Ghost of Tsushima: Shadow of the Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima: Shadow of the Samurai

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Ghost of Tsushima's Shadow of the Samurai is the final major quest of Act 1, where Jin, Yuna, and their allies execute their plan of rescuing Lord Shimura from his captivity in Castle Kaneda. It is the culmination of several major quests of recruiting allies leading to the final objective of rescuing Lord Shimura.

I finally have the tools and allies I need to rescue my uncle from Castle Kaneda. Before we strike out, I should speak with Yuna at the town of Komatsu Forge and see if she's planning to join my fight.

I'm coming for you, Lord Shimura.


  • Major Legend Increase

Meet Yuna at Komatsu Forge

In the quest The Iron Hook, Jin shared with Yuna that he had gained the support of a number of people who will help him in the rescue of Lord Shimura.

And then he asked her if she will join him in the rescue. She answered, "I don't know."

At the start of this new major quest, visit her, and see if her view has changed. You can easily fast travel to begin this new tale.

Yuna: Welcome back.

Jin: You're still here.

Yuna: Disappointed?

Jin: I thought you'd leave as soon as I had my grappling hook. Try to find a way to the mainland.

Yuna: As tempting as that sounds... You saved Taka's life. My debt's not paid until your uncle's free.

Jin: I'm glad to hear it. Send word to the others.

Yuna: What should I tell them?

Jin: We're going to break into Castle Kaneda, and free Lord Shimura.

A Legacy that Outlives Us

Back in Castle Kaneda, Lord Shimura is still being held captive by Khotun Khan. The next day after Yuna and Jin talk about the rescue, Khotun Khan visits Lord Shimura.

Khotun Khan: I'm told your nephew stalks my men. Tears them apart like a beast.

Shimura: I'm certain you're done worse.

Khotun Khan: (Chuckles.) Oh... you pretend we are different. But we fight for the same thing. To create a legacy that outlives us.

Shimura: I won my legacy with duty and honor. Brought order to my home... and justice for my people. You are nothing like me.

Khotun Khan: Neither is your nephew. But his name is bound to your legacy.

Shimura: Legacy is more than a name.

Khotun Khan: Ah. True. Your family has lived here for generations. Your ancestral castle lies to the north, yes? I look forward to visiting it. While I leave you here starve to death. Alone... Without honor.

The Night of Rescue

A few hours later of the same day, Jin and his allies are already preparing the plan of rescue in a small house just next to the castle.

The Missing Ryuzo

Finally, the moment of rescue is about to happen. However, Ryuzo is nowhere to be found.

Jin: Dammit, Ryuzo. Where are you...?

Yuna: Everyone's here. Should we wait for the Straw Hats?

Jin: No. I'll meet you at the farmhouse.

Pillars of the Alliance

As expected, though they are both best by their own troubles, Lady Masako and Sensei Ishikawa are both present to provide support in rescuing Lord Shimura.

Masako: Jin.

Jin: Thank you for coming. Lord Shimura will be grateful.

Masako: My family's killer can wait a few hours longer.

Ishikawa: As can my hunt for Tomoe. Our island needs its leader restored.

Jin: With your support, he'll be free by sunrise. Prepare yourselves. We'll attack soon.

After this line from Jin, Lady Masako and Sensei Ishikawa will go on with an interesting dialogue. 

Ishikawa: Give the word. We'll be there.

Masako: Your own student, fighting for the enemy. Serves you right.

Ishikawa: Don't start.

Masako: An old man taking up with a young woman. That only leads to trouble.

Ishikawa: I treater her like a daughter.

Masako: For some women, one father is more than enough.

Ishikawa: (Grunts.)

The Rescue Plan

Approach Yuna so Jin can start sharing with the alliance the rescue plan. Even Kenji and Taka are present in this night, but the Straw Hats are still nowhere to be found.

Jin: Everyone! It's time! Today we free Lord Shimura.

Ishikawa: I was told we'd have Straw Hat reinforcements.

Jin: They're not here... and we can't wait any longer.

Yuna: What's the plan, Lord Sakai?

Jin: I'll use my grappling hook to infiltrate the castle. Once I silence the alarm, the rest of you can safely breach the front gate. The Mongols are likely holding Lord Shimura in the main keep. If they sound the alarm, they may execute him.

Masako: We can storm the front gates, take them by surprise.

