Ghost of Tsushima: Charm of Amaterasu

Ghost of Tsushima: Charm of Amaterasu


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Ghost of Tsushima's Charm of Amaterasu is an Omamori charm that gives the bonus where killing enemies restore a Moderate amount of health. It is acquired by honoring Golden Summit Shrine.

How to Acquire Charm of Amaterasu

You need to discover, reach, and honor the Golden Summit Shrine to acquire the Charm of Amaterasu.

Exact Map Location of Golden Summit Shrine

You can find Golden Summit Shrine in Central Ariake as shown in the map below.

Here is the exact location of Golden Summit Shrine with the map zoomed out.

Golden Summit Shrine Walkthrough

Read our guide for Golden Summit Shrine to see how to solve its puzzle.

Equipping Charms

You can equip charms by placing them in available charm slots.

Unlocking Charm Slots

You can increase the number of your charm slots by discovering Inari Shrines which are scattered throughout the island of Tsushima.

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