Ghost of Tsushima: Traveller's Rest Inn

Ghost of Tsushima: Traveller's Rest Inn

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Ghost of Tsushima: Traveller's Rest Inn is a Mongol Territory you will find early in the game while searching for Yuna in the quest The Warrior's Code.

You can find this location a few meters where Yuna is located. You have the option to complete it on the spot or wait until you get the assassination skill from the first quest.

Traveler’s Rest Inn Map and Location

Traveler's Rest Inn Territory Details

You don't really need to use the map for this, as it is very adjacent to where Yuna is located. But in case you need to return to it after completing the first quest, you can find the spot below.


The rewards of the clearing this territory are minor, however, as it is among your first enemy camps to face, it is special. Plus, you will find some rare items in this building.


This Mongol territory has only one quest objective.

  • Defeat the Mongols

Approach to Combat

The moment you approach the walls of the location, the Standoff trigger will show up. As you are in the early stage of the game, you will be able to kill one enemy only using the Standoff.

Initiate the standoff and then start killing every enemy that you can find.

While fighting in this area, you might even hear the voice of Yuna fighting a Mongol somewhere. That's how near she is to this location

Where is the Leader?

For a game mechanic that will be explained below, you might be wondering where the leader of the camp is located.

The answer is - he is not in the area. After killing several of the enemies, the leader will show up riding a horse with a few more soldiers. 

Hence, you won't be able to observe the leader and gain the bonus for this territory. The scene below is where the leader will appear and enter the territory.

Kill the remaining enemies including the leader.

Once you defeat the leader, you will see this Stance Meter that gets filled up, the more leader you observe or kill. Once a full meter gets filled up, you will earn a new stance

After defeating all enemies, you will see the Legend Increase meter. This will contribute to your accumulation of Technique Points.

Observing a Territory Leader

The game has a mechanic that allows you to Observe a Leader and gain an extra Stance point. You need to be able to sneak near the leader and fill up the Observe meter for the condition to be satisfied.

observe leader

Once the gauge is filled up, then you will get the Leader Observed notification.

leader observed

Now you can kill the leader and get an extra bonus point.

leader killed extra point

Loot the Camp

Now that you are familiar with the Observe Leader mechanic, it's time to loot the camp.

You will find common crafting materials in this building, but the one you must really pick up is the artifact that is located at the inside of the building.

It is located at the second floor on top of a wooden box.

This artifact you found is a Mongolian Dagger

Artifact Details: The Mongols often appropriate weapons and tools from the Persians and Chinese, and improve on them. Mongol riders wield a wide variety of weapons. Often, they attach a dagger to their left arms, to be used when necessary in close-range fighting.

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