Ghost of Tsushima: Tutorial Dialogues

Ghost of Tsushima: Tutorial Dialogues

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Tutorial Dialogues are the game's way of informing the player of the more obscure mechanics of the game. Some of the game mechanics that belong to these are the Golden Bird, Fox Dens, Hot Springs, Haikus, and more.

You will meet characters in the game whose sole purpose is to inform you about such mechanics.

Golden Temple NPCs

Most of the NPCs listed below can be found in the Golden Temple while the rest can be found in the open world.

You can find this temple in the map location below.

Fox Dens and Inari Shrines

You will meet this special NPC in the Hiyoshi Survivor Camp.

She will inform you about Fox Dens and their relation to the Inari Shrines. Plus, you will get some background information on the past of Jin Sakai.

Peasant: May the kami protect your path, my lord.

Jin: My mother believed Inari is my guardian. She saw a fox chasing fireflies outside our home the day I was born.

Peasant: She knew that foxes are Inari's messengers in our world. When you see one, always follow where it leads.

Jin: I will. Thank you.

Bamboo Strikes

You will meet this NPC in Hiyoshi Springs. He will praise the Sakai Katana and invite you to try the Bamboo Strike.

Peasant: My lord. Would that be the blade of clan Sakai?

Jin: You know your swords.

Peasant: That is one worth knowing. I've heard of its sharp edge and beauty, but I never dreamed I'd see it in person.

Jin: It has been some time since I trained on a bamboo stand.

Peasant: I would be honored to see your blade in action.

Once you have completed the Bamboo Strike successfully, he will inform you that there is more to be found in the world.

Peasant: The Sakai Steel is a truly fine blade. Wielded by an even finer swordsman. But training with bamboo will only make you stronger.

Jin: I'll need strength for what lies ahead.

Peasant: There are bamboo stands throughout the island. They will help sharpen your skills on the journey. Farewell, my lord.

Hot Springs

You will meet this NPC in Hiyoshi Springs. She will introduce to you the benefits of Hot Springs.

Peasant: Come... Soak in the healing waters of these hot springs. Replenish your strength for the challenges to come.

Jin: I must be at my best for all of them.

Peasant: Then follow me, my lord. Bathing in the hot springs restores your spirit. And if you make a habit of it... The waters will grant you a long and prosperous life.

Peasant: Enter here. The waters are warm and calming.

After the bath, she will share her observations on the effect of the Hot Springs.

Peasant: Such an improvement! Surely you will triumph over our enemies.

Jin: I feel ready to take on the whole Mongol army. Thank you.

Peasant: It was my pleasure. There are hot springs all over the island. Make use of them. Take time to heal and reflect. The practice will keep your body ready for battle, my lord.

Hot Spring Monk

There is a second NPC that will orient you about Hot Springs. You will find this NPC in the Golden Temple, just next to the Armorer.

Monk: Hello, my lord. I was just remembering the words of my old master Saigyo... "To cleanse the spirit... One must first cleanse the body."

Jin: Hmph. Saigyo was a wise man... Who spent too much of his later years singing in the hot springs.

Monk: But surely you agree his words ring true. The healing waters, purifying steam... And shade from a red maple. Nothing beats a hot spring bath to steel your spirit for battle.

Jin: I suppose you're right. That's exactly what I need.

Hot Spring Monk Part 2

After reaching Act 2 and then revisiting the same monk, you will get a different set of dialogues.

Monk: I think the Mongols are afraid of our hot springs, Lord Sakai. They avoid them.

Jin: Perhaps they don't like the smell of sulfur... or they're afraid taking a bath will make them sick.

Monk: Let's hope they stay afraid, my lord. If any warrior is going to gain strength from the Tsushima's hot springs... it should be you.

Jin: I can't argue with that.

Golden Bird

You can find the Golden Bird NPC in the Golden Temple, just next to the Armorer. 

He will introduce to you the concept of the Golden Birds and why you should follow one.

Peasant: Have you seen the birds, Lord Sakai?

Jin: What birds are you looking for?

Peasant: The golden ones. Songs that remind you of more peaceful times.

Jin: Ah. They were my mother's favorite. She used to say they knew our island better than any other creature.

