Ghost of Tsushima: Ghosts From the Past

Ghost of Tsushima: Ghosts From the Past

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Ghost of Tsushima's Ghosts From the Past is a major quest in Act 2 where Jin returns to his ancestral home in Omi Village to reclaim the armor of the Sakai clan. Here he is reunited with Yuriko, their old caretaker who has looked after him since he was a baby.

In addition to the Sakai Clan Armor and Mask, you also gain in this quest the Blowgun and the capability to poison enemies.

I haven't been home since the invasion. It's time I return to Omi Village and recover my father's armor, if it hasn't been stolen by Mongols or bandits already.

I hope my people managed to evacuate for safety. Especially Yuriko, my family's caretaker.


Return home to Omi Village

As this quest rewards one of the best armor sets in the game, you might want to do it immediately after completing A New Horizon.

The journey will not be easy though, as it is 3.9km from Fort Ito. But it will very much worth it.

The 3.9km distance you have to travel is shown below. Just keep on using the Guiding Wind to refresh your direction.

Once you have reached Omi Village, then you are very near to Jin's ancestral home.

Jin: Omi Village... Home.

Look for your father’s armor

When you enter the building, you will not find anyone around.

Jin: No sign of Mongols.

However, you will soon find out that the stand that carries the armor is empty.

This is the same room during the Prologue where we meet Jin for the first time. He was still very young and is filled with guilt for the death of his father. 

Jin: Where is it?

While checking the armor stand, someone will sneak up on you, ready to attack.

Yuriko: How dare you!

After a while, the newcomer will recognize Jin.

Yuriko: Oh! Young Master! I feared you were dead.

Jin: I came as soon as I could. It's good to see you, Yuriko.

Yuriko: You look tired. Are you hungry?

Jin: Not now. Thank you. The Khan's army must have marched past here. Have you had any trouble?

Yuriko: A few bandits, nothing I can't take care of.

Jin: I've come for my father's... My armor.

Yuriko: You refused to wear it at Komoda Beach. A lot has changed since then. I hid it somewhere safe.

Go with Yuriko

This scene is very reminiscent of that memory when Jin is still young, during the day of his father's funeral.

Yuriko: Come this way. These old bones. I'll get Taichi to help me fetch it. He's at the cemetery.

Jin: What's he doing there?

Yuriko: Tending the grounds. Gathering plants for my poisons. Keeps vermin out of our food stores.

Jin: I'm glad you're not alone.

Yuriko: What about Lord Shimura?

Jin: Alive. The Mongols captured him at Komoda. But we freed him.

Yuriko: Oh! Others survived. And they're helping you?

Jin: A few. Lady Masako.

Yuriko: Good! She's been fighting alongside the boys since she was knee high.

Jin: (Laughs) You'll have to tell me more about that someday.

Yuriko: But it's just the two of you?

Jin: A few others. Sensei Ishikawa.

Yuriko: I haven't seen him in years. Does he still act like he's the only one who knows how to do things?

Jin: Half the time he's right. But his aim is unmatched.

Yuriko: He would certainly agree.

Visit your father’s grave

Upon reaching the cemetery, you will find a young man named Taichi, who helps Yuriko take care of the Sakai estate.

Taichi: Lord Sakai! You're back!

Jin: I wish I could stay. But I hear you're taking good care of Yuriko.

Taichi: You've got that backwards, my lord.

Yuriko: Taichi... Help me get the Sakai armor.

Jin: Go. I should pay my respects.

Yuriko: The weeds haven't been pulled.

Taichi: I'm sorry, Yuriko.

Yuriko: Our lord finally returns, and his home is a mess!

Taichi: I'll fix it immediately!

Yuriko: Don't worry about that now. Let's make sure the armor is perfect.

Compose a haiku

Here you will be able to compose a haiku with a theme on legacy. There will be no headband rewards though.

I mourn my father

I fought hard to return home

The old tree lives on

Put on your father’s armor

The moment has finally arrived that you will receive the Sakai Clan armor set.

Taichi: The armor's inside, my lord!

