Ghost of Tsushima: Omamori Charm

Ghost of Tsushima: Omamori Charm

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Omamori charms are items that you can equip in a charm slot. While exploring the Island of Tsushima, you will discover and find these items. They will give you an edge in battle.

These charms provide various passive bonus abilities. There are different kinds of charms, including defense, stealth, and utility.

Inari Shrines and Charm Slots

To unlock a charm slot, you need to:

  • Discover the location of an Inari Shrine
  • Honor the shrine

With the help of foxes, you can easily find hidden shrines on the Island.

After finding the shrine, approach it, and the action for honoring the shrine will appear.

After honoring the shrine, you will see how many more are needed to earn a slot.

Charm of Okuninushi

Slowly recover health while out of combat.

Charm of Toxic Demise

Wind Chimes release poison vapors that kill enemies who pick them up.

Charm of Unseen Respite

Smoke Bombs restore 25% of your health.