Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Ryuzo

Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Ryuzo

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Tale of Ryuzo is the major quest continuation of Blood on the Grass. In this major tale, Jin and Ryuzo execute their plan of raiding Fort Ohira for food.

My old friend Ryuzo has fallen in with the mercenary Straw Hat ronin. He seems to be their leader, and he's agreed to help me save Lord Shimura on one condition: I help recover food for his starving band of Straw Hats.

Ryuzo will meet me at a cemetery near Fort Ohira, where Mongols are hoarding stolen food.


  • Major Legend Increase

Meet Ryuzo in Takuzudama Cemetary

This quest will jump from one location to another, so ensure that you are tracking the quest. Use the Guiding Wind to reach the cemetery. This cemetery is very near to the Tsutsu Lighthouse.

Jin: Ryuzo should be in the cemetery...

While approaching the cemetery, you will start to hear the voice of Ryuzo talking to the other Straw Hats.

Ryuzo: How do they land ships that big on the beach?

Straw Hat: Never seen anything like them.

Ryuzo: Love to get my hands on one of those Mongol siege weapons. Fill the sky with flaming arrows...

Straw Hat: One arrow at a time is enough for me.

Ryuzo: How long's it been since Shinzo left?

Straw Hat: Long enough to scout the fort. He should be back any moment now.

Ryuzo: Good, you're here... You ready to steal some food for us?

Jin: Is this everyone?

Ryuzo: Just the men who can fight worth a damn. The rest are too hungry or sick.

Jin: Let's hope we're enough to raid the fort.

Ryuzo: There's a better chance of seeing cherry blossoms in winter than getting that food.

Jin: There is always a way.

Ryuzo: Preferably one that doesn't kill half of my men.

Follow Ryuzo to Fort Ohira

Follow Ryuzo as he gets an update from his scout on the state of Fort Ohira.

Ryuzo: My scout's back. Come on...

Straw Hat: A lot of men inside. And a signal at the top of the tower.

Ryuzo: If they call reinforcements from the bay, we'll be trapped.

Jin: Find a place to watch for me. Once I destroy their signal, attack.

Ryuzo: They'll kill you.

Jin: If they do, avenge me - and take their food.

Ryuzo: That's not funny.

Jin: Watch the tower for my signal.

Ryuzo: If you say so.

Do not raise the alarm

You will now have the objective to disable the alarm of the lighthouse without being seen. The objective will fail if enemies see you.

Enter the Fort using the wood shown below as a bridge. You have to use stealth so the Mongols won't see you. You can kill them using Assassination.

You do not have to kill every Mongol you see in the Fort, you just need to reach the lighthouse without anyone seeing you.

Once you reach the lighthouse and start climbing the stairs, take note of the soldier on the second floor. The moment you see him, do the Assassination.

Aside from that solider, it's a smooth journey to the top of the lighthouse.

Disable the alarm in the lighthouse

Once you have reached the top, disable first the alarm.

Then you can ignite the lighthouse to inform Ryuzo that their attack can begin.

Defeat the Mongols in Fort Ohira

Now the fighting begins. Join the Straw Hats and eliminate the Mongols.

Ryuzo: This is for Komoda Beach! Kill them all!

Ryuzo: Die, you ugly bastards!

Jin: That's the last of them.

Regroup with Ryuzo

Once all the Mongols have been slain, you will hear the Straw Hats starting to look for food.

Ryuzo: Look around for the food.

Straw Hat: Did you find anything?

Straw Hat: Nothing here.

Jin: Let's get your men something to eat.

Ryuzo: Where's all the food?

Jin: I didn't see any in the tower. Did you find anything?

Ryuzo: Just a stack of Mongol papers on a dead officer.

Jin: Let me see.

Ryuzo: Do you read Mongolian?

Jin: If it's in Chinese, I can make some of it.

Ryuzo: Since when?

Jin: Since I had to read Sun Tzu. (Reads) This was only a temporary depot. They're taking everything... Offshore.

Ryuzo: The boats are in the bay. We'll never get out to them.

Jin: We got in here.

Ryuzo: You're crazy. What did you have in mind?

Jin: Let's see what we're up against...

Survey the Mongol landing site

Follow Ryuzo and he will bring you to an observation spot where you can survey the Mongol ships.

Jin: The Mongols have small boats on the beach.

Ryuzo: We could steal one, but we'd have to cut through their army.

Jin: Too many barriers and archers. A frontal attack would be suicide.

Ryuzo: I want my men far away from the enemy's line.

Jin: Flaming arrows might set off those explosives.

Ryuzo: That will get their attention - but we need them to look away from the beach.

Jin: Put your archers on that cliff. The Mongols will focus on them while we steal a boat.

Ryuzo: All right, men. They don't know we took the fort, so they'll be waiting for reinforcements that aren't coming. Keep them busy long enough for us to steal a boat - then retreat into the forest. Look for my torch. That's your signal to attack.

Jin: Let's find a way down to the beach.

Lead Ryuzo down the cliffs

While on the toward the Mongol camp, Ryuzo will remember your previous duel and comment on it.