Jin: No. We do this quietly... We'll carve a path to the main keep. Rescue Lord Shimura. Then fall back to the main gate - and make our escape.

Ishikawa: Sounds like suicide.

Jin: Only if we attack head-on. We can do this if we sneak in and catch the enemy while they're sleeping.

Ishikawa: Like a thief...

Yuna: ...or a ghost.

Jin: Lord Shimura is counting on us. Let's head out.

Scale the cliffs to infiltrate Castle Kaneda

Yuna will go with you as you approach the cliffs. 

Yuna: Good speech. You sure this will work?

Jin: It has to.

Yuna: Looks like you can climb up here.

Jin: Catch up to the others. I'll see you inside...

Yuna: Be careful, Jin.

From here onwards, it will be standard climbing and usage of the grapple hook. Continue until you reach the top.

Jin: I won't fail you again, Uncle...

Find the Mongol alarm

Once you have reached the top, you can start searching for the alarm. You can use the Guiding Wind to know its direction.

After entering the opening, you can use stealth to kill all of the Mongols in the area. Note though that the alarm is not in this area, you have to move to the next section.

There are two ways you can get to the other side, by using the roof or by using the window of the building. The Mongols are inside the building so you have to eliminate them if you plan to use the window.

There are two Mongol soldiers on the other side. Once you kill both of them, then there will be a cutscene.

Jin: Sensei. You and Kenji secure the front gate.

Ishikawa: Consider it done.

Jin: Yuna, can you clear the path along the cliff?

Yuna: Good. We'll meet up at the bridge.

Masako: Forgetting someone?

Jin: No. You're with me.

Advance to the upper courtyard

With the help of Lady Masako, attack the upper courtyard and defeat the Mongols. You have the choice of doing this stealthily or head-on.

Jin: There's a siege weapon up ahead... Last time, they turned it on Yuna and me.

Masako: This time, we'll take it.

Jin: We need to clear the courtyard. Quietly... or head on...

Masako: Your move.

Speak with Masako

After defeating all the Mongols, approach Lady Masako.

Jin: Can you operate the hwacha?

Masako: I'll figure it out.

Jin: When I free Lord Shimura, we'll be chased by Mongols. Take them down.

Masako: With pleasure. Be safe, Jin.

Jin: And you, Masako.

Meet Yuna near the bridge

Yuna is just a few steps ahead after the bridge.

Yuna: Jin. The gate's guarded.

Jin: Follow my lead.

Defeat the Mongols guarding the bridge. After you have cleared them, Yuna will comment on the absence of the Straw Hats.

Yuna: This would be easier if your Straw Hat friends were helping.

Jin: Ryuzo's men were starving. They may have turned against him...

Yuna: War turns desperate men into animals.

Advance across the main bridge

Proceed next to the main bridge where you fought last time Khotun Khan.

This is the same bridge where he dropped you to the river.

Jin: This is as far as I got last time.

Yuna: The Khan threw you off this bridge? How'd you survive?

Jin: I don't know.

Once you reach the main gate, you will find it locked.

Yuna: The gate's locked.

Jin: Hold the bridge. I'll find another way over...

Find a way around the locked gate

You can jump to your right side and start climbing down.

Yuna: Check the cliff. There must be a way around...

Jin: This should work...

Yuna: Good eyes. Once you're in, open the gate for me.

You will do some platforming the moment you descend. You will use your grapple hook a lot as well to reach the other entrance inside.

Open the bridge gate for Yuna

Once you have entered the other side, you can open the gate for Yuna. At this point, you don't have to use stealth, just go straight fight all the Mongols in melee combat.

Jin: I could use Yuna's help...

Yuna: There you are.

Jin: Quiet. More guards ahead.

Advance to the main courtyard

After defeating all the Mongols, move forward. You will find another closed gate, with an obvious opening on its left side.

Jin: Yuna. Hold this area. I'll find Lord Shimura.

Yuna: Good luck, Jin.

Defeat Ryuzo

Once you enter this opening, you will find someone waiting for you.

Jin: Ryuzo.

Ryuzo: The Khan put a bounty on the Ghost. Anyone can claim it.

Jin: You wouldn't.

Ryuzo: My men are starving, Jin.

Jin: Help me save my uncle... and he will reward your men. He will make you samurai.

Ryuzo: Then he'll send us to die. Just like he did at Komoda Beach.

Jin: Ryuzo -

Ryuzo: He's your family, Jin. I need to protect mine.

