Ghost of Tsushima: The Iron Hook

Ghost of Tsushima: The Iron Hook

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Iron Hook is the major quest continuation of Hammer and Forge where Jin receives the grapple hook from Taka and uses it for the first time in helping Ryuzo save the Straw Hats that have been held captive in Fort Yatate by the Mongols.

I almost have everything I need to save my uncle from Castle Kaneda. Sensei Ishikawa, Lady Masako, and Ryuzo's Straw Hats are poised for the rescue mission. All I need is a tool to scale the castle walls, and Taka is hard at work on the task.

I should check on Yuna in the town of Komatsu Forge.


Find Yuna in Komatsu Forge

After completing Hammer and Forge, it will transition immediately into The Iron Hook. They are meant to be played in sequence.

Jin waits for Taka to complete his work and decides to check on Yuna.

Jin: I can't free my uncle until Taka finishes what he's working on... I should see if Yuna has any news...

Speak with Yuna

Use the Guiding Wind to find Yuna. You will find her spreading your tale to the villagers.

Peasant: If the Mongols come back...

Yuna: He'll find them where they sleep - and protect you.

Jin: Spreading more of your stories?

Yuna: Just telling them what they want to hear. Some of them are calling you "the Ghost."

Jin: After you put the idea in their heads.

Yuna: These people stay because they believe in you.

Jin: They should believe in the samurai.

Yuna: To them, you are both.

Jin: When Lord Shimura is free, they won't need to put their faith in folktales...

Yuna: Maybe... Taka's sweating over the job you gave him. He doesn't want to let you down.

Jin: Let's see how it's coming along.

Travel with Yuna to the forge

Go back to the Forge with Yuna. On the way, she will check on your progress with recruiting allies.

Yuna: You were looking for warriors to help save your uncle. Any luck?

Jin: Some... Sensei Ishikawa and Lady Masako Adachi are still alive. They're dealing with their own struggles, but when it's time - they agreed to help.

Yuna: An archer and a noblewoman... You sure that's enough?

Jin: That's why I hired the Straw Hat ronin. Turns out their new leads is an old friend of mine.

Yuna: Well... Sounds like you have all the help you need.

Jin: Will you join us?

Yuna: I don't know.

Peasant: Can someone help with this?

Yuna: I'll get it. Go see Taka. We'll catch up later.

Taka: My lord... I just finished it!

Speak with Taka

Enter the Forge and receive the good news from Taka.

Taka: Thank you for your patience, my lord.

Taka: An iron hook. With a rope attached to the end. You can use it to climb walls... Swing over things...

Jin: It'll hold my weight?

Taka: I tested it myself. I call it a... kaginawa

Jin: It's perfect. I'm in your debt.

Taka: No. It's a gift. I have my sister... My home, my life. That's enough.

Jin: Thank you, Taka.

The moment will be disturbed though by a shout from Ryuzo.

Ryuzo: Jin! Where are you?

Jin: Ryuzo...?

Speak with Ryuzo

Check outside the Forge and you will find Ryuzo, still shouting.

Ryuzo: Jin! Jin Sakai! Anyone seen a samurai? I know you're here!

Ryuzo: I've been looking all over for you. The Mongols have captured my best fighters.

Jin: I was counting on their help to free Lord Shimura...

Ryuzo: Jin! If we don't do something, my men are dead. And your uncle stays locked in captivity.

Jin: Where are they?

Ryuzo: Caged near Fort Yatate.

Jin: All right, Ryuzo. Let's see what we can do.

Travel with Ryuzo

Ryuzo will share that the Straw Hats are kept in a Fort at the top of a cliff. If it's not yet obvious, this quest is designed to show the application of the Iron Grapple. 

This will be an opportunity as well for the game to show you the tutorials and mechanics for it.

Jin: You said they're in cages near Fort Yatate. Where, exactly?

Ryuzo: The cages are actually inside the fort.

Jin: At the top of a cliff. How are we going to free your people from there?

Ryuzo: I still have a few men who weren't captured. They're waiting for us at a crossroads nearby.

Jin: We'll need the extra swords. Lead the way.

Jin: How were your men captured?

Ryuzo: Remember that map you gave me?

Jin: The one showing Mongol supply lines. Did you find food?

Ryuzo: Yes. Very well guarded food.

Jin: Too many guards for your best men?

Ryuzo: The ugly bastards were all over us. I barely got away, myself.

Jin: And you're sure the men are alive?

Ryuzo: I heard them singing last night.

Jin: I'm surprised the Mongols allowed that.

Ryuzo: So am I.

Jin: Are you good singers? Might be more pleasant than mercenary work.

Ryuzo: (Bitter chuckle) I didn't choose this life. It was my only option after our duel.

Jin: At Lord Nagao's Tournament. We never talked about it...

Ryuzo: Before we sparred, I invited commanders from every clan to watch. You came at me like I was your mortal enemy. Almost broke my arm.

Jin: I'm sorry. It was my first tournament. I got swept up in the excitement.

Ryuzo: Of course you did. Every samurai on the island wanted to meet the jito's nephew.

Jin: I never thought of it like that.

Ryuzo: You were born Lord Sakai. That tournament was my one chance to gain attention. To enter the service of a lord. Become a samurai.

Jin: You should have come to me. I would've hired you.

Ryuzo: Because no one else would? No. I needed to prove myself.

Jin: I wish you'd told me this earlier.

Ryuzo: Maybe I should have.

Even Ryuzo has heard of your budding legend as the Ghost.

Ryuzo: Someone in Komatsu called you "the Ghost." Was "Lord Sakai" not good enough?

