Ghost of Tsushima: Reflect On

Ghost of Tsushima: Reflect On

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Reflect On mechanic enables Jin to meditate while on a Hot Spring and think about things that have happened in the story. These thoughts are often focused on characters or events that impacted him.

Izuhara Hot Springs Reflect On

Seaside Hot Spring Reflect On: Exhaustion

Jin: (Sigh). Feels like I haven't slept in days. If only I had time for a short nap...

Quiet Basin Hot Spring Reflect On: My Dead Horse

Jin: Nobu...(Sigh)... Nobu...(Sigh)... You were a brave companion... A good friend...Maybe I'll see you soon...

Rising Tress Hot Spring Reflect On

Mountain View Hot Spring Reflect On: Yuna

Jin: Saved from the battlefield by a thief... (Chuckle) What will my uncle think of Yuna?

Golden Leaf Hot Spring Reflect On: Freedom with Shimura

Jin: You should be here, Uncle. When the island's free, we'll spend a week soaking in these waters...

Carved Mountain Hot Spring Reflect On: My Father

Jin: I'll never forget the day he was killed. I could have saved my father. If only I was older, stronger... If I wasn't so afraid.

Hiyoshi Springs Hot Spring Reflect On: My Uncle

Jin: I thought they'd killed Lord Shimura. After everything he's done for me, everything he taught me... I can't lose my uncle. I won't.

Castle Lookout Hot Spring Reflect On: Kenji's Sake

Jin: Only thing that would make this better is a jar of Kenji's sake. But then he would never stop talking...

Firefly Hill Hot Spring Reflect On: Sensei Ishikawa

Jin: Sensei Ishikawa should visit this place. I wonder if he's ever relaxed in his life. He's strung tighter than his bowstring.

Toyotama Hot Springs Reflect On

Marsh Tide Hot Spring Reflect On: Taka's Sacrifice

Jin: I didn't know you long... But you were brave, Taka. As brave as any samurai I've met... I hope you knew that.

Mossy Rest Hot Spring Reflect On: The Mongol Invaders

Jin: Everywhere I look... They're taking prisoners, burning homes... Slaughtering our people. They think they broke our spine by killing the samurai... But they haven't won. Not yet.

Yoshinaka Hot Spring

Morning Glory Hot Spring Reflect On: The Fallen Samurai

Jin: I lost good friends on the beach. Kasai, Matsudo, Hongo. I won't forget what you sacrificed for our home.

Bamboo Forest Hot Spring Reflect On: My Mother

Jin: Mother spent her last weeks in the hot springs. Even then, she'd never get her hair wet.

Maple Shade Hot Spring Reflect On: A Lover's Touch

Jin: Wish I had some company in here. (Sigh) It's been too long...

Kamiagata Hot Springs Reflect On

Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring Reflect On: Creature Comforts

Jin: (Sharp inhale) (Exhale) Only thing I'm missing is a strong drink... Bowl of miso... Some sleep... A woman...

White Mist Hot Spring Reflect On: Ryuzo's Death

Jin: You could have been here right now, Ryuzo. Bragging about how many Mongol heads you collected. Telling your awful jokes... (Dejected Sigh) You gave me no choice.

Morimae Hot Spring Reflect On: My Uncle's Fate

Jin: (Sigh) My uncle deserved a warrior's death. It's what he wanted. I did the right thing...