Ghost of Tsushima: Armor Dyes

Ghost of Tsushima: Armor Dyes

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Ghost of Tsushima's Armor Dyes are armor customizations that you can buy from village merchants as well as from the two special merchants, the Black Dye Merchant and the White Dye Merchant.

Armor dyes are purely cosmetic and do not add any special bonus or attribute to the armor. You buy them using flowers as currency.

Village and Temple Merchants

Most of the armor dyes can be bought from the village and temple merchants. They all have the same inventory, so they are indistinguishable from one another.

Ghost of Tsushima: Merchants

There are two special merchants in the game, the White Dye Merchant and the Black Dye Merchant.

White Dye Merchant

The White Dye Merchant sells light-themed armor dyes. In addition, he sells Bow Kits and Hats. 

Ghost of Tsushima: White Dye Merchant

Black Dye Merchant

The Black Dye Merchant sells light-themed armor dyes and Bow Kits.

Ghost of Tsushima: Black Dye Merchant

Village and Temple Armor Dyes

The list below will shows all of the armor dyes that you can buy from the village and temple merchants. 

Traveler's Attire

Fiery Searcher

Adventure's Fortune

Samurai Clan Armor

Immaculate Warrior

Warrior's Darkness

Tadayori's Armor

Autumn Victory

Relentless Hawk

Summer Ocean

Kensei Armor

Ominous Dawn

Woodland Omen

Ronin Attire

Noble Wanderer

Shinano River Prowler

Dark Forest Hunter

True Seeker

Twilight Strider

Refined Predator

Amber Assassin

Lethal Aristocrat

Pale Bladesman

Tireless Stalker

Seaside Duel

Sakai Clan Armor

Blood of the Clan

Light of the Victory

Ancestral Force

Ghost Armor

Golden Retribution

Gosaku's Armor

Ocean's Guardian

Sunrise Dominion