Ghost of Tsushima: The Husband

Ghost of Tsushima: The Husband

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Husband is the third part of The Tale of Lady Masako where Jin and Lady Masako work with Hina to discover the location of Sadao.

Lady Masako and I are on the hunt for Headman Sadao, one of the conspirators behind her family's murder. Masako has captured Sadao's wife, hopeful she'll reveal where the traitor is hiding. I fear for the woman if she doesn't talk soon.


Meet Masako at the Adachi Estate

After visiting for the first time the Adachi estate in The Tale of Lady Masako, the location becomes a fast-travel spot.

You will find Lady Masako sitting on the left side of the estate.

Masako: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Lady Masako. Has the traitor's wife told you where he's hiding?

Masako: Every time I ask, she starts crying and won't look at me.

Jin: Can you blame her?

Masako: I'm starting to. Maybe a young samurai will charm her. She's inside.

Jin: (Frustrated sigh) Wait here.

Speak with Hina

You will find Hina inside the building next to Masako.

Hina: My lord. Lady Masako plans to kill me. I can see it in her eyes.

Jin: I won't let her hurt you. But I need your help.

Hina: I have told you all I know.

Jin: Hachi delivers messages for your husband. That means they have contact. It's only a matter of time until Masako finds them both.

Hina: No. You have to save him. I can only do that if I get to him before she does.

Jin: You know your husband. Where would he hide?

Hina: Let me think.

Jin: This is important, Hina. Your husband murdered innocents. I'll be back.

Speak with Masako

Return to Masako and relay to her what you found out.

Masako: Well?

Jin: I'm giving her time to think about where he might be.

Masako: What did you offer her?

Jin: Let's take a walk.

Masako: I know a place she won't hear us.

Walk with Masako

Walk with Lady Masako and she will bring you to a place where she will share more about her family. The game will use this as a chance to teach you how to use the flute, as a way of consoling Lady Masako.

Jin: I told Hina I would try to save her husband's life.

Masako: You know I'm going to kill him.

Jin: I had to gain her trust somehow.

Masako: So you lied.

Jin: I told her... I would try to save him. And I will.

Masako: What will you tell her when you fail, Jin?

Jin: That you could not forgive his crime. And that I would not stand between you and justice.

Masako: Everywhere I look here... I see only the night my family died.

Jin: When my father died... I didn't go home for a long time. An empty house falls apart quickly.

Masako: This isn't my home anymore. It's where my family was slaughtered. Little hands still holding toys. My sister's gold sash wrapped around her butchered body. I can't protect anyone. I can only avenge them.

Masako: There should be music.

Jin: What?

Masako: My grandchildren would make songs with me here. To celebrate the changing of the seasons. I will never hear them play again.

Playing the Flute

As if on cue, the game will show you the flute tutorial so you can play it for Lady Masako.

Swipe left on the touchpad to play your flute. A family heirloom and gift from your late mother. She once said its music had the power to change the weather.

Masako: Thank you.

The serenity of the moment will be broken though, as you will soon hear the shouts of Hina.

Hina: Leave me alone! (Bloodcurdling scream)

Jin: Hina!

Masako: Get to the house!

Get to Hina

Once you reach Hina, she is already dead.

Masako: Damn...

Jin: Hina...

Masako: We need her killer... Now.

Jin: Better look around. They must have left a trail...

Search for the Assassin’s Tracks

The first evidence is just outside the house, on the right side.

Follow the steps and you will soon find the culprits.

Jin: This way... Why would someone kill Hina?

Masako: To keep us from finding Sadao.

Jin: The traitors knew we had her.

Masako: It was a long journey from the woodcutter. Many people saw her with me.

Jin: You made sure they did. You used her as bait.

Masako: I hoped her husband would take it.

Jin: You should've told me your plan.

Masako: So you could stop me?

Jin: I promised to protect her.

If you lose the tracks, the game will tell you. Unfortunately, the Guiding Wind will not be of much help here. You really have to use your eyes and visually track the steps.

Jin: Only one set of tracks. Whoever the killer is, they're alone. With Hina gone, we need them alive.

Rescue the Assassin

You will soon find out that the assassin you are tracking has fallen victim to Mongols. You would have to save him from his predicament.

Masako: They have our man.

Hachi: Help...

Jin: We can't let him die.

Go ahead and defeat the Mongols. While fighting, you will hear Hachi continuously asking for help.

Hachi: I'm bleeding... You cut too deep... I don't want to die like this...

(Masako approaches Hachi)

Hachi: No! Not you!

After eliminating the Mongols, it's time to interrogate Hachi.

Masako: Hachi. Sadao's brother.

Jin: Why did you kill Hina?

Hachi: I tried to free her. She wouldn't leave. Wanted to save Sadao. She screamed for you. I... I didn't mean to.

Jin: Where's your brother?

Hachi: I failed him. I won't betray him.

(Hachi commits suicide)

Masako: You can't die, tell me where he is!

Jin: He's gone.

Masako: No!

Jin: Hina died for nothing.

Masako: She was murdered by traitors just like my family. I can't give up the hunt.

Jin: He carried messages for his brother. Maybe he had one...

Search the Assassin

Hachi indeed carries another important evidence for tracking the culprits.

Masako: What did you find?

Jin: A map of supply routes.

Masako: He delivered food to survivor camps... Maybe Sadao is hiding at one. Go to the nearest camp and talk to the monk in charge. He might know what the map reveals.

Jin: What about you?

Masako: I will bury Hina. I owe her that. I'll find you at the camp when I'm done.

Supply Map Stained in Blood

The document Jin found is one of the key items of the game.

A map belonging to Hachi, brother of Sadao, the headman of Kuta Farmstead.

It details the supply routes Hachi traveled.

And with that, you have completed The Husband quest.

Charm of Dual Destruction I Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Melee Charm. This item is the Charm of Dual Destruction I

  • Attacks have a 5% chance to deal double damage.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue the adventures with Lady Masako, let's proceed with The Traitor.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Traitor