Ghost of Tsushima: Blood on the Grass

Ghost of Tsushima: Blood on the Grass

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Ghost of Tsushima's Blood on the Grass is the fourth major quest of the game where Jin searches for Ryuzo to get his help in rescuing Lord Shimura.

It is the third Tale with the objective of recruiting allies who can help him liberate Castle Kaneda, where Lord Shimura is held as a hostage. The other quests with this theme are The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa and The Tale of Lady Masako.

The mercenary Straw Hat ronin may be rough around the edges, but I could use their blades to help rescue Lord Shimura. I should look them up and see if they're open to some work. Apparently they've been seen hunting Mongols in Kishi Grasslands.


Travel to the coast by the Kishi Grasslands

The location of this major quest takes place a little far from the beginning area of the game. Be ready to travel with your horse for a long distance and use the Guiding Wind for direction.

Once you have seen the beautiful grass fields and the burning wagon next to a tree shown above, then you are near to the start of the quest.

Jin: The Kishi Grasslands... Straw Hat mercenaries were seen in the area...

Investigate the burning cart

Approach the burning wagon and you will find a dead body.

Jin: Attack started here. But there had to be more than one Mongol.

Follow the trail of dead Mongols

Explore the road and you will find more dead Mongols.

Jin: Looks like more bodies up ahead.

You will soon see Mongol soldier crawling, almost dead.

Jin: Trying to get away from his attackers.

You can free the crawling soldier from his suffering if you want. 

Investigate the dropped Straw Hat

Just a few steps to your right side you will find a Straw Hat. Once you approach and investigate the hat, you will see a cutscene with Ryuzo included.

A Mongol will attack you but before he reaches you, he will be slain by Ryuzo.

Ryuzo: Jin? Jin Sakai.

Jin: Ryuzo. You look like a scarecrow.

Ryuzo: You've looked better, too. Can I have my hat?

Jin: You're a mercenary now?

Ryuzo: Professional warrior.

Jin: Maybe you can help me? I'm looking for your leader.

Ryuzo: He died on Komoda beach.

Jin: You were there, too...

Ryuzo: I lost a lot of friends.

Jin: We all did. And we can avenge them if we work together. Help me save Lord Shimura.

Ryuzo: He's alive? The Straw Hats are hurt. Starving. I can't ask them to risk their lives for one man.

Jin: Even if you can name your price? Once we free our home, Lord Shimura will pay you. Anything you want.

Ryuzo: My men might be interested.

Jin: Your men?

Ryuzo: I look out for them. Someone has to.

Defeat the Mongols with Ryuzo

Before Jin can seal the deal with Ryuzo, the Mongols will attack. Defeat the enemies together.

Jin: Hold your ground.

Ryuzo: I always do.

Ryuzo: This is for Komoda Beach!

Jin: Kill them all!

Ryuzo: These bastards won't give up!

Jin: Don't let them surround us!

Speak with Ryuzo

After defeating all the enemies, continue the deal discussion with Ryuzo. 

Jin: Your form has improved.

Ryuzo: And you managed to grow a beard.

Jin: Have you considered my offer?

Ryuzo: The Straw Hats can't save your uncle. We'll be lucky if we survive the week.

Jin: It's that bad?

Ryuzo: We're starving. I was out here hunting for food, and I'm returning to my men empty-handed.

Jin: But not alone. Take me to your camp. We'll figure something out on the road.

Ryuzo: (Sighs.) Just like old times.

Travel with Ryuzo to his Straw Hat camp

Mount your horse and travel with Ryuzo to the Straw Hat camp.

Ryuzo: Come on...

Jin: When was the last time we saw each other?

Ryuzo: Two summers ago. Lord Nagao's tournament.

Jin: I looked for you after the tournament ended.

Ryuzo: The Straw Hats saw your duel. They needed a new sword. Seemed like fun.

Jin: You never visited my uncle's castle.

Ryuzo: There wasn't work there.

Jin: I would've helped you become a retainer of clan Shimura. You only had to ask.

Ryuzo: I made my own way.

Search the ruined cart

Along the way, you will find a ruined wagon on the road. It could be a source of food for Ryuzo's men.

Ryuzo: Another wagon...

Jin: Might have something we can salvage...

Ryuzo: Empty.

Speak with the peasant

While checking the cart, a peasant will appear and share what happened to his cart.

Peasant: Samurai...? Samurai!

Jin: Was this your wagon?

Peasant: Yes, my lord. Mongols stole my horse... took my rice!

