Ghost of Tsushima: Technique Point

Ghost of Tsushima: Technique Point

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Technique Point is a collectible currency for acquiring new skills in the game, used for learning Samurai techniques, Ghost weapons and tactics, and Stance skills.

The primary source of acquiring large amounts of technique points is by completing the tales of the game. The main story quests provide the largest reward of technique points.

You can also gain Technique Points from liberating Mongol Territories or fighting groups of enemies in the open world. The amount of reward points is minimal though.

You access the usage of the points through the Techniques menu interface, where you can decide if you want to gain a Samurai skill or a Stance or a Ghost weapon and tactic.

The unlocking of stances is not through technique points though, it is through observing and defeating Mongol Territory Leaders. Once you unlock the stance, you can use your technique points to learn the stance skills.

You can also use your technique points for learning the specific skills of the Ghost Weapons and Evolving Tactics. You unlock the parent nodes not by technique points, but by following the major quests of the game.

For example, you unlock Assassination and Focused Hearing by completing the first major quest - The Warrior's Code.

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