.

Jin: This never should have happened.

Masako: My sister should have been buried with her husband, in the north. But at least she is with family.

Follow Masako

Masako will ask you to ride with her to the Golden Temple.

Masako: Come. We ride for the Golden Temple.

Jin: I'm sorry you endured this alone.

Masako: I am not alone. The killers are alive.

Jin: Have you seen these men before?

Masako: No. They were from another prefecture.

Jin: Who made a well-planned attack on a samurai estate...

Masako: This was no bandit raid. Someone wanted to eliminate my clan.

After reaching the temple, she will ask you to go inside without her.

Masako: You'll have to go in without me. Find the monk named Sogen, and tell him the fate of clan Adachi.

Jin: What are you plotting, Lady Masako?

Masako: Indulge a grieving widow. Once you've talked to Sogen, find the armorer. She's repairing something for me. I want you to have it.

Jin: I will do that. Thank you.

Masako: I'll wait for you on the other side of the temple.

Look for Sogen

Proceed to the temple and look for Sogen. Before you talk to him, there is someone who needs to meet you. His name is Junshin, the head monk of the temple.

Junshin: Lord Sakai. It is an honor.

Jin: Are you in charge here?

Junshin: I think of myself as more of a servant, my lord. Please... call me Junshin. I made this temple a haven for our people.

Jin: I'll spread the word.

Junshin: If they cannot make the journey, there are also camps around Ariake. I supply them with all the food I can spare.

Jin: That's good to know. I'm looking for one of your fellow monks. A man named Sogen.

Junshin: I believe he is sweeping the temple deck.

Jin: Thank you, Junshin. Continue your good work.

Speak with the sweeping monk

You will find Sogen sweeping on the side of the temple.

Jin: Are you Sogen?

Sogen: I am.

Jin: I am Sakai.

Sogen: A samurai. Alive?

Jin: I have a message from Lady Masako. Clan Adachi was attacked. She is the only survivor.

Sogen: The Mongols -

Jin: Traitors. Our own people.

Sogen: How horrible.

Jin: Has anyone suspicious passed through the temple? A group of armed men?

Sogen: Not that I've seen - but... my duties keep me far too busy. Please tell Lady Masako she's welcome to take refuge here.

Jin: Thank you for your time.

Sogen: Of course.

Speak with the armorer

While doing the errand for Lady Masako, don't forget to meet the Armorer for your free gift.

You will receive one of the best armor set in the game, the Samurai Clan Armor. This is the same armor used in the trailers of the game before it launched.

The Samurai Clan Armor reduces all damage by a Major amount and increases your health by a Massive amount.

Jin: Lady Masako sent me. Said you were repairing something she wanted me to have.

Armorer: The armor. It's one of the finest sets I've ever worked with. Let me get it...

Armorer: It suits you perfectly, my lord. The quality is incomparable. It will serve you well. But if anything isn't to your liking... I can always make alterations. All I need are the right materials. Thank you.

Speak with Lady Masako

Now that you have completed your errand, use the Guiding Wind so you can return to Masako.

You will find her just at the exit of the temple, standing near a big tree.

Masako: You got the armor.

Jin: It fits well.

Masako: It belonged to my eldest, Shigesato.

Jin: It is an honor. I spoke to the monk.

Masako: What did Sogen say?

Jin: He offers you refuge in the temple.

Masako: So my family's killers know where to find me. We need to move...

Follow Masako

Follow Masako and she will share with you why she suspects Sogen. She will bring you to a location where you can both observe and prove her suspicions.

Jin: You think Sogen is behind the massacre?

Masako: He visited my home just before the assassins. The little bastard was their scout.

Jin: That doesn't prove his guilt.

Masako: No. But it earns my suspicion. Sogen arrived from Kamiagata at the beginning of autumn.

Jin: When we first heard the Mongols planned to invade...

Masako: The plot to destroy my clan took precision. Planning.

Jin: And a war to cover the treachery.

Look for Sogen

Once you have reached the area, you will find a spot where you can observe Sogen.

Masako: Where is that monk?

Peasant: Master Sogen, where can we go for food?

Sogen: I don't know.

Peasant: Please, we're very hungry.

Sogen: It is not your hunger, but your attachment to food which makes you suffer.

User the observation circles to zoom-in on Sogen and hear their conversation.

Masako: Where is that monk?

Jin: There's Sogen. Leaving in a hurry.

Masako: Let's follow the wolf to his den.

Peasant: But we haven't eaten in days...

Sogen: Ask Master Junshin.

Wait for Sogen to start walking through the road, then you can start trailing him.

Masako: We can get down here.

Jin: You sent me to frighten the monk.

Masako: I knew he would panic. Make a mistake. Now he's leading us to his friends.

Sogen: Damn peasants... Thought they'd never leave me alone.

Trail Sogen

Once Sogen starts walking alone, trail him.

Jin: Stay close. We can't be seen.

Sogen: I wonder if anyone saw me leave.

Go to the left side of the inn’s entrance

Continue following Sogen. He will soon enter an Inn where the other traitors are waiting for him.

Masako: The old inn.

Jin: Let's get closer.

Masako: This way.

Sogen: Masako's alive. She has a samurai with her!

Bandit: That must be who killed our men at the estate.

Sogen: You fools! Now they know I'm part of this. You have to find them!

Bandit: Keep your voice down.

Sogen: I'm going inside. Don't come back until they're dead.

Defeat the bandits

Sogen has just ordered your execution. You will soon find out that Masako is not someone who has the patience or mercy for her enemies.

She even joins your Standoff.

Masako: Those men slaughtered my family. Spare the monk. The rest can die.

Masako: For Clan Adachi!

Defeat all the bandits and then look for Sogen.

Masako: Sogen went inside the inn. Let's go.

Confront Sogen

After you have defeated all the bandits, proceed to the second floor of the house. Sogen will be waiting for you.

Masako: There's nowhere to run, Sogen.

Jin: You destroyed Clan Adachi.

Sogen: I was only a messenger.

Masako: For who?

Sogen: Knowledge does not end suffering.

Masako: You know nothing of suffering.

Jin: Masako...

Masako: I buried my family... one by one. It took days. But I'm going to leave you... for the wolves.

Jin: We need him alive - to tell us who he serves.

Sogen: Our world has changed. Men of vision must rise to face it. And those in the way... Must be removed.

Masako: They were children!

Jin: Masako - 

Masako: (kills Sogen). He was never going to talk.

Jin: We still need information. There has to be something we can use. Search outside. I'll deal with things in here.

Masako: Find me when you're done.

Search the inn

Just next to the room is a piece of crucial evidence on the murderers of Clan Adachi. It's a document containing the list of conspirators.

This document is also one of the Key Items in the whole game. It will play a big role in continuing the Tale of Masako across three acts, up to the ending of the game.

The List of Conspirators has the following content:






Jin: Hmm. Names... and a symbol. Masako might know them...

Speak with Lady Masako

Bring the document to Masako.

Masako: Did you find anything?

Jin: A list of names and a clan symbol.

Masako: I found the same symbol on these men. I've never seen it before.

Jin: A rival clan... moving in to take control. We have to stop them.

Masako: I will.

Jin: You can not do it alone. When my uncle hears of this... he will not rest until the traitors pay for what they did. Help me... and we will bring down everyone who hurt you.

Masako: Together. When you need help rescuing your uncle... I will be there.

Jin: Thank you, Lady Masako.

Masako: Until that time, I have work to do.

And with that, you have completed The Tale of Lady Masako major quest.

The Next Quest

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