Peasant: I believe it, my lord. If it weren't so dangerous, I'd follow one. See where the golden bird leads me.

Jin: Maybe I'll do just that. But you should wait until our home is safe once more.

Peasant: I will, Lord Sakai. Thank you.

Jin and the Golden Bird

The first time Jin sees a golden bird, he will say this monologue.

Jin: A golden bird. Some say they know every secret on this island. I wonder where it's going...


You will meet the Haiku NPC on a road near Sensei Ishikawa's dojo. You would have to use the map below to know his exact location.

He will introduce to you the concept of Haikus and why you should make one.

Peasant: Lord Sakai. I studied poetry with your uncle.

Jin: The Mongols have taken Lord Shimura captive.

Peasant: He will endure. He is strong and resilient... Skilled in the art of combat... and poetry. Do you practice haiku, my lord?

Jin: There is no time during war.

Peasant: War is the reason to make time. Haiku allows once to concentrate. Eliminate chaos.

Jin: To find peace.

Peasant: Precisely. My favorite place to write lies atop the cliff. It is one of many such places. If you look, you will find inspiration all across Tsushima.

Jin: I hope I can find quiet places like this one, untouched by war.

Peasant: Look for the birds. They will show you the way.

After writing your first haiku, Jin will share this dialogue.

Jin: The old man was right. My spirit feels at peace. Strong. I should compose more poems...

Shinto Shrines

There are two NPCs that will inform you about the Shinto Shrines. Depending on your journey and exploration, the sequence in which you will meet them will differ.

Priestess and Shinto Shrines

You will meet the Shinto Shrine priestess in front of the Torii gate for the Plum Blossom Shrine. This shrine can be found on the map location below.

And here is how it looks like when zoomed.

She will introduce to you the concept of Shinto Shrines.

Priestess: Careful, my lord. This path is dangerous.

Jin: Dangerous for a samurai... but not a priestess? What are you doing here?

Priestess: My duty. Tending the shrines. When the war ends, people will need these Torii gates to mark their path. So they can find the Shinto shrines and pray for the kami's protection.

Jin: We could use their protection now.

Priestess: Yes... but... The paths are too treacherous. I tried to visit the nearby shrine. Almost fell to my death.

Jin: Maybe I can reach it. As a boy, I climbed every tree and cliff around my village...

Priestess: If you get there in one piece, pray for our island... and take an omamori charm for yourself. Wear it close, and the charm will change your fate.

Jin: And perhaps the fate of our home. Thank you.

Priestess: Follow the torii gates. They will lead you to shrines all across our island... and the omamori charms that rest there.

Monk and Shinto Shrines

You will meet the Shinto Shrine monk in the Golden Temple, just next to the Armorer.

Similar to the priestess, he will introduce to you the Shinto Shrines and the Charms you can get from them.

Jin: Do you know of any supplies in the area?

Monk: No, my lord. But the kami will lend you aid if you pay your respects. Find the torii gates, follow them to a shrine, and take what is offered.

Jin: They say a charm blessed by the kami can change one's fate. I could use that kind of help...

Gifts from the People

You will meet the Gifts NPC when you first visit The Golden Temple. If you are approaching from the main entrance, he is located to your right side and is very hard to miss. 

His name is Gonjiro nad used to be a household servant of Lord Nagao.

He will inform Jin that people would like to help him on his crusade against the Mongols, through their humble gifts.

Jin: It's good to see you... Gonjiro, right? You served Lord Nagao. He was a good man. I'm sorry we lost him.

Peasant: I'm honored you recall a humble household servant. So many of us here owe you our lives.

Jin: I'm afraid the fight for our home is just beginning.

Peasant: That's why we want to help, my lord. People started donating what they could, and... please accept these gifts.

Jin: Thank you, Gonjiro. And everyone else who contributed.

Peasant: We'll keep donating what we can - here and elsewhere, as word of your victories spread. May the kami keep you from harm!

Complete Tales of Tsushima and continue Jin's Journey to earn additional gifts.

You will receive a lot of items through gifts - like Masks and crafting materials.

The first item you will receive as a gift is the mask Glowering Warrior.