Ghost of Tsushima: Stance

Ghost of Tsushima: Stance

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Stance gives you the flexibility in fighting various types of enemies in the game. You can easily switch from one Stance to another while in combat.

Each Stance is meant to be particularly effective against a specific set of enemies in the game. Switching between Stances based on who you face amplifies your deadliness.

There are four stances in total:

  • Stone Stance
  • Water Stance
  • Air Stance
  • Moon Stance

Stone Stance

Effective against swordsmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Stone Stance is Jin's ancestral style, the traditional mode of fighting. It was developed to fight other swordsmen, so it will work effectively against Mongol swordsmen. 

You will observe that the Stone Stance mostly uses two-handed attacks.

Two-Handed Attack, Slash

Two-Handed Attack, Stab

Water Stance

Effective against Shieldmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

The Water Stance was developed by Jin as a result of his frustration in fighting the Mongol soldiers. It is very effective for shield-bearing enemies.

This combat style is characterized by one-handed attacks, a flurry of vertical and horizontal slashes.

The combo of the Water stance typically has a pattern.

First attack, upwards.

Second attack, downwards.

Third attack, upwards.

Wind Stance

Effective against Spearmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Moon Stance

Effective against Brutes. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.

Unlocking Stances

You unlock stances by killing leaders of Mongol Territories.

The game will tell you how many more leaders you need to defeat to unlock the next stance.

You can achieve this faster by using the Observe Leader mechanic, where you earn double Stance points if you were able to observe the leader plus kill him.

leader observed