Jin: Thank you, Taichi.

Jin will suddenly remember his father upon touching the armor, especially the scene when he was about to be killed by a rebel from Yarikawa.

The next scene will show Jin wearing the armor and next to Yuriko.

Yuriko: Young Master?

Jin: Are you alright?

Yuriko: Yes, just lightheaded. For a moment I thought you looked...

Yuriko will not be able to finish his sentence though as she will be interrupted. She was about to say that Jin looks like his father, Kazumasa Sakai.

Straw Hat: Face us, coward!

Jin: Get inside.

Sakai Clan Armor

Because of its bonus, the Sakai Clan Armor is one of the most special armor sets in the game. 

When fully upgraded it has the following bonuses, which are unique to this armor.

  • Major increase to Melee damage
  • Massive increase to health
  • Increase the Standoff Streak by 2. Winning a Standoff has a 25% chance to Terrify nearby enemies.

This is also the reason why the next scene puts you immediately in a situation where you can experience firsthand the bonus.

Challenge the Straw Hats

After the cutscene, you will be in a Standoff with the Straw Hat who interrupted Yuriko. Be careful as these enemies are more advanced than the previous swordsmen of Act 1

They can easily one-shot or two-shot you, depending on whether you have upgraded your health faithfully.

Speak with Yuriko

After defeating the three Straw Hats, return to Yuriko.

Yuriko: Lord Sakai...

Jin: Are you all right?

Yuriko: You butchered them... Is Yarikawa giving us trouble again?

Jin: The Yarikawa Rebellion was twenty years ago. Those men were with the Mongols.

Yuriko: Of course! Seeing you like that... I'm still shaken up. I need to catch my breath.

Jin: By the lake. Your favorite tree.

Yuriko: Yes... Come.

Go with Yuriko

Follow Yuriko as she brings you to her favorite tree.

Jin: You said earlier you've been making poisons.

Yuriko: Keeps the vermin out of our rice.

Jin: Can you make it stronger? Enough to kill a man?

Yuriko: No one deserves that.

Jin: Can you do it?

Yuriko: The effects in larger doses are ugly...

Jin: Good.

Yuriko: Oh... My lord... (Heavy sigh.) Sit with me a moment.

Yuriko: Poison has never been the Sakai way.

Jin: No Sakai had to fight the Mongol Empire. I need every weapon we have. Tsushima can't afford anything less.

Yuriko: The Mongols have changed you, Young Master.

Jin: The world has changed. My mother taught me about plants that heal. Others that harm, even kill. But they must be consumed.

Yuriko: How will you poison the invaders?

Jin: A blowgun and darts. I've read of their use by a Genji warrior who studied with monks from the West. Will you help me?

Yuriko: Promise me you'll remain the good man I know.

Jin: I promise.

Yuriko: I've looked after your every need since your mother carried you. I won't stop now.

Jin: All I need is something to make a blowgun.

Yuriko: Used to be plenty of reeds down river, near the old crossing. Remember? You and your little friend gathered them to make little boats.

Jin: Ryuzo and I. We'd spend all day re-enacting the battle of Dan-no-ura.

Yuriko: Be careful, Jin. The invaders have an outpost there now.

Jin: Don't worry. I'll be back soon with reeds.

Yuriko: I'll wait for you here.

Travel to the old crossing

You can use the Guiding Wind to find the location of the reeds. Upon reaching the old crossing, you will find out that it has been turned into Mongol territory.

Jin: Yuriko was right. A Mongol outpost.

Before collecting the reeds, you might want to liberate the Mongol territory. Proceed with our Liberate Kishibe Village guide to free the village.

Ghost of Tsushima: Kishibe Village

Collect the reeds

Now that you have liberated Kishibe Village, it's time to collect the reeds for the blowgun.

You will find the reeds just below the bridge shown above.

Below is how the reeds actually look like.

Jin: Perfect for a blowgun. I'll get these to Yuriko.

Return to Yuriko

While approaching Yuriko, you will hear her crying.

