Ghost of Tsushima: Focused Hearing

Ghost of Tsushima: Focused Hearing

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Focused Hearing is a mechanic that enables Jin to reveal nearby enemy positions while slowing his movement.

Together with Assassination, it is one of the skills you learn by helping Yuna search for her brother Taka. You can say that Yuna is the first mentor of Jin in his transformation into becoming the Ghost.

You initiate the Focused Hearing by pressing on the touchpad. Then you will see the outline of all people in the area, even those that are beyond structures like Mongol camps.

While in Focused Hearing mode, you will slowly, however, you will get some ways to counter this later in the game.

You will most probably do Focused Hearing to do assassinations. They complement each other nicely.

Note that after the assassination, you will be taken out of Focused Hearing.

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