Ghost of Tsushima: The Broken Blacksmith

Ghost of Tsushima: The Broken Blacksmith

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Broken Blacksmith is the sixth major quest where Jin and Yuna seek help from an old friend to free Taka who is being held captive in a Mongol camp in Azamo Bay.

Yuna and I have tracked her brother to a prison camp in the walled town of Azamo Bay. If we're going to save Taka, we need to find help... and Yuna says she has a friend for the job.

I'll meet her at his friend's house. Just outside Azamo Bay.


  • Major Legend Increase

Meet Yuna at her friend’s home in southern Azamo

Among all major quests, this has the largest distance from the starting point of the game. Make sure that you track the quest so you can auto-track all the locations involved as the story progresses.

Use Guiding Wind to reach the house. While approaching it you will hear Yuna talking to another person.

Yuna: Keep quiet.

Kenji: You want quiet? Don't ask me to rile up people who drink horse blood.

Yuna: I wasn't asking. Not after Komatsu.

Kenji: That was a misunderstanding...

Yuna: That was a scared sake merchant trying to wriggle out of trouble.

Kenji: And it worked! I offloaded that sour rice water, and you -

Yuna: - had to look over my shoulder. For a month.


Once you enter the house, you will meet the new character Kenji.

Yuna: Taka's counting on us.

Kenji: I love the kid, but this is too dangerous. It will never work.

Jin: We'll make it work.

Kenji: This the samurai?

Jin: You can call me Lord Sakai.

Kenji: Forgive me... my lord. I am Kenji. Upstanding merchant... renowned sake brewer -

Yuna: And the best swindler on the island. That's why he's going to help us rescue my brother from Azamo Bay.

Kenji: That town's a fortress!

Jin: If the Mongols took it, we'll need an army to penetrate the walls.

Yuna: Or... A single delivery of sake.

Kenji: It'll never work.

Jin: Get your sake ready. We'll discuss the plan on the move.

Kenji: Let's have a drink first. Talk this through...

Yuna: Now, Kenji.

Wait while Kenji packs up his sake cart

Kenji will take some time to prepare his cart, but he will give you an interesting chat.

Kenji: When we get close to the town, you can hide in the cart with the sake.

Jin: The Mongols won't search it?

Kenji: Not anymore. it's the same sake delivery I always sell them. They love my "dars." "Dars, mulgu! Give Dars now!"

Jin: You've been doing business with the enemy.

Kenji: I keep the Mongols drunk, and they let me keep my head. All set.

Travel with Kenji and Yuna

Prepare for an amusing walk with Yuna and Kenji as they reminisce and share stories on their childhood.

Kenji: You sure you want to go through with this?

Yuna: Anything for Taka.

Jin: How bad is the occupation in Azamo Bay?

Kenji: A few people fought back. The ones left alive are prisoners... or slaves.

Yuna: But you never saw Taka?

Kenji: No. But someone's been working the forge the past few days. Maybe it's your brother.

Jin: How long have you been two known each other?

Yuna: Since I was too young to know better.

Kenji: I was just starting to brew sake. Sold Yuna my first batch.

Yuna: Tasted like piss, but it was cheap.

Kenji: For a while, I tried to get Taka's help selling it. Turned out he was too soft...

Yuna: People told him sob stories, and he'd give them sake. Free of charge.

You will soon reach the part of the road where there are a few Mongols present. Jin wants to eliminate them.

Yuna: Mongols.

Kenji: Damn. You two better get in the cart.

Jin: There aren't many. I can handle them.

Yuna: No, Jin. Taka is so close. Please.

Hide in Kenji’s sake cart

No choice but to avoid direct combat. Go near the back of the cart and you can see the trigger there to Hide in Cart.

Once you have triggered the action, the cart will start moving. Once it gets very near to the Mongols, Kenji will unexpectedly warn you.

Kenji: Get ready. They might search the cart.

Jin: You said they don't do that.

Kenji: At the town gates. I've never seen them this far out here.

Mongol: You! Stop!

Kenji: Dars! Dars! Dars for Azamo Bay!

Mongol: Ah, dars. Hurry up! (Chuckling.)

Kenji: (Sigh of relief.) Just a little farther.

Yuna: What was all that screaming?

Kenji: Doesn't matter. Keep it down.

Yuna: Is that what Taka's going through?

Jin: Your brother's a skilled blacksmith. They won't treat him like that.

Yuna: You don't know that.

Kenji: We're getting close. Quiet.

You will soon reach the gate and after some Mongol speech, they will often the gate.

Finally, you're inside Azamo Bay.

Yuna: (Sigh of relief.)

Kenji: I can't believe this worked. Oh no... Somebody must've pissed off the Mongols. They burned half the town.

Once inside, Kenji would have to separate while you proceed with the rescue of Taka. His part on the mission is done.

Kenji: This is where we part ways...

Jin: Keep the Mongols drunk - and distracted.

Kenji: I'll do my best.

Jin: Stay safe, Kenji.

Kenji: And you, Lord Sakai.

Yuna: Taka's waiting for us. Let's go!

Kenji: Once we're done, I'll meet you at the crossroads behind town.

Follow Yuna

The stealth sequence that follows is very reminiscent of the first time you met Yuna, that early part of the game when you are about to get your katana.

Jin: We need a vantage point to scout ahead.

Yuna: This way...

Jin: Remember. No alarms. We do this quietly -

Yuna: Or the prisoners suffer. Got it.

At the other side of the road, you can hear Kenji inviting the Mongols to drink sake.

Kenji: Invaders! You look thirsty! Come get your delicious dars! And choke on it.

