Ghost of Tsushima: A New Horizon

Ghost of Tsushima: A New Horizon

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Ghost of Tsushima's A New Horizon is the first major quest of Act 2 where Jin and Lord Shimura plan the retaking of Castle Shimura. The plan includes recruiting the Yarikawa people to the cause and getting help from the Shogun for reinforcements. 

Jin also meets a new major character, Norio the warrior monk, who will help in the liberation of Castle Shimura.

With Lord Shimura freed, we can take the fight to the Mongols and reclaim Castle Shimura, the strategic heart of Tsushima Island that has recently fallen to Khotun Khan. My uncle and I will ride ahead to scout the battlefield. Together, we will plot our moves to reclaim Castle Shimura - and our home.


  • Major Legend Increase

Speak with Yuna

The moment Shadow of the Samurai ends, the quest for A New Horizon begins immediately. Yuna will approach you as you sit next to the garden where you dueled Ryuzo.

Yuna: Your uncle's looking for you. I heard the Khan took his castle...

Jin: I never should have trusted Ryuzo.

Yuna: He fooled all of us.

Jin: I thought you'd be gone by now.

Yuna: So did I.

Jin: Let's talk to my uncle. See about getting your reward.

Yuna: Lord Shimura's in the main keep.

Walk to the Keep with Yuna

While going to the keep, Jin will try to convince Yuna to stay and continue the fight.

Jin: Do you still want to leave Tsushima?

Yuna: There's nothing left for me here.

Jin: I could use your help in the fight ahead.

Yuna: You have your uncle, Jin. You don't need me.

Jin: I need every ally I can trust.

Yuna: Good luck with your uncle...

Speak with Lord Shimura in the keep

The next dialogue between Jin and Lord Shimura is one of the most important in the game. It will not be the last to have such a theme, and it will only intensify in future similar dialogues. But this is the first time Lord Shimura admonishes Jin and tells him to return to the ways of the samurai.

Shimura: You look well... We will defeat the Khan - and the coward Ryuzo. Mount their heads on the battlements of my castle... But I can't do this without you.

Jin: You have me.

Shimura: I heard of your... exploits while I was imprisoned. Your methods were brutal, impulsive... without honor.

Jin: I did what I had to. For you.

Shimura: I know, Jin. And I'll be forever in your debt. But you can't continue down this path... All of Tsushima looks to us for guidance. We must save our home together. As samurai.

Jin: What about Yuna? She saved my life and helped free you. All she wants in return is a safe passage to the mainland.

Shimura: I will grant it when the seas are clear. But only if she helps me retake my castle.

Jin: Thank you, Uncle.

Shimura: We ride within the hour.

Jin: Yes, Lord Shimura.

Note that Jin neither confirmed nor contradicted his Uncle when he said that they must save their island as samurai.

Speak with your allies

Now is a good time to visit your allies and see their perspective after freeing Lord Shimura.

Jin: I should check on the others...

Jin: Lady Masako... Any news on your family's killers?

Masako: My hunt continues. I've tracked several of the names to Toyotama.

Jin: You won't have to find them alone. But when the time comes to retake Lord Shimura's castle, can I count on your sword?

Masako: I'll be there. And we will destroy our enemies together.

Ishikawa: Sakai. You fought well yesterday.

Jin: Your bow made that easier, Sensei. Any news on your fallen student?

Ishikawa: I heard rumors of a Japanese archer helping the Mongols in Akashima.

Jin: It has to be Tomoe.

Ishikawa: I'm heading to a camp for survivors near the coast. They may know more.

Jin: I will find you there, Sensei. You have my word.

Yuna: What did your uncle say?

Jin: Lord Shimura will grant you passage to the mainland - after you help us retake his castle.

Yuna: This isn't my fight, Jin -

Jin: This is everyone's fight. Prove your worth to Lord Shimura, and he will reward you. I promise.

Your conversation with Yuna will be interrupted though, as it's time to move out.

Shimura: Lord Sakai! It's time!

Yuna: Typical samurai. Squeezing people for everything they're worth.