Jin: You're lucky that's all you lost.

Ryuzo: Which way did the Mongols go?

Peasant: Toward Fort Ohira.

Ryuzo: Damn it.

Jin: Take refuge at the Golden Temple. Warn others to stay off these roads.

Peasant: yes, my lord.

Ryuzo: Let's keep moving. My camp's not far.

Travel with Ryuzo to his Straw Hat camp

Continue your journey to the Straw Hat camp.

Jin: I meant what I said before. Help free Lord Shimura, and he'll grant you anything in his power.

Ryuzo: What's he got the power to give?

Jin: Name your price.

Ryuzo: Free sake for life.

Jin: Is that all?

Ryuzo: A place to drink. Big enough for all my men.

Jin: Be serious, Ryuzo. I know you want to be more than a mercenary.

Ryuzo: It's been three years, Jin. Things change.

Jin: It can't have been easy keeping the Straw Hats together after Komoda Beach. How did you do it?

Ryuzo: I convinced them nobody can save us but ourselves.

Jin: That's true.

Ryuzo: I used to think so. But it's starting to feel like a lie.

Jin: How many men do you have?

Ryuzo: We're down by half, but still enough to call ourselves a small army. Why?

Jin: The peasant said the Mongols stole his rice and went to Fort Ohira.

Ryuzo: You think they're hoarding food there.

Jin: Possibly...

Ryuzo: Do you have an idea?

Jin: The beginning of one.

The Straw Hat Camp

Once you have ascended the cliff next to Lake Kunehama, you will be at the Straw Hat Camp.

Straw Hat: Who goes there?

Ryuzo: Easy, Shinzo. It's me.

Straw Hat: He's here! Ryuzo's back!

Straw Hat: About time.

Straw Hat: I don't see any food.

Straw Hat: Who's the samurai?

Ryuzo will introduce Jin to the Straw Hats and he will share the plan with them.

Ryuzo: Men! This is my old friend, Lord Sakai.

Jin: Ryuzo told me you're starving. I'm here to help.

Straw Hat: You didn't find food?

Jin: We have a plan. Raid Fort Ohira and take back the food Mongols have stolen from our people.

Straw Hat: Raid a fort? They'll kill us!

Ryuzo: Give us a moment.

Walk with Ryuzo

Follow Ryuzo and he will give you a gift. 

Ryuzo: Come with me, Jin... We should've talked about your idea before telling my men.

Jin: I wanted to give them hope...

Ryuzo: That's my job.

Jin: I meant no disrespect.

Ryuzo: It's fine.

Ryuzo: Through here, Jin. If you ride with the Straw Hats, you have to look the part. I've got a spare set of armor that should fit.

Jin: It better not have lice.

Ryuzo: Never letting me forget that, are you...? Spare armor's in the chest.

Pick up the ronin armor

You will now be able to acquire one of the best armor in the game. This armor combines increased stealth and melee damage, perfect for a ronin.

You get two gifts from chest actually, the first is the armor set and the second is a hat.

Ronin Attire

Worn by those who live and die by the bow and the blade.

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 10%
  • 15% increase to Melee damage
  • After leaving pampas grass while crouched, enemies will be much slower to detect you.

Weathered Straw Hat

It may have seen better days, but it has lived a full life

Ryuzo: You're not as handsome as me, but... it's not bad.

Jin: We should check the fort's defenses - look for weak spots.

Ryuzo: My men will handle that part.

Jin: Then we have a deal?

Ryuzo: Get us that food at Fort Ohira, and we'll get your uncle away from the Mongols.

Jin: Thank you, Ryuzo.

Ryuzo: Just remember who's in charge of the Straw Hats.

Jin: I would never dream of replacing you, my friend.

Ryuzo: Give us a head start. We'll meet you at the old cemetery.

Jin: See you there.

And with that, you have completed Blood on the Grass major quest.

Bonus Scene

While going out of the area where you received the Ronit set, you will get a bonus scene.

Ryuzo: I meant to ask you something earlier...

Jin: I might have an answer.

Ryuzo: How'd you survive the invasion?

Jin: I almost didn't. A peasant pulled me from the battlefield. She nursed me back to health.

Ryuzo: You always were lucky...

Jin: How did you and your men escape?

Ryuzo: We ran. Do what you need to prepare. I'll see you at the old cemetery.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue the adventures with Ryuzo, let's proceed with The Tale of Ryuzo.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Ryuzo