Ghost of Tsushima: A Message in Fire

Ghost of Tsushima: A Message in Fire

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Ghost of Tsushima's A Message in Fire is a major quest in Act 2 and the continuation of A New Horizon. In this quest, Jin visits Umugi Cove to search for a man named Goro so he can deliver the message of Lord Shimura to the shogun.

With this message, the shogun will be able to send samurai reinforcements that will help the people of Tsushima defeat the Mongol invaders.

We need samurai reinforcements if we're going to save our home. The shogun can provide them, but only if we contact him to request more forces.

Lord Shimura knows a pirate named Goro skilled enough to break through the Mongol blockade and deliver our request. I should be able to find him in the smuggler's den of Umugi Cove.


  • Major Legend Increase

Search for Umugi Cove

You might initially find it hard to locate Umugi Cove as it's not obvious where it is located in Toyotama. However, with the help of the Guiding Wind and the scene below, you can recognize its entrance. 

Once you have entered the cave entrance, you will still have to go through some paths as there is a second main entrance to the Cove. The circular opening below will lead to Umugi Cove.

Finally, after several steps, you will reach one of the most interesting locations in Tsushima, the Den of Thieves, Umugi Cove.

You will notice that this area, unlike the other villages and territories, has a lot of katana-wielding inhabitants. 

Follow the guard to meet Lady Sanjo

Once you take a step inside Umugi Cove, you will get a cutscene with a guard.

Straw Hat: Halt, ronin. State your business.

Jin: I'm not a ronin. My name is Jin Sakai.

Straw Hat: A samurai? Lady Sanjo will want to see you. She's in charge of Umugi Cove. Please, come with me.

Straw Hat: This way, my lord. It's important you speak to the lady.

Speak with Lady Sanjo

Follow the guard and he will bring you to the second floor of the main building in Umugi Cove. There you will meet Lady Sanjo.

Straw Hat: Lord Sakai... This is Lady Sanjo.

Lady Sanjo: Welcome to Umugi Cove.

Jin: I see the Mongols haven't found this place.

Lady Sanjo: Thankfully, no. There hasn't been bloodshed here for many years. Anyone who draws a weapon answers to my men. Your safety is assured. So long as you abide by that same rule. Now please... Tell me how I may help you.

Jin: I'm looking for a smuggler named Goro.

Lady Sanjo: Interesting. He's downstairs, having his third bottle of sake. Enjoy your visit with him.

Jin: Thank you.

Lady Sanjo: Come see me again sometime. I think we can help each other.

Speak with Goro

Go back to the first floor, and you will meet the man called Goro.

Jin: You must be Goro.

Goro: We must all be someone. Who must you be?

Jin: Lord Sakai.

Goro: Ha! The samurai are all dead.

Jin: I'm very much alive... But my patience is dying. Lord Shimura asks that you repay your debt to him.

Goro: He's alive? What does he want?

Jin: To deliver a message to the mainland.

Goro: I charged a lot for that trip even before the Mongol blockade.

Jin: You owe my master a debt. This will repay it.

Goro: Then I have no choice.

Walk with Goro

Follow Goro as he brings you to his house. 

Goro: After Komoda Beach... I thought my debt to Lord Shimura was erased. That's why I was drinking.

Jin: To celebrate your escape?

Goro: To mourn the samurai! Those warriors died protecting men like me.

Jin: If that's how you feel, find your courage. Help us avenge them.

Goro: We need a lot more samurai to do that.

Jin: We'll receive them... When you deliver Lord Shimura's message.

Goro: This is my home. Come in. Getting past that Mongol blockade won't be easy. Do you have Lord Shimura's message?

Jin: He has it. At his camp on the Akashima coast.

Goro: I can work with that... One of my boats is hidden near Fort Mitodake. This map shows where I'll wait on the forest road.

Take the map from Goro

The map that Goro will give you is one of the Key Items in the game.

It has the following content:

A map leading to Goro's hidden smuggling boat in Yarikawa's prefecture.

Confront the ronin

Immediately after receiving the map, you will hear Straw Hats looking for Goro.

