Ghost of Tsushima: Black Dye Merchant

Ghost of Tsushima: Black Dye Merchant

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Ghost of Tsushima's Black Dye Merchant is an NPC that sells Bow Kits and Armor Dyes. The armor dyes he sells are all dark-themed and are exclusive to his shop.

Black Dye Merchant: My dyes are darker than night.

Black Dye Merchant: A samurai... Are you alive or a spirit?

Jin: Alive... for now. And wondering what you do here.

Black Dye Merchant: I feared the secretes of my dyes would go to waste... but a samurai lives. My colors are midnight... Trees blacked by fire... Eyes dark with yearning... Bring me the right materials... and I will clothe you, my lord.

Black Dye Merchant Map and Location

You can find below the Black Dye Merchant on the map and his location when it's zoomed-in.

Black Dye Merchant Cave

Unlike the White Dye Merchant who works in the open, the Black Dye Merchant lives in a cave. You need to enter this cave to access his shop.

The Black Dye Merchant sells Bow Kits and Armor Dyes.

Piercing Shadows

This is the only Bow Kit that you can buy from his shop.

Black Dye Merchant Armor Dyes

The armor dyes below are all dark-themed and are exclusive to the Black Dye Merchant.

Hunter at Dusk

Journey into Night

Lord of Night

Unwavering Mountain

Shadow of Justice

Dark Promise

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