Ghost of Tsushima: Hammer and Forge

Ghost of Tsushima: Hammer and Forge

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Ghost of Tsushima's Hammer and Forge is the seventh major quest where Jin, with the help of Yuna, protects the people of Komatsu Forge from the attack of the Mongols.

Among all quests in the game, the story of this major tale resembles most the structure of the famous samurai film, Seven Samurai.

Jin, though alone, plays the role of the seven samurai, in protecting the villages from the planned attack of the Mongols. It is the story of Jin giving courage and inspiring the people to believe in themselves and stand against the Mongols. 

It also includes a lot of sequences where Jin saves the villagers and brings them to a safe haven represented by the Forge.

Yuna's brother is finally safe, but we had to split up after our escape. I should make sure they reached the town of Komatsu Forge. If Taka's had time to recover, he may be able to make me a tool to climb the walls of my uncle's prison at Castle Kaneda.


  • Major Legend Increase

Go to the town of Komatsu Forge

In the last major quest, The Broken Blacksmith, Yuna, Taka, and Kenji went ahead to Komatsu Forge so Taka can begin helping Jin on creating the tools that will help him raid Castle Kaneda.

Plotwise, Jin separated so he can free the remaining prisoners in Azamo Bay. You don't really have to follow this flow, but you will feel good if you do.

When you enter the town of Komatsu Forge, it looks abandoned.

In the large building that you see in the scene above, you will find a Record. This is a letter entitled To Genzo in Komatsu Forge.

To Genzo in Komatsu Forge

Enter the building and move to your left side. In this area, you will find the record.

It shares the anxieties the man experiences after the Mongols have invaded. For him, the sound of the forge provides calm and peace.

Search Komatsu Forge for Yuna and Taka

Continue exploring the area. You will notice a lot of bloodstains on the road as if something horrendous happened there to the villagers.

As you go deeper inside the village, you will hear the shouts of Mongols.

Investigate the nearby battle

Look for the source of the shouts, and you will find Yuna fighting a large group of Mongols.

Jin: Fighting ahead...

Defeat the Mongols

Go ahead and slay the enemies, if you are fast enough you can even assassinate a few of them.

Jin: Yuna, is that you?

Speak with Yuna

After all the Mongols are defeated, talk to Yuna.

Yuna: You made it.

Jin: What happened here? Where's Taka?

Yuna: Hiding with what's left of Komatsu. Mongols came a few days ago. They took prisoners, killed anyone who put up a fight.

Jin: Now they're coming back to finish the job. These were just scouts. The main force won't be far behind.

Yuna: Then we have to go. Now.

Jin: We can hold this town.

Yuna: What?

Jin: We need Komatsu's forge - and it's people. If you need to, you can leave.

Yuna: No. I'm tired of running.

Jin: Take me to the others.

Follow Yuna

Follow Yuna as she brings you to the main forge of Komatsu Forge.

Jin: How many survivors are left?

Yuna: A few families. Mostly farmers and blacksmiths. Not worth much in a fight.

Jin: What about your brother?

Yuna: Couldn't hurt a fly if his life depended on it. Don't tell him I said that.

Jin: How did you wind up so different?

Yuna: Get me a drink later. Maybe I'll tell you.

Along the way, she will help a terrified peasant previously attacked by Mongols.

Yuna: I was out here leading to safety. One of them got trapped over here by the Mongols... She's alive...

Peasant: I... is it safe?

Yuna: The Mongols are gone for now. We're going to the forge. You'll be safer with us.

Jin: Is the forge working?

Yuna: Yes, but we can't light it. The smoke will give us away. Show the Mongols where to find us.

Jin: We can use it to lure them in. Force a fight at a location we control.

Yuna: They won't be expecting you here...

Upon reaching the main forge, you will be greeted by Taka, still thankful for the previous help in releasing him from captivity.

Taka: Lord Sakai! Yuna!