Ride with Lord Shimura

Now that you have taken the perspective of each of your allies, excluding Kenji and Taka, it's time to ride with Lord Shimura.

Shimura: We ride for Toyotama, Lord Sakai. The bridge is out. But the Mongols don't know about the old forest path. This way...

Jin: Uncle... I'm sorry I didn't free you sooner.

Shimura: You have nothing to apologize for, Jin.

Jin: What sort of man is the Khan?

Shimura: A clever beast, but I know his kind. All ambition and no honor.

Jin: He learned our language, kept you alive. What is he after?

Shimura: He wanted me to aid his conquest of our mainland. Offered me wealth. Power. Wives.

Jin: He thought you'd turn against your own people?

Shimura: For that insult alone, I will kill him. Tell me about this woman who saved your life.

Jin: Yuna is brave, loyal, and good in a fight.

Shimura: Ishikawa said she's a thief.

Jin: She can be a little rough but she has a good heart.

Shimura: Take care where you place your faith. You were friends with Ryuzo, too. The battles ahead will be difficult. I need to know I can rely on my people.

Jin: You have my full support. And Yuna's.

Shimura: Long ago, chaos ruled this island. It was the samurai who brought order - and unified all of Tsushima. We must show our people that honorable samurai still fight for this island. It is time you return home and reclaim the armor of clan Sakai.

Jin: It has sat empty since my father died.

Shimura: The past cannot hurt you, Jin.

You will soon reach an area where houses and villagers were ravaged by the Mongols.

Shimura: Do you smell that?

Jin: Burning wood... and bodies.

Shimura: Monsters...

Jin: They raided farms to the south, but never like this.

Shimura: This is the Khan's revenge for my escape. We must save any farm left standing. Without them, we won't survive the winter.

Jin: I'll see it done.

You will soon see rice fields and more houses ruined by the Mongols.

Shimura: What have they done?

Jin: Mongol patrol ahead!

Shimura: Run them down!

Go ahead and defeat the Mongols with Lord Shimura.

Shimura: Mongols. I saw them in Castle Kaneda. They're the Khan's wolves. Sent north to ravage our people.

Liberate Fort Ito

After defeating the Mongol raiders in the rice fields, Lord Shimura will lead the way towards Fort Ito, where a lighthouse is currently occupied by Mongols.

Shimura: The Mongols have taken our lighthouse. We will relight the flame. Show the Khan we're coming for him.

Jin: And give our people hope.

Shimura: We must find our lighthouses, and rekindle every last one.

Defeat the enemies at the gate and then press forward.

Shimura: Die, Mongol filth! More coming out of the gates!

Reach the Mongol Alarm

Run towards the back of the camp, near the lighthouse. There you will find the soldiers that are sending signals for more Mongols to arrive.

Jin: They're calling for help!

Shimura: Silence them!

Clear all the Mongol soldiers and then talk to Lord Shimura.

Shimura: Well fought.

Jin: They deserved worse.

Speak with Lord Shimura

Speaking with Lord Shimura will trigger the next batch of enemies to appear.

Shimura: Reinforcements...

Jin: They want to trap us.

Shimura: We will meet them head-on!

Run back to the front gate. You will be surprised to have your own reinforcement.

Jin: Yuna!

Shimura: What's she doing here?

Yuna: A war band's right behind me. They have explosives.

Jin: We can use that against them.

Yuna: Ready your bow.

This is the most interesting part. If you fail to shoot the moving carriage or you are too slow to shoot it, then Yuna will shoot it with perfect accuracy, causing the explosion shown below. Yuna saves the day.

You just need to dispose of the remaining Mongols.

Shimura: Cut them down!

Jin: Kill them all!

Yuna will inform you if all the Mongols have been cleared.

Yuna: No sign of more Mongols...

Speak with Yuna

Approach Yuna to initiate the next quest objective.

Jin: You're ready to fight for our cause?

Yuna: I need to get off this island. So does Taka.

Shimura: We're not finished yet. To the lighthouse... We'll rekindle its flame. Show the Mongols our victory at Castle Kaneda was only the beginning... and tell the Khan that we're coming for him.

Travel to the lighthouse

Return to the back of the Mongol camp and you will find there the lighthouse.

