Ghost of Tsushima: Mossy Rest Hot Spring

Ghost of Tsushima: Mossy Rest Hot Spring


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Ghost of Tsushima's Mossy Rest Hot Spring is a Hot Spring located in South Umugi of Kamiagata Region for Jin to rest, recover, and ease his fatigue from battle.

Upgrade Your Maximum Health

It's the game's immersive and thematic mechanic for upgrading the main character's vitality.

Every Hot Spring increases your maximum health. This will make you stronger for future battles.

Map Location of Mossy Rest Hot Spring

Mossy Rest Hot Spring is located in the southern part of Kamiagata.

Here is the exact location of Mossy Rest Hot Spring with the map zoomed out.

Reflect On

Reflect On: The Mongol Invaders

Jin: Everywhere I look... They're taking prisoners, burning homes... Slaughtering our people. They think they broke our spine by killing the samurai... But they haven't won. Not yet.

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