Yuriko: Oh Kazumasa... Jin... alone in the world... (Quiet sobbing)

Jin: Yuriko?

Yuriko: Oh! Excuse me, Young Master. You caught me thinking about Lord Sakai.

Jin: I try not to do that.

Yuriko: He loved you in his way.

Jin: Enough of the past... We have a blowgun and darts. All I need now is the poison.

Yuriko: Of course, Young Master.

Follow Yuriko

It's time to create the poison. Follow Yuriko to her camp.

Yuriko: Come with me. I have a small camp where I gather plans and herbs for ointments. And poison. It kills vermin within moments.

Jin: Make it strong enough for the invaders.

Yuriko: It's nice to ride with you again.

Jin: You and Lord Shimura taught me to ride. (Chuckle) On that runt pony...

Yuriko: (Laughs) You sat so tall and straight in your little saddle. Like you were the shogun himself! Oh, no. Little Jin!

Jin: What's so funny?

Yuriko: I just remembered it was out here you nearly killed your uncle.

Jin: What?

Yuriko: You were three or four. The poor man was trying to teach you how to hold your wooden kodachi. You wanted to chase butterflies.

Jin: I know the story. My uncle's black eye took weeks to heal.

Yuriko: Lord Shimura and your father laughed so hard I feared they'd both choke to death.

Jin: I don't remember my father's laugh.

Yuriko: He lost his humor after your mother got sick. But you have your father's laugh. Here we are.

Jin: A goza mat and a campfire. You sleep out here?

Yuriko: (Chuckle) Only when I spend the day foraging for plants. I'll look for the flowers we need.

Jin: Rest, Yuriko. I'll get them for you.

Gather the flowers

You can use the Guiding Wind to find the flowers. Below is how they actually look like.

Yuriko: Don't eat the seeds. They're poisonous.

Jin: I'm not a child, Yuriko.

Yuriko: Oh! I know. Remember how we'd gather flowers for your mother?

Jin: She arranged them for the little alcove at home.

Once you have collected three flowers, Yuriko will inform you.

Yuriko: That should be enough. Bring them to me, Young Master.

Jin: Your plants.

Yuriko: Good. We extract the seeds. Crush them. Make a paste, and dip the needles.

Jin: Make sure the dose is strong.

Yuriko: It should do what you need.

Yuriko: It's done.

Before you could thank Yuriko, though, you will hear shouts from Straw Hats looking for you.

Straw Hat: You're sure he came this way?

Straw Hat: The old woman has a camp around here somewhere.

Yuriko: Listen! Someone's coming!

Jin: Stay there, Yuriko.

Poison a Straw Hat with your blowgun

Walk near the edge and you will see the Straw Hats below.

Jin: Let's see if this poison works.

Straw Hat: He'll regret what he did for Sadamune and the others.

This is your opportunity to test your newly acquired blowgun.

Shoots a variety of poisoned darts.

The game will aid you as well, by showing the poison dart tutorial.

Poison Darts kill enemies in a violent display that attracts nearby hostiles.

Straw Hat: I just want his head and the price that goes with it.

Straw Hat: How much farther?

Straw Hat: It's around here somewhere. Let me get my bearings.

Straw Hat: Hurry up. I don't want to lose him.

Go ahead and punish the Straw Hats.

Return to Yuriko 

Return to Yuriko afterward.

Yuriko: Are you hurt, Young Master?

Jin: Don't worry. I dealt with them.

Yuriko: Sometimes I forget you're a grown man.

Jin: I forget sometimes, too. We should get back to the estate.

Yuriko: I'll stay. I need to straighten the place up.

Jin: Don't push yourself too hard.

Yuriko: Hush! You're not a child, and I'm old enough to take care of myself.

Jin: What other kinds of poison can you make?

Yuriko: Always so impatient! There is another... causes confusion and rage. But the ingredients... what are they...? Try to remember. It sounds useful.

And with that, you have completed Ghosts From the Past quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with A Reckoning in Blood.

Ghost of Tsushima: A Reckoning in Blood