Survey the path ahead

Yuna will lead you to the roof a hut. While there, you will find the Survey action trigger.

Jin: He's in charge. A slaver.

Yuna: Bastard.

Jin: He's inspecting the prisoners. Like they're horses.

Yuna: He might lead us to Taka.

Jin: Follow him.

Follow the Mongol slaver to find Taka

What follows next is an exciting stealth mission - to follow the slaver. Note that you can't initiate a fight while in this objective.

Otherwise, you will fail the objective and get the "You Alerted Your Target" message.

So, do it with stealth.

More importantly, when doing a stealth tracking like in this objective, do not attack your target. That will auto-fail your mission.

So, resist the temptation to kill or attack the slaver.

There will be a part during this stealth mission that you would have to assassinate one Mongol because there is no other choice about it. You will not be able to pass without killing him.

And the interesting part is that you will have a sudden vision, a memory of your uncle reminding you that "Only cowards strike from the shadows."

Lord Shimura: Jin... We look them in the eye... with courage. Only cowards strike from the shadows.

Jin: (To himself, back in the stealth mission) Forgive me, Uncle.

As if the stealth mission is not suspenseful enough, the story will raise the stakes as you find out that there is one villager who wants Taka dead.

Mongol: What is problem?

Peasant: Your blacksmith, Taka. His work is shoddy, I think he's sabotaging you.

Yuna: I knew it, Taka's here...

Mongol: He is only blacksmith.

Peasant: I'm a blacksmith, too. And I'll do much better work.

Mongol: I can not feed two. I get rid of him. But be ready to prove yourself.

Yuna: That bastard. He'll kill Taka!

Find a way through the Market

You need to find a way to follow the slaver as he is surrounded by a number of Mongols.

Jin: Market's full of Mongols.

Yuna: We can't lose the slaver. If he reaches Taka first...

Jin: Stay close, Yuna. I'll find a way through.

It is very easy to make a mistake here. While in Market, if anyone sees you, you will trigger the "You Raised the Alarm" message and will fail the quest.

One path that will work is:

  1. Move to the East side of the Market center
  2. You will notice their alert indicator starting to build up, but just keep on moving forward
  3. By the time you reach North of the Market, their indicators will be gone, and you can follow the slaver easily.

Follow the Mongol slaver to find Taka

Continue following the slaver. Once you reach the area below, it's time to kill him.

Taka: No... Please. I need to rest...

Yuna: It's Taka!

Taka: Please!

Apparently, Yuna is faster than you. She saves Taka just in time.

Taka: Yuna.

Yuna: Taka! What did they do to you? You're safe now.

Jin: We need to move.

Taka: We can't. They'll catch us just like the others.

Yuna: This is Lord Sakai. He'll protect us.

Jin: I need you to trust me, Taka. I need your help.

Taka: I'll try, my lord.

Reach the north gate of Azamo Bay

You're not out of the Mongol territory yet. Follow Yuna for the exit.

Yuna: They found the slaver.

Taka: They'll kill us. We need to hide!

Jin: No. Keep moving.

Escape Azamo Bay

You will soon reach the wall, and fortunately, will find crates that you can use to climb it.

Yuna: We can climb those crates.

Meet up with Kenji at the crossroads

Once you have jumped through the walls, you can start your move towards the crossroads. You can use the Guiding Wind to refresh your direction.

Taka: Where are we going?

Jin: Kenji's waiting for us at the crossroads.

Taka: Kenji's with you?

Yuna: If he made it out alive.

You will notice that there are groups of Mongols running in the road - you can avoid fighting them. You can hide and just focus on the goal of reaching the crossroads.

Ride with your allies

Finally, Kenji will appear with horses once you reach the crossroads.

Taka: Horses! They're coming for us!

Jin: Get in the tall grass. And stay down.

Yuna: It's Kenji!

Kenji: Taka! You made it!

Jin: Were you followed?

Kenji: No, but we can't go back to my place. It's crawling with Mongols.

Yuna: We should go.

Jin: We have to put some distance between us and Azamo Bay.

Yuna: Haven't seen a Mongol since dawn. I think we're clear.

Jin: We need to figure out where to go next.

Kenji: There's a place up ahead where you can see most of Izuhara.

Jin: Everyone all right?

Yuna: I could use a drink. And some sleep.

Kenji: I can help with one of those.

Jin: Taka? You've been quiet.

Taka: First time in days I haven't felt like I was about to die. My lord, I'm grateful. But how do you know Kenji and my sister?

Jin: I owe Yuna my life.

Taka: (Nervous laugh). We have something in common.

Kenji: (Groan.) I'm not built for riding all night.

Yuna: Komatsu is just over that ridge.

Jin: They have a forge.

Taka: One of the best on the island.

Yuna: Good place to make tools. Maybe something to get Jin over the walls of Castle Kaneda. What do you say, Taka?

Taka: My lord, I'll do anything to repay you for freeing me.

Jin: Thank you. Taka, Kenji... get some rest. We can't stay here long.

Saving Azamo Bay

With Kenji and Taka resting, you will get the chance to talk to Yuna.

Jin: How are you doing?

Yuna: I have my brother back.

Jin: He's shaken up. Can you get him to Komatsu in one piece?

Yuna: With food and rest, he'll be fine.

Jin: Your brother wasn't the only prisoner in Azamo Bay.

Yuna: You're going to save them.

Jin: And make their captors suffer.

Yuna: Good.

Jin: Ride for Komatsu Forge. I'll join you when I can.

Yuna: Jin. Thank you.

And with that, you have completed The Broken Blacksmith major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with Hammer and Forge.

Ghost of Tsushima: Hammer and Forge