Ghost of Tsushima: Yasuhira Koga

Ghost of Tsushima: Yasuhira Koga

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Ghost of Tsushima's Yasuhira Koga is a samurai searching for the legendary technique called the Heavenly Strike and used to be a retainer for the Yarikawa clan. He is the final boss of the mythic tale The Heavenly Strike.

He bears a grudge against Lord Shimura and is on a path of vengeance for the downfall of Yarikawa clan fifteen years ago.

You first learn about him from the weeping woman below the bridge, near Yamato the musician.

She shares with you that Koga is a murderer and has slaughtered a great number of people.

Koga works with the Mongols in their search for the legendary technique. They even have the mythic tale in their own language.

By the time you finally reach Koga, he has already learned and acquired the legendary technique. He will use this multiple in his fight against you, so you have to be prepared.

Yasuhira Koga Boss Guide

Yasuhira Koga fights like a typical swordsman in the game, similar to a straw hat swordsman. However, he has an advantage, he knows how to use the legendary technique.

And you can expect him to use it multiple times. This is an unblockable attack. You have to dodge or jump sideways to avoid it.

Your patience will be rewarded as Jin will learn the skill once you have brought Koga to a certain level of health when he is about to die.

Make sure to do the Heaven Strike as the finishing blow, as you will be rewarded with the glorious spectacle below, where the heaven strikes Koga with a powerful blast of lightning.

The Heavenly Strike

To get more details on this legendary technique, view our guide for The Heavenly Strike.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Heavenly Strike