Straw Hat: Open up, Goro! We're not leaving until you pay us what you owe!

Goro: Shit.

Jin: I'll deal with them. Get moving.

Goro: And I'll leave you to it. See you in Akashima, Lord Sakai.

Straw Hat: There's no use hiding, Goro! We know you're in there!

Jin: I didn't call for ronin.

Straw Hat: Uh... my lord! What's your business with Goro?

Jin: Private.

Straw Hat: We'll... We'll be back.

Meet Lord Shimura at his old hunting camp

With the Straw Hats gone, it's time to travel to Lord Shimura's old hunting camp. You can find this location using the Guiding Wind.

The last time you talked to Lord Shimura, he advised you to collect the Sakai Clan armor

Lord Shimura: Lord Sakai. You were destined to wear that armor in battle.

Jin: I hope I'm worthy of it.

Jin: I found Goro in Umugi Cove.

Shimura: Was he drunk?

Jin: Not anymore. He will fulfill his debt to you. And sail for the mainland.

Shimura: He may be unsavory... But few know the sea like Goro.

Jin: Will these men deliver your message?

Shimura: Precisely. Kotaro and Jiro are loyal and courageous. They will petition the shogun for reinforcements.

Jin: Goro is ready. He will meet us nearby, then lead us to his boat.

Shimura: We will ride when the time is right. Take this moment... To prepare for battle.

Jin: Yes, Uncle.

Travel with Lord Shimura to meet Goro

After the cutscene, travel with Lord Shimura to meet Goro.

Shimura: It is time. To your horses, men.

Samurai: We are ready, my lord.

Shimura: Stay alert. And keep watch for our smuggler.

Shimura: I can always tell when you want to ask me something. Out with it.

Jin: I'm curious how you met Goro.

Shimura: I caught him selling Chinese sill forbidden by shogun decree. I burned his stock and let him go.

Jin: He defied the shogun. It was a risk to not punish him harshly.

Shimura: A samurai should always apply the proper force. Too little, and you lose respect. Too much... And you lose opportunity.

Jin: The Mongols have many ships. Can Goro evade them all?

Shimura: He has no choice.

Samurai: What will we do if they catch us, my lord?

Shimura: Do not fear death, Kotaro. Live with courage. And never forget the people you fight to protect.

Follow Goro to his boat

You will soon reach a tree where Goro is waiting for your arrival.

Goro: Lord Shimura!

Shimura: Goro. Where is your boat?

Goro: This way. I'm happy you're alive, my lord.

Shimura: Thank you for agreeing to settle your debt.

Goro: I'll do my best... But I fear the Mongols will sink me before I leave the coastline. There are too many eyes watching the water.

Shimura: Perhaps we can direct their attention elsewhere. Dismount. We walk from here.

Shimura: Fort Mitodake. My father took that stronghold from Clan Yarikawa.

Jin: Now the Mongols have it.

Shimura: Imagine their surprise when two samurai take it back from them.

Jin: If we make enough noise inside the fort...

Shimura: The Mongol ship crews will look to it instead of the water.

Shimura: Goro. We will draw the enemy's attention to the fort. Sail when you hear the fighting.

Goro: My lord, you'll be killed!

Shimura: Your only concern is delivering my message. Horses might give us away. We will go on foot, Lord Sakai.

Travel with Lord Shimura to Fort Mitodake

Follow Lord Shimura as you travel to Fort Mitodake.

Shimura: Mongol armies are formidable... But our attack will catch them off guard.

Jin: Let's pray that holds true in the fort.

Shimura: They outnumber us... But they cannot attack all at once.

Jin: How long can we keep the element of surprise?

Shimura: Only until we see the enemy. Then... We strike!

Ambush the Mongol patrol with Lord Shimura

Shimura: Mongols ahead.

Jin: We could avoid them.

Shimura: Turn your back on a foe... And you will die with a sword stuck in it.

Shimura: For Tsushima!

Attack Fort Mitodake with Lord Shimura

After defeating the Mongol patrol, go straight for the gate. Enemies will come pouring from this gate.

Shimura: We have the advantage! Cross the bridge!

Jin: Are you ready, Uncle?