Jin: I'm glad you came, Yuna.

Shimura: You were an effective distraction.

Yuna: A pleasure to serve, my lords.

Jin: We need more warriors like you following us into battle.

Yuna: You may have trouble finding them unless you broaden your horizons.

Once you have reached the lighthouse, Lord Shimura will ask Yuna to share her thoughts.

Shimura: We have business in the lighthouse. Speak your mind, then leave us to it.

Yuna: Yarikawa has plenty of warriors if their walls haven't fallen...

Shimura: I put down the Yarikawa Rebellion. Its people have no love for me.

Yuna: I know. I grew up there.

Shimura: Is that where you learned to steal?

Yuna: Yuna has great admiration for you, Lord Shimura. She can convince her people to fight under your banner.

Shimura: Very well. Help Lord Sakai raise this army, and you will be on the first transport to the mainland.

Yuna: With my brother.

Jin: Wait for me in Old Yarikawa.

Yuna: Thank you, Jin.

Climb the lighthouse with Lord Shimura

Now it's time to ignite the Akashima Lighthouse with Lord Shimura.

Shimura: It's time we send our message.

Jin: I hope the Khan sees this...

Shimura: He will.

Jin: We will take back your castle, Uncle.

Shimura: And destroy the Mongols. As honorable samurai. Return home, and claim your father's armor. Recruit the peasants of Yarikawa. I will petition the shogun for reinforcements.

Jin: How will you get a message to the mainland?

Shimura: I have unsavory friends of my own. A pirate named Goro in Umugi Cove owes me a debt.

Jin: If he's alive I'll find him.

Shimura: Bring him to me at our old hunting camp. We will meet again soon. Until then travel safely. I cannot lose you again.

Listen to the woman

After your conversation with Lord Shimura, the cutscene will end and you will find the Fort now populated with locals, brimming with life and activity.

There will be a woman next to you with a message.

Peasant: My lord, we freed a Mongol prisoner here! A warrior monk. He wants to speak with you.

Jin: A warrior monk? I'll find him.

Speak with the Warrior Monk

You can use the guiding wind to find the warrior monk.

Norio: Lord Sakai. My thanks to you and your companions.

Jin: Where do you serve?

Norio: Cedar Temple. Our warrior monks rode south to fight the Mongols after we heard about Komoda. But our journey ended here.

Jin: I'm sorry. What happened?

Norio: We were ambushed and taken captive. Shoved into a covered pit. No food. So dark I couldn't see my hands in front of my face. I think they took Jogon out first. We heard him struggling and shouting, then shouts turned into screams. We could smell... burning. But we refused to submit. There were only three of us left when they took my brother, Enjo.

Jin: Enjo... the Guardian? I'm sorry he's gone. He was a great warrior.

Norio: An even better brother.

Jin: What's your name?

Norio: Norio, my lord.

Follow Norio

Follow Norio and he will show you the pit where they were kept.

Norio: This is where they held us.

Jin: That hole would barely fit six men.

Norio: I promise it holds double that.

Jin: Walk with me, Norio. I want to show you something. You rode from Toyotama. What was it like?

Norio: Kushi Temple was spared, as were the healers of Akashima. I hear the pirates' nest of Umugi Cove still stands.

Exit the Fort’s Northern Gate

Proceed to the Northern Gate, where the ships of the Mongol invaders are all visible.

Jin: Let's stop here.

Norio: There must be thousands of invaders.

Jin: Now that Lord Shimura is free, he can lead us to victory. I hope you'll join our fight.

Norio: The monks of Cedar Temple can help. They're all within a day's ride. Support them, and we'll sweep the Mongols back into the ocean.

Jin: We will avenge your brother, Norio. All the monks who died here.

Norio: I don't seek revenge. But I will fight for peace. I'll ride to Akashima village to support our healers. If we're going to fight back, we need their skills. I can introduce you to Hochi. My brother always said he's the greatest healer of us all.

Jin: Then I'll see you again in Akashima.

And with that, you have completed A New Horizon major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with A Message in Fire.

Ghost of Tsushima: A Message in Fire