Jin: What's wrong? Afraid I'll get more famous than you?

Ryuzo: (Laughs)

Meet up with the Straw Hats

You will soon reach the rest of the Straw Hats on the road.

Ryuzo: Where's Hiro and Shinzo?

Straw Hat: They left. And they're not coming back.

Ryuzo: Running off, after all I did to keep them alive...

Jin: We still have enough to save your men. I've worked with less.

Ryuzo: I lost men to Mongols. Sickness. Hunger. But never this.

Jin: They're weak. It's not your fault.

Ryuzo: (to the Straw Hats) Anyone else wants to leave?

Travel to Fort Yatate with the Straw Hats

Time to travel to Fort Yatate.

Ryuzo: It'll be dark soon. Ready to ride for Fort Yatate?

Jin: We'll figure out how to free your men on the way.

The game will go into a black scene and teleport all of you near the Fort. 

Ryuzo: Fort Yatate. That's where the bastards are holding my men.

Jin: What's your rescue plan?

Ryuzo: My plan? You're the one who got us onto that Mongol ship.

Jin: Hmm. There's only one road into the fort, and it'll be heavily guarded. I need to get inside without being seen. The Mongols won't be watching the cliffs at the back of the fort. I'll climb up, go over the wall.

Ryuzo: How? Are you half-monkey?

Jin: I have something to help me. I'll free you men. Once they're with me, I'll set of one of the alarms. That's your signal to ride in.

Ryuzo: And crush the Mongols between us. See? I knew you'd have a plan.

Jin: I'll find a way up the cliff on this side. Stay hidden until you see my signal.

Ryuzo: Good luck. Don't fall.

Reach the cliffside

It's up to you now to execute the first part of the plan. Use the Guiding Wind to know the exact spot where you have to start the objective.

As expected,  this is the training quest for the Grapple Hook and Grapple Points.

Jin: Can't jump that gap... But Taka says his hook will support my weight...

When approaching a Grapple Point, jump and the trigger for activation will show.

This is reminiscent of a similar game.

Grapple up the cliffside

And with that, you can now traverse gaps and easily move through cliffs and other vertical structures.

Jin: It worked. I'm starting to like this hook...

Jin: Taka, I owe you...

Note though that between Ghost and Sekiro, Ghost aims for realism, and hence, you will find it initially clunky, wherein in Sekiro you fly and breeze through grappling points smoothly and without much effort.

One is a Shinobi, the other is a Ghost. 

Free the Straw Hat prisoners

While approaching the Fort, you can truly hear the singing of the Straw Hats.

Jin: Need to find Ryuzo's men. They really are singing. Sounds like they're caged all over the fort...

There will be six cages you have to open to free all of the Straw Hats.

Defeat the Mongols

You can approach this with stealth and sneak kills, but as the Straw Hats are inside the cages, they are not treated as hostages.

In other words, you will not have scenarios where the Mongols will start killing the Straw Hats.

The red skull icon and the shield icon will not show up even if the Mongols see you.

The objective is not a hostage-rescuing scenario. You can just go out in the open and fight all the Mongols without sneaking.

Once you defeated all the Mongols, you can open the cages to free the prisoners.

Straw Hat: Is Ryuzo here?

Jin: He sent me.

Straw Hat: I knew he wouldn't leave us.

Jin: TIme to set off an alarm and get Ryuzo in here...

Hanging Pitcher Artifact

While you are in this Mongol Territory, don't forget to acquire the Mongol Artifact named Hanging Pitcher.

It is attached to one of the Mongol tents as shown above.

Traditional Mongolian cuisine relies more on livestock than crops. Airag, or fermented mare's milk, is a drink that stems from this tradition. Normally prepared during the early summer, the refreshing beverage has an acidic flavor as well as a relatively low alcoholic content.

Signal Ryuzo

Once you have open all the cages, it's time to trigger the alarm to inform Ryuzo that he can do his part of the plan.

Use the Guiding Wind to know which spot of the area you go to and what to do. 

The signal to Ryuzo are these fireworks. Go ahead and set off the alarm.

Jin: All right, Ryuzo. We're ready for you... Time to open the gate.

Open the inner gates of Fort Yatate

Once you open the gate, chaos will ensue and Ryuzo and the Mongols will start fighting outside.

Ryuzo: Jin! You made it! Ride them down!

Ryuzo: Die, you ugly bastards!

Defeat the Mongols

Run towards them and join the fray.

Jin: This is it! Fight for your freedom!

If you are fast and sneaky, you can even get some Chain Assassinations.

Straw Hat: Here's to Ryuzo!

Straw Hat: (Cheer of joy.)

Straw Hat: I knew you wouldn't forget us!

Straw Hat: We placed bets how long it'd take you to free us.

Straw Hat: I lost!

Straw Hat: Hope you brought some sake!

Amidst the joy and celebration of the Straw Hats, Ryuzo will share with you his doubts on what just happened.

Ryuzo: You're not going to believe this... It doesn't make any sense...

Jin: What doesn't?

Ryuzo: My men said the Mongols didn't hurt them - they fed them. Good food, too. No wonder they were singing last night.

Jin: Just be grateful they're safe.

Ryuzo: Why in all the hells would the Mongols feed them?

Jin: Maybe the expected something in return.

Ryuzo: Thank you, Jin. My men... They're everything.

Ryuzo afterward leaves with his men and Jin decides to return to the Forge.

Ryuzo: All right, men! On your horses!

Jin: I need to meet Yuna in Komatsu...

And with that, you have completed The Iron Hook major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with Shadow of the Samurai.

Ghost of Tsushima: Shadow of the Samurai