Jin: Taka.

Taka: I prayed the gods would protect you.

Jin: I appreciate it, but I came for your help.

Taka: Yuna said you needed something. A new tool.

Jin: To save Lord Shimura. He's held prisoner in Castle Kaneda, and I need to break him out.

Yuna: Quietly. With no one seeing.

Jin: This town has a forge. And you're a blacksmith.

Yuna: The best.

Taka: I might be able to make something, but there is no time. The Mongols...

Jin: I won't let them take Komatsu.

Yuna: We're staying.

Taka: I need my assistant Yukio.. but we got separated.

Jin: Where is he?

Taka: I think he was looking for his wife. In town.

Jin: I'll find Yukio. Yuna, be ready to fight.

Taka: She always is.

Find Yukio

To help Taka in creating the tools, you need to find Yukio. You can use the Guiding Wind to get his direction.

While approaching his direction, you will hear a shout. It's Yukio.

Peasant: Help! Someone help! (Terrified screaming)

Help Yukio

You can use Guiding Wind to find the exact location of Yukio. You need to eliminate two Mongols guarding the first floor of the building where he is being kept.

Once you have defeated the Mongols, you will find him on the second floor. 

Jin: Yukio?

Peasant: Y-yes?

Jin: Taka needs help with the forge. Follow me.

Peasant: Wait! My wife and her sister are by the river.

Jin: Lead me to them. Quickly.

Peasant: This way...

Jin: Stay close and follow my orders.

Help Yukio Rescue his wife

Follow Yukio as he brings you to the location of his wife.

This is a stealth mission with hostages. Remember, if Mongols see you, they will start executing the hostages.

Take note as well these two special symbols - the red skull and the shield. Ensure you always kill first the enemy with the red skull, as it has the immediate intent to kill the hostage, identified by the shield icon.

Rescue the peasants

Go ahead and defeat the enemies. You can use stealth to assassinate as many of the enemies. Or alternatively, you can just stand next to the hostage and kill anyone who comes near to him.

Speak with the peasants

Once you have defeated all the Mongols, approach and talk to the peasants.

Peasant: Thank you!

Jin: Yukio sent me.

Mutsu: He's alive...

Jin: Follow me. Taka needs your husband.

Yukio: Mutsu, my love...

Mutsu: Yukio. I thought I lost you.

Yukio: Are you hurt?

Mutsu: That man fought like an animal... or a demon...

Jin: Only when I'm facing Mongols.

Lead the peasants back to the forge

The dialogue between Yukio and Mutsu will be interrupted though by the blowing of Mongol horns, signaling their attack.

The villagers will follow you as you lead them back to the forge.

Jin: We're going to the forge. Stay close...

Speak with Taka

Once you have reached the forge, speak with Taka.

Taka: Yukio!

Yukio: He saved us, Taka!

Taka: Thank you, my lord.

Jin: The Mongols are here. Where's Yuna?

Taka: She went to get a family from the house across the river. Hasn't come back.

Jin: Damn... Don't light the forge until we come back.

Find Yuna

Use the Guiding Wind to get the direction to Yuna. You will find her fighting Mongols near the path you took earlier to save the hostages.

Defeat the remaining Mongols.

Free the hostages

After you defeat the Mongols, follow here and she will bring you near the river where hostages are being held.

Jin: We're ready to light the forge. Taka said you're looking for a family...?

Yuna: I was too late. The Mongols captured them, just across the river. Those people took my brother in when he was an apprentice. Then we won't leave them behind. Let's go.

Use stealth to assassinate the enemies, and if ever you get discovered, run straight to the hostages and kill any enemies who approach them, giving emphasis to those having a red skull icon.

The Interrogator: Samurai! Where is samurai? Tell truth - or I hurt your friends.

Peasant: We don't know any samurai!

The Interrogator: Where are rest of your people?

Peasant: They've gone! Please, let us go!