Shimura: Kill their strongest first! Die, Mongol Filth!

Jin: More coming out of the gates!

Shimura: Take them quickly! Perfect form, Jin! Well done!

Open the gates with Lord Shimura

After defeating the enemies, open the gates of Fort Mitodake.

Shimura: That's the last of them! Forward, through that gate!

Shimura: I am proud to fight beside you, Jin! See how the enemy fear you! You are a true warrior!

Jin: Thank you, Uncle.

Shimura: Remain alert.

Jin: Archers! Take cover!

Shimura: We have to get through that gate! Lord Sakai... With me!

Attack Fort Mitodake with Lord Shimura

There is another gate inside, open it, and defeat all the Mongols inside.

Shimura: Wreak havoc on the fort! We need the Mongol ships to focus here, not on Goro!

Shimura: A masterful strike! This way!

Jin: We have their full attention, now!

Shimura: Kill them all! We must press forward!

Fight to the hwacha tower with Lord Shimura

The Mongols will soon unleash their powerful weapon against you and Lord Shimura, the Mongol Hwacha.

Jin: They have a hwacha!

Shimura: That is our new goal! Fight to the tower, Jin!

Shimura: Cut them down! Well struck, Lord Sakai!

Shimura: Do not give ground! Forward!

The hwacha is a mobile cart capable of shooting dozes, or even hundreds, of arrows in a single volley, with a range of up to several hundred feet.

Shimura: Flow through them! Stop only to kill!

Shimura: You remember all I taught you! I am proud to fight beside you, Jin!

While moving to the hwacha tower, you will know where the missiles will land through the white color that appears on the ground when the missiles are about to hit.

Shimura: Forward! Show the Mongols we will not be denied! Almost there!

Shimura: These are the last of them! Let's finish it!

Shimura: Now we take the hwacha!

Defend Goro’s ship

With the hwacha secured, you gain an extra weapon to protect Goro from the Mongol ships. What follows is a mini-game of shooting ships.

Shimura: There is Goro's boat.

Jin: We bought them time... But not enough.

Shimura: The Mongols have seen them... And their attack ships are faster... Our men are defenseless.

Jin: No. They have us. And we have a hwacha.

Shimura: A weapon of the enemy... Not samurai.

Jin: Saving our people is all that matters.

Shimura: You know how to fire this?

Jin: I'll learn.

Shimura: Destroy the Mongol ships. Leave the guards to me.

Jin: Uncle...

Shimura: We will not die here, my boy!

Shimura: The Mongols sent boarding parties! Don't let their boats reach Goro!

Jin: It's working! The Mongol ships are in flames!

Shimura: Don't let up. Goro must outrun them!

Jin: Archers on the shore. Don't slow down, Goro!

Jin: More ships on the way. Hold on, Goro!


Jin: You made it, Goro. Bring us the shogun's help.

Lord Shimura's Confession

After successfully protecting Goro's ship from all the Mongol attackers, Lord Shimura will reveal to you a surprise.

Jin: We did it.

Shimura: I knew we would. You continue to prove the Mongols are not unstoppable.

Jin: You taught me to fight. I couldn't disappoint you.

Shimura: And you never have. I am proud of the warrior... The man you've become. Jin, my message to the shogun included an announcement. I wish to formally adopt you as my son.

Jin: Uncle...

Shimura: In my heart... You have always been the heir to my legacy. When this war ends... We will make it official. One day, our people will look to you as their leader. You will become their honorable Jito. Backed by all the power of the shogun.

Jin: I hope I can serve them as well as you have.

Shimura: I know you will.

After that surprising revelation, Lord Shimura will prepare for his travel to Camp Kubara.

Shimura: We must finish our preparations while we await the shogun's reinforcements.

Jin: What are your orders?

Shimura: Finish your preparations... And I will see to mine. When you're ready... Meet me at our staging camp in Kubara. Then... We will retake my castle from Khotun Khan. And save our home. As father and son. The shogun himself will celebrate our victory. We will meet again soon. Until then travel safely.

And with that, you have completed A Message in Fire major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Walls of Yarikawa.

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