In the dialogue and in the fight, Jin gave Ryuzo many chances to rethink his decision. However, Ryuzo could not be dissuaded.

Ryuzo: I'll make it quick...

Jin: We were friends.

Ryuzo: A lifetime ago.

Jin: Stop! Before it's too late... You've changed.

Ryuzo: So have you, "Ghost."

Defeat the Mongols

When Ryuzo is about to be defeated, he will do something cowardly. He will run from the fight and alert the Mongols.

Jin: Enough! It's not too late. Help me save our home.

Ryuzo: It belongs to them now.

Jin: Ryuzo...

Ryuzo: He's here. The samurai is here!

After Ryuzo escapes, Mongols will appear. Defeat them and press forward.

Enter the keep to save Lord Shimura

Once you have defeated all the Mongols, enter the keep. You don't have to use stealth here. Lord Shimura is not considered a hostage that can be killed during combat.

Jin: Where is he? Where is Lord Shimura?

There will be few Mongols to welcome you. Defeat them and move to the next floor.

Reach the top floor

Upon reaching the next floor, you will find a Mongol with his back on the door. You have to assassinate him to unlock Shoji Assassination, named after the traditional Japanese door.

Lord Shimura will definitely not like this combat style as it is as dishonorable as can be.

There is only one enemy on this floor and you have already eliminated him. Move to the next floor.

There will be two enemies waiting for you on this floor. They are no Ornstein and Smough though, just normal soldiers.

Once on the top floor, you will get another chance to do a Shoji Assassination, a good way to show Lord Shimura the ways of the Ghost.

Defeat the Mongol guard

You will find Lord Shimura guarded by only one soldier. Eliminate him.

Lord Shimura: Face me, you coward!

Jin: Uncle! I'm coming!

Lord Shimura: Jin? Hurry!

After defeating the guard, you will get a cutscene where Lord Shimura calls Jin as "my boy." This side of him is rarely shown in the whole game.

It reminds you that Jin has grown from a kid to an adult with Lord Shimura as his father figure.

Jin: Uncle!

Shimura: I knew you would, my boy. Your father would be proud.

Jin: I live to serve you, my lord. We have to leave.

Shimura: Not yet. Khotun Khan is marching north to conquer Toyotama. He left some guards here. But they'll be no match... for two samurai.

Jin: I bought allies. We can retake the castle.

Shimura: They will sing songs of our victory.

Follow Lord Shimura

After the cutscene, you will be next to Lord Shimura about to take on a large group of Mongols.

Shimura: Come, Jin. We will clear the invaders from the northern courtyard. Lord Sakai, we'll pull them to us.

After defeating this batch of Mongols, you will get a cutscene where the rest of the allies join you.

It's unfortunate we didn't get the chance to see Lady Masako use the hwacha on the Mongols. It would have been glorious, with her bringing a rain of fire on the Mongols as part of her revenge for what they did to his husband and sons.

Shimura: Sensei. Lady Masako. You've survived...

Masako: With your nephew's help.

Ishikawa: He insisted we could save you. I thought it impossible, but I'm glad he proved me wrong.

Jin: It won't be the last time, Sensei.

Shimura: I'm glad you're all here. We've lost too many friends -

Masako: And family.

Shimura: Lord Adachi died with honor, Lady Masako. Now we avenge him - and all the fallen warriors of Tsushima.

This speech will be interrupted though, as more enemy Mongols arrive. This is the first time Jin will fight the enemies with all the warriors of the alliance present. You will notice Kenji and Taka are not around.

Yuna: There's more coming!

Shimura: We will face them. Together! For the fallen warriors of Tsushima!

While fighting, Lord Shimura will give some commands to the alliance.

Shimura: Fire on them, Sensei Ishikawa! We will cover you!

Shimura: Press your attack, Lord Sakai!

After slaying all the enemies, you will get the final speech from Lord Shimura.

Shimura: Well fought. All of you.

Yuna: We did it.

Shimura: The castle is ours.

Jin: You've led us to victory, my lord.

Shimura: With your help, Jin. Together, we will break the Mongol spirit... and bring Khotun Khan to his knees. We will win this war as samurai.

And with that, you have completed Shadow of the Samurai major quest.

The Next Quest

Shadow of the Samurai completes Act 1 of the game. 

If you would like to begin the next act, let's proceed with Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura.

Ghost of Tsushima: Act 2 - Retake Castle Shimura