The Interrogator: (cruel laugh)

The hostages are all located in one spot, at the center of the big house. After defeating the Mongols, the Rescue trigger will be enabled.

Yuna: I owe you...

Peasant: Over here! You... You saved us.

Jin: This fight's not over. Can you make it to the forge?

Peasant: Yes. I think so.

Jin: Everyone, stay close to me.

Peasant: Where did he come from?

Yuna: It's a long story.

Peasant: The way he killed them. He's not human...

Yuna: Maybe you're right...

Lead the peasants back to the forge

On the way back, you will find out that the path you just cleared earlier is again swarming with Mongols.

As you have people following you, the combat mechanic will be as though they are hostages that need to be protected.

This explains why in the scene above, the red skull icon and the shield icon are showing. The Mongols can kill them and your objective will fail. 

As shared earlier, when in hostage scenarios, always kill the enemies with red icon and stay close to the hostages.

Speak with Taka

Upon returning to the forge, Jin will ask Taka to light the forge. It's time to craft the tools.

Taka: Yuna! Thank the gods...

Jin: Light the forge, Taka.

Taka: What about the Mongols?

Jin: They won't risk destroying this place. That gives us a chance to kill them all.

Taka: If they don't kill us first.

Jin: Either way, this is where we make our stand.

Defend the forge

As Taka has guessed, the Mongols started appearing after starting the forge. Defend it with your katana.

Similar to the earlier encounters with the Mongols, this batch will attack the people. Hence you will start seeing the red skull icon and the shield icon.

As shared above, drop the fight with any enemy once you see these icons and rush to the location of the victim being attacked.

Because if you are slow and fail to save the victim on time, you will fail the object as shown below and get the message A Peasant in the Forge has Died.

Jin: Mongols are in the forge! We have to stop them!

Yuna: Bastards got in the forge! Help me kill them!

Once you have cleared the first batch, a second batch comes in.

Yuna: Mongol archers! They surrounded the forge! We have to kill them!

After the archer wave, there will be a third wave of melee soldiers.

Defeat the Mongol warlord

Once you have cleared the third wave, the final miniboss appears, the Mongol warlord. He will bring a few archers with him, eliminate them first then return to the warlord.

More Than a Samurai

During your fight with the Mongols, the villagers are watching. They will comment on how different you fight from other samurai.

This is the scene that is often used in the trailers before the game was released.

Taka: I've never seen a samurai fight like that.

Jin: It was nothing.

Yuna: You are more than a samurai... He is a vengeful spirit... back from the grave to slaughter the Mongols.

Taka: Where do we hide now?

Jin: You don't. Fire up your forge. And get back to making strong Komatsu weapons. That's how we fight back. That's how we'll save Lord Shimura.

Taka: (bows)

Jin: Vengeful spirit?

Yuna: I think they liked it.

And with that, you have completed Hammer and Forge major quest.

Khotun Khan Tempts Lord Shimura

After the quest for Hammer and Forge ends, the game will transition into a cutscene, showing what's happening in Castle Kaneda.

Khotun Khan has received news of the activities of Jin Sakai, and uses this as leverage to make Lord Shimura join his empire.

Khotun Khan: I read that samurai follow a path of honor.

Lord Shimura: It is one of the many differences between us.

Khotun Khan: Then why have my men found their brothers stabbed in the back?

Lord Shimura: Lord Sakai would never resort to such tactics.

Khotun Khan: War brings out who we truly are.

Lord Shimura: It has made you a dog. Unleashed by your cousin Kublai to rape and pillage at his command.

Khotun Khan: Your nephew strays from the warrior's path. He will become what you hate. Unless you join my empire's fight for peace.

Lord Shimura: You don't want allies. You want soldiers to overthrow the shogun.

Khotun Khan: Consider my offer. Help your nephew regain his honor before his cowardice goes too far. And before I bring you his head.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Iron Hook.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Iron Hook