Ghost of Tsushima: The Headman

Ghost of Tsushima: The Headman

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Headman is the second part of The Tale of Lady Masako wherein Jin and Lady Masako track Hachi in the hopes of catching Sadao, one of the culprits in the Adachi Massacre.

Clan Adachi was betrayed by a conspiracy. Lady Masako lives only to destroy those responsible for her family's slaughter. Anyone who dares prey on a samurai family must be brought to justice, so I have agreed to join her hunt.


Meet Masako at Golden Temple

You will find Lady Masako standing next to the main building of the Golden Temple.

Masako: Lord Sakai. Come quickly.

Jin: Lady Masako. Do you have news of your family's killers?

Masako: On the list we found, Sadao was at the top. He's the headman of Kuta Farmstead.

Jin: Kuta's people served your clan. Why would he turn against you?

Masako: Because he is an ungrateful traitor. My husband appointed Sadao as headman, and he repaid that kindness with bloodshed. I learned he fled Kuta the night my family was murdered.

Jin: He must have heard you'd survived.

Masako: Sadao is a deceitful snake. But his brother, Hachi, is a fool. He just passed by the temple carting food for the refugees.

Jin: He will make an unscheduled delivery to his brother.

Masako: And we will be there to catch him.

Follow Masako

Follow Masako so you can start tracking the culprits.

Masako: We have to go, or we'll lose him.

Jin: After what happened at the inn, I didn't think you'd visit the temple again.

Masako: I came to watch for Sadao's brother... and mourn Clan Adachi's dead.

Jin: Have you given your family a proper funeral?

Masako: Not while their killers walk free.

Jin: After my father died, I said goodbye to him that same night. It helped ease my pain.

Masako: I buried them. That will have to do, for now.

Jin: When was the last time you slept or ate?

Masako: I had some rice and fish yesterday.

Jin: Even the youngest warrior needs a full belly and a rested sword-arm.

Masako: Are you calling me old, Lord Sakai?

Jin: I wouldn't dare.

Masako: My sword-arm works just fine.

Search for Hachi

After walking for some distance, you will have a cutscene where Masako comments on the missing Hachi.

Masako: We should have caught up to Hachi by now...

Jin: Which way do you think he went?

Masako: Both roads look traveled.

Jin: Let's search the area. He can't be far.

Follow the path that has Torii gates and you will find Hachi's cart.

Jin: Masako, look - the man with the cart.

Masako: That's Hachi. Sadao's brother.

Trail Hachi’s Cart

It's time to do stealth and trail Hachi's cart.

Hachi: Did I pack everything? Where's that stupid... Ah, there it is. All right, back to it!

Jin: He's leaving.

Masako: And we will follow. Close, but out of sight.

Hachi: Behave yourself, Ringo - or no carrot for you when we're done! What nice weather for a walk... (Laughs) If we run into Mongols, my old friend, you're on your own.

This leisure walk of Hachi will soon be interrupted by bandits though.

Jin: He has visitors.

Masako: We can't let them see us.

Bandit: What do you have in your wagon, filthy beggar?

Hachi: Food. Water. Other things.

Bandit: Show us.

Hachi: Of course.

Bandit: We were promised sake. Did you get it?

Hachi: Not yet. But I have something for your guest.

Jin: It's a meeting.

Bandit: We'll pass it along.

Jin: He handed them a note.

Hachi: I'll stop here again at the usual time.

Bandit: We'll meet you then.

Masako: Forget the wagon. Follow those horses.

Trail the Men on Horseback

Do stealth and follow the bandits.

Bandit: That man is an idiot.

Bandit: He's the headman's brother.

Bandit: But he has good sake.

Bandit: Not today. Today all he had was a note.

Bandit: That note's more important than your life. If we fail to deliver, the headman will kill us.

Bandit: Sadao's a family man.

Bandit: From a bad family. His cousins are bandits. Remember the riots that erupted when Kuta Farmstead was short on rice?

Bandit: Yes...

Bandit: Who do you think hired the bandits that slaughtered the protesters?

Bandit: Headman Sadao.

Jin: The coward.

Masako: I knew it!

Bandit: Right. So, next time you think of the headman, remember the Kuta massacre.

Speak with Masako

Once the bandits have reached their camp, speak with Masako.

Jin: A woodcutter's house. Guarded by bandits.

Masako: Sadao's cousins. He must be hiding there.

Jin: We don't know that.

Masako: But we will soon find out...

Search for Sadao

Immediately after that last line, Lady Masako will run towards the bandits and fight them.

Join her and defeat the enemies.

After slaying all the enemies, speak with Lady Masako.

Speak with Masako

Jin: Corpses can't answer questions.

Masako: There's someone in the house. I'll make them talk.

Jin: Let me try first.

Speak with Hina

Inside the house, you will find a woman named Hina.

Hina: (Fearful sobbing) I don't want to die.

Jin: A note from Sadao... Hachi gave it to the guards... Doesn't say where he's hiding...

The letter Jin found is one of the key items of the game.

Letter from Sadao


Word of my involvement in the Adachi massacre has gotten out. I'm sure it didn't come from you. You know the danger of talking. Not only to my life, but yours as well. Remain hidden and silent until I send for you. Trust in my cousins, their loyalty to me, and skill with the blade.

If you meet anyone bearing this mon, take your own life.

All my love,

Jin: I'm not going to hurty you. My name is Sakai. Who are you?

Masako: Hina - Sadao's wife.

Hina: My husband is innocent! The Mongols killed your family!

Jin: Where is he?

Hina: I don't know.

Masako: You're lying.

Jin: She'll help us - and she can't stay here.

Masako: (Sighs) I will take her to my estate.

Hina: She's going to kill me!

Jin: No harm will come to you.

And with that, you have completed The Headman quest.

Charm of Resolve Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Utility Charm. This item is the Charm of Resolve I

  • 15% increase to Resolve gains.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue the adventures with Lady Masako, let's proceed with The Husband.

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