Ryuzo: Watching you fight back there reminded me of Lord Nagao's tournament. You did whatever it took to win.

Jin: It was a competition. You fought just as hard.

Ryuzo: Did I?

Jin: What are you getting at?

Ryuzo: Nothing. Just remembering our duel.

Jin: We'll talk about this later.

Ryuzo: If we survive...

Once you have reached the side of the cliff, Ryuzo will raise the signal.

Jin: Your men should be in position. Light the torch.

Ryuzo: Now, men...

Lead Ryuzo to the Mongol rowboat

Chaos will ensue as the Straw Hats rain fire arrows on the camp. This is your chance to steal a small boat. You can use the Guiding Wind for the direction.

Ryuzo: I knew they'd come through! Look at that fire!

While on your way to the boat, you can assassinate Mongols.

After reaching the small boat, you can trigger the dark scene for Sail to Mongol ships. 

Jin: We need to move quickly. Take an oar.

Search the ship for food

After the dark scene, you will be already next to the target ship.

Ryuzo: Can't believe no one saw us.

Jin: Too busy watching the fire. We'll go in quietly.

You will soon find out though that this ship does not contain any food. At least you find out how Ryuzo feels about his previous duel with Jin.

Jin: I never knew our duel bothered you so much.

Ryuzo: Now you do.

Jin: You should have told me earlier.

Ryuzo: Life took us in different directions. Anyway, it was a long time ago.

Return to Ryuzo

After checking the main hall of the ship, both of you didn't find any food. 

Jin: Any sign of food?

Ryuzo: Not here. Maybe on the next ship... Hear that? Sounds like four, five guys.

Jin: No way around. Surprise them.

Defeat the Mongols on the ships

After Ryuzo gives his greetings to the Mongols soldiers on the ship, it is time to defeat them.

Ryuzo: Greetings! Nice ship.

Jin: We have to move fast.

Once you defeat the Mongols on the current ship, archers from the other ship will start firing at you.

Ryuzo: Archers on the next ship. You brought your bow?

Jin: Didn't you?

Ryuzo: Gave it to my men.

You don't really have to use your bow. Just run towards the next ship and let them have a taste of Sakai Katana.

Ryuzo: Guess we do it the hard way, then...

Jin: More Mongols! Take them!

After defeating all the Mongols, the search for food continues. 

Ryuzo: If the food isn't here, it has to be on the other ship.

Jin: You search here. I'll take the other.

Ryuzo: Be careful.

Reach the next ship

Climb the plank and move to the third ship. You can use stealth and assassination as you slowly eliminate all of the Mongols in the ship.

Be careful though as there is a bear in the ship. You can release it as well to bring chaos to the fights. But it can turn on you and can easily kill you.

Search the ship for food

Assuming you didn't release the bear, you should not have much trouble defeating all the Mongols in the third ship. At the main hall of the ship, you will find a scroll that contains crucial information on Mongol supply lines.

Mongol War Plans Content

On order of the Khan, send one thousand men north to Toyotama region. Maintain supply lines across Izuhara region. Command assignments follow.

  • Bataar - Azamo, Komatsu Prefectures
  • Nugai - Ariake, Tsutsu Prefectures
  • Temuge - Yarikawa Prefecture
  • Altan - Otsuna Prefecture
  • Bartu - Kin Prefecture
  • Dogshin - Jogaku Prefecture

Jin: What's in here...? These look like battle plans. Better go find Ryuzo...

Return to Ryuzo

Go back to the second ship to share the info with Ryuzo. While searching for him, you will hear his shout for help.

Jin: All the food they've stolen from us...

Ryuzo: Jin!

Jin: Ryuzo...

Ryuzo: To me!

You will find a Brute who has defeated Ryuzo. He is no different from normal brutes though in terms of health or damage or moveset. 

Defeat the brute and a cutscene will follow.

Ryuzo: I would've had that Mongol if you hadn't shown up.

Jin: I know.

Ryuzo: Did you see how big he was? That's where all our food went.

Jump off the ship

Your conversation will be disrupted though as the Mongol army has become aware of your food raid.

They will rain fire arrows and burn the ship.

Ryuzo: Bastards! They're burning our food!

Jin: Ryuzo! We have to go! Can you swim?

Ryuzo: If I have to! The fire's spreading! Jump! I'll go right behind you!

Jump off the ship and you will get another dark scene.

Jin: Let's get out of sight. They're still hunting us.

Ryuzo: That's a good hiding spot ahead...

Ryuzo: I promised my men I'd feed them and I'm going back empty-handed.

Jin: We'll find another way.

Ryuzo: But how many will I lose before then?

Jin: I found something that might help... Mongol battle plans.

Ryuzo: Do they show supply lines.

Jin: One page has a map. It's a start.

Ryuzo: Hand it over.

Jin: We do this together.

Ryuzo: You've got your own problems. And I am their leader. I need this, Jin.

Jin: And I'll need you at Castle Kaneda.

Ryuzo: You'll have me.

Jin: Don't let them see you coming.

Ryuzo: Just like you.

And with that, you have completed The Tale of Ryuzo major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Broken Blacksmith.